Warmth- Bastille

Hold me in this wild, wild world
‘Cause in your warmth I forget how cold it can be
And in your heat I feel how cold it can get
Hold me in this wild, wild world
‘Cause in your warmth I forget how cold it can be
And in your heat I feel how cold it can get
Now draw me close 

Massive thanks to @applesart for this fantastic commission. I’m in love!

I’m really happy to say that we’ve decided to go ahead with making a physical copy of the Larry activity/coloring book! I’m even more excited by the other artists joining me on this project: 

@prettytruthsandlies @nasalouis@harrehleh@art-changes@mrsadfran@applesart@pass-the-pencil and @lepomiere 

We’re doing an AU theme for the drawings (you can see I’ve started with some Larry mermen and a Peter Pan/Captain Hook sketch) - if you have anything you’d like to see represented, add it into the comments or your tags…maybe your faves will end up in the book! We’ll post more details as we have them. I hope you’re as stoked as we are!

One Direction Artists Masterpost































If someone wants to get added please send us an ask! 

Art Almighty Coloring Book

What is this?

Art almighty is a independent Artist effort, 50 never before seen AU based pages made by 40 One direction fan-artist. It focuses on the small artist community and the feeling of inclusion into fun projects. we want our artist to know that their talent is not going unseen, and is worthy of being purchased

How did you pick your artist?

we didn’t! It was an open call sign up sheet, pretty much first 40 to join us are our artist and they’re all pretty dang great

who are your artist?

You got all the cool kids! Where can I buy this?

You’ll be able to buy it through our kickstarter starting in april

Can I buy this somewhere else or later?

We are only going to be selling 200 copies through kickstarter. We will look at a round two later down the road if we reach goal

How much are ya charging?

PDF: $15 USD

US Hardcopy: $20 USD


Does that mean shipping is included?

It does, the cost of the hardcopies on kickstarter will include shipping

I still have questions

If you do, send an ask, our ask is open!

Soooo, I’ve been thinking of doing this for a little while… And I think after this shitty day, it’s the perfect moment.

A list of amazing artists this fandom gave us. It’s kind of a follow forever, I guess? Of course it’s non exhaustive, I know I still have a lot of fabulous artists to discover and I’ve mostly listed less-known artists! If you draw HL art and I didn’t link you please tell me, I know I’ll be happy to see your art! 

There’s isn’t any ranking or whatever, it’s just the order I find you in my art tag 

@stagnacht. Amazing HL art, amazing HP art, multiple beautiful styles!

@urnotmystyles, really want to see more from you!

@deeeemks, beautiful colors, beautiful patterns.

@veramalanova Harry in space buns?!? Cute pink noses!

@applesart, really beautiful colors, great realistic style too!

@doushk, beautiful realistic drawings and really great monochromes

@stormella-and-art The softest! Like, all Storm does is so soft. (And she’s the kindest, too!)

@doodle-my-direction, lots of soft louis in soft colors, awesome realistic things too!

@louis-louisboyfriend, I want to see more, you improved so much since your first 1d fanart!

@kendrawcandraw amazing gril direction, amazing everything!

@grimshawlowe just like, five lines? And it’s enough to make some really expressive drawings!

@amyrkat soft colors, super cute!

@lying-here-i-counting-hours really beautiful realistic things and really cute little doodles!

@harryflowerchild really cute little things!

@salingen style! Colors!!

@audiesstar So cute and soft and cute

@scrabblekink flowers and butterflies and soft colors!

@rhymeswithmonth, great colors/lighting, great ideas!

@lowiy, just so precious!

@dark-fluff, really great style!

@wolvesouls beautiful realistic drawings!

@chavking great great traditional art!

@chamawag really unique style with cute colors!

@claudiyah breathtaking digital art!

@otp-hedgefrog cute round pink cheeks!

@atrsketch, amazing both with digital and traditional art!

@breadcrumbzz just super cute!

@lou-the-hedgehog Really soft and cute louis!

@nwalmaerx unique style!

@daisied-dream, great realistic art!

Thak you so much to all the wonderful artists who keep this fandom happy!

Hi! I’m applesart, and I recently did this new drawing, i was wondering if you could tell me if it was alright and if i need to improve certain things? like the similarity or the proportions? i’m still not very confident with my skills, and i’m genuinely happy to ask you for some advices, it’d mean a lot xx thanks!