askchompers asked:

Rocky@Apple: Oi, little one. Do you happen to have a big mushroom? I need to give one to my spirit friend here so he can be happy or whatever. I can trade you for a tiny mushroom, yeah?

“Sure thing!! “

[ Shuffling through the things in her bag on the side she pulled out a Big Mushroom to hand Rocky. ]

askprimadonnasylveon asked:

Prince: Ah, hello there! -lifts her up by ribbons- So nice to see a familiar face at this festival, how are you doing? Are you and your spirit getting along?

Oh hey!! I hadn’t seen you around! I’m doing well, my friend’s down by the waterfall though… Uhm, they seem to be really playful but kind of bossy.


What about yours? How are you?


I haven’t traded any jolts with anyone, ever actually… Kimchee and Cinnamon aren’t electric types but they tell me its uncomfortable…

Maybe we could try with our tails? I’d feel way more comfortable like that!

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Well-! I was really hungry this one time and I saw a big big bear getting some oran BEARies *Laughs* and well, when he sat, he placed some by his side and I thought it would be a great idea to go up to him and just take one, Kimchee’s big so he could get some more himself!

So I jumped on one and before I noticed he grabbed me along with it and aLMOST ATE ME– but he saw me and here we are today! I love kimmy kim he’s great.

Ahh yes, we were so exhausted from the trip that we went straight for the hot springs.

After that we quickly went to the food stand and ate whatever we could.

There was this one Sylveon who took every last bit of it so we decided to take a quick nap and ended up sleeping through the night. We still haven’t given the host their gifts, I’m so sad.

[[ grass-pin with two cameos from asknocti and askprimadonnasylveon ]]