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They’re older than dirt I swear
The both of them are mostly machine and have been living for hundreds of years, they live in a clock tower! 
They were totally around for technology evolving as far as computers and phones go, but Otchi is still?? so confused by it.
Seishi is good with it tho

The both of them are close as close can b e
They love each other and would do anything for the other!

Otchi is a bit more serious, but still has a lot of fun, he can be a bit judgmental at times and when he hates you oh bOY do you know it
He tends to care very much for his appearance and reputation.

Seishi is,,, n o t serious at all! haaa He has too much fun and can,, usually end up getting into a lot of trouble. He’s not really one to hate and is pretty loud
He’s always up for hugs and stuff my dudes
Because I know people will be curious

They shine the best when together! 

Also!! They both have time-related powers! 
Otchi’s is having the ability to put time at a halt, though him still being able to move about and such. 

and Seishi’s is being able to change most anyone’s age at the current time.
It’s temporary of course. At most it lasts a day, but he usually undoes it by then!
a silly power for a silly man i swear

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Que no se noten mis otp’s cofcof

Sólo les pinté el cabello, sin mucha decencia (?) Y lo demás lo dejé en blanco y negro bc se me fue el fin de semana entre las manos, le debo la camisa hipster a cuadros a Rhys (?) btw tampoco supe que colores ponerles so (???)

Espero que les guste  (人・㉨・)♡


[ The Final battle; Akane vs. Aeneas 
  An idea i just HAD to draw i was ready to start Allena
  & be on my way to drawing my bf something but noo
  a song had to remind me of these two && that fight
  they had.

  It’s epic fight that ends with a sad but happy ending. 
  ‘kane kicks his ass but with help of Allena. Cause can’t
   do one without the other!