Apple Galette with Rosemary Apple Cider Caramel.

On an 85º day in October, I zoomed out of LA, inland towards the Sierras, rushing into the welcoming lushness of southern California’s apple orchards. Living in the city, I find myself craving nature and connection to the land on the regular. I miss being able to walk outside and put my feet in the dirt. I miss lying on the earth.

As my friend and I drove home, we started brainstorming dreamy autumnal concoctions for our bounty. I knew that whatever we did, I wanted it to involve caramel and rosemary. Rosemary infused caramel? Yes, yes, and yes. Even better, apple cider caramel infused with rosemary.

And then, of course, the rosemary apple cider caramel had to go in and on a galette. Welcome to fall.

Read more and get the recipe, galette-making photos, and some luxuriant pics of yours truly lounging in apple orchards all right here.


Over the weekend Emily and I went up to my hometown to stay with my parents. Friday was beautiful and even though Saturday it rained a lot we had a really nice time.

Yesterday we went apple picking at the orchard I grew up going to. It was super fun and man was it BEAUTIFUL weather. 

Here are some photos from yesterday!


  • Jeans- Levi’s Made and Crafted (An early xmas gift from my boo – they are an amazing pair of REAL denim)
  • Shoes- Stefan Janoskis (nike)
  • Socks- J.Crew
  • Jacket- Northface
  • Short sleeve button down- American Apparel
  • Crewneck- Saturdays for Gap (Saturdays did a line with the Gap and I snagged that awesome crewneck like a year ago?)
  • Glasses- Rayban

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall weather!