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So, I know October is over, but I had to tell you about this. In the Pathfinder campaign I'm in I'm playing a Kitsune, and this magic cornucopia appeared. The first thing I did was ask for an apple and received a giant magic apple weighing 35lbs. Thought of October immediately XD

((this is absolutely the greatest thing ive read in a while! xD thank you for sharing that and I hope your character enjoyed their 35 pound apple!))

kinda disappointed that i’m not already a reclusive beekeeping novelist who lives in a cottage in the french countryside, only interacting with other people when i call my annoyed editor and sell honey+honey-related products to local villagers


🍎Baked Apple Alaska🍎 


The Earth started breathing in Nova Scotia. This weird phenomenon was captured by Brian Nuttall on October 31, 2015 most probably in Apple River. It is thought to be attributed to the fact that the wind is blowing the tree tops, which tugs at the roots as they hold the trees upright. (Video)


🍎Apple Ring Pancakes🍎 

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is anyone else thinking about the symbolism between “i don’t like your kingdom keys, they once belonged to me” vs “baby i could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me” bc… she kept thinking she’d made it, to that magical place where everyone else seems to live, only to find they’d shown her the palace and then locked her out of it. she kept trying to build her castle, save her reputation if you will, and they still went out of their way to make her look like the bad guy.


🍎Bonita’s Vegan Apple Bombs🍎 


🍏Apple Kale Mimosa🍏 

an rvb/star wars crossover tho guys

caboose and yoda talking convoluted circles around everyone else

tucker pouting because he’s not the only one with a glowing sword

[someone] freaking the fuck out because holy shit that is a glowing sword and it’s definitely not a lightsaber

wash nearly breaking down in tears because he’s suddenly no longer solely responsible for a bunch of kids and morons and can just Rest™

carolina sparring with everyone and everything that she can get her grubby little adrenaline-junkie hands on

sarge’s dedication to war games delights the brothers to no end and he of course immediately declares himself and red team mortal enemies with the 501st

grif sits in on meditation classes so he can nap without getting yelled at

simmons screeches at no less than a baker’s dozen of jedi/padawans who try to get him to “release his anxiety into the force”

epsilon sees people who think the brothers are somehow lesser because they’re clones and his Righteous Bitchiness™ in response nets him honorary brother status

lopez is miserable and still nobody understands what he’s saying but he and anakin fix things together so at least there’s that

kix tries to physically fight doc on no less than seven separate occasions and has to be dragged away lest he tear the pacifist apart with his bare hands. in a hilarious twist of fate, he gets along swimmingly with o’malley

donut. well. donut makes a lot of new friends and none of the crew really want to think about what kind of relationships he has with them.