applemasterrace replied to your post:“I haven’t been able to get an audio post to play in like three days is…”

I’ve never been able to play audio posts since… a while ago. They did some changes and updates and changed how audio posts look, and it ruined it.

Ya the current way they have audio posts set up is honestly just really bad. They were working for me before with the new style (most of the time) but now it’s just conked out completely come on tumblr get your shenanigans together 

applepaw asked:

I sent you a senpai heart but tumblr is being weird and you didn't reply so I don't think you got it? :( here is new heart: ♡

Ahh no I didn’t get it before sorry, thank you for sending it again!

I’ll always reply to my favorite apple army general when they send something!

Also I know I already sent you one but here have a few more 


applemasterrace replied to your photo: “Incredibly disproportionate alarm clock pone cause why not she’s a…”:

Idk If you want pony drawing advice, But when I draw ponies, I normally like draw two overlapping circles of the same size for the body, then connect them at the top + bottom?

Sure friend, advice is always appreciated! 

I’ve actually heard that tidbit once or twice before, so I’ll defintiely give it a go next time I doodle, thanks!

applemasterrace replied to your post:“applemasterrace replied to your post:“applemasterrace replied to your…”

This is so lame, but I’m going to do it so everyone would think I’m cool on your blog.

A spot on my sidebar is actually a +4 to the “Coolness” attribute 

applemasterrace replied to your post:“applemasterrace replied to your post:“Thanks anon I’ve been looking…”

*wish not was, but yes that was me :(

Pff haha, well you can go ahead and send it again if ya want and I’ll totes replace it for ya

applemasterrace replied to your post:“Thanks anon I’ve been looking for a new sidebar quote ”

shit i was i wasnt on anon when i sent that now

I feel like these words got a bit out of order on ya 

I’m guessing this means you sent the pony waifu message then?