Lava cake(45 calories)

1 TBS flour of choice (I used chickpea)
½ tsp baking powder
½ TBS cocoa powder
½ TBS almond milk (maybe a little more, to get a batter-like consistency)
1 TBS sweetener
½ TBS pumpkin or applesauce
½ TBS egg white
Pinch salt
A couple fresh or frozen strawberries or cherries, microwaved and mashed
**Mix together all ingredients except the berries in a bowl. Pour half the batter into a small baking dish. Put the mashed berries just in the center of the dish, then cover with the remaining batter. Bake about 12 minutes at 350F, or microwave 90 seconds. Optional add-ins: stir in a little plain yogurt to the berries to make the filling super decadent and creamy. It’s almost like cheesecake filling!


Every night we light a candle for something to remember. The first night, for peace. The next, for love. The next, for forgiveness. The next, for joy. We keep naming the things we want to hold most dearly until, on the eighth night, we recite them all, a litany of yeses that feels good and pure and true. This was my Hanukkah, growing up. A sweet ritual of remembrance we practiced, tenderly, holding hands, probably after om'ing, probably looking out on a gorgeous Maui sunset.

We weren’t religious Jews, per se, but there was always something of the spirit with us.

And it certainly didn’t stop me from adoring latkes.

Read more and get the recipe here.