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“What in the heck is that thing? Looks like trouble!”

“Another magic apocalypse ruinin’ Equestria’s peace and quiet! Every other year it’s some new and terrible cataclysm, and this one’s gonna end as badly as the rest; I just know it!”

“Easy, old timer; s'too far away to even touch us. Still…I think we’re all more than a little curious to see how this ends.”

( artwork done by the amazing @spookoofins )

( voices and editing done by me )

Wild broke the fourth wall a bit at the end, but OH WELL BANDWAGON HO

Some audio I quickly wrangled up for @ask-wiggles / @ask-king-sombra to commemorate the end of an amazing blog and story. You’re a true inspiration and creative juggernaut to tumblrpon, Wiggles. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

How ironical.

We’ve been labeling Applejack as “Best Background Pony“ or “unimportant“ or “wait, she’s a main character?“ for close to half a decade now.

But here we are,

six episodes in (seven if you count The Cutie Map as two separate episodes),

and out of the Mane Six,

Applejack has been,

no matter how prominently,

the only one

to have been in all of them.

Huh. It’s as if the staff is monitoring everything we do or something.

so i’m over a year late on this but i just finished mlp season 5. well, okay. i haven’t seen appleloosa’s most wanted yet because anthony refused to watch an episode with braeburn? i don’t know. ANYWAY

the season was okay overall. the show has definitely declined in quality since the first two seasons, but it was decent. i enjoyed a lot of it. i think seasons 3 and 4 had more extremes, with most eps either being really good or really bad. but season 5 was more… even, i guess. less GREAT episodes than season 4, but more episodes i enjoyed overall. the season finale sucked but i’m gonna make that a separate post

the best episodes in the season were the one where rainbow dash is sad about tank having to hibernate for the winter (that one made me cry), do princesses dream of magic sheep just for the really interesting insight into luna’s character, amending fences for turning an offhandedly mentioned friend from the very first episode into a really compelling character, rarity investigates for just being a really fun rarity/rainbow dash episode, and the mane attraction for being really sweet. if you haven’t watched the show in a while and are wondering if the show is still any good, go watch those. those ones are great


Bulk Biceps is a big sweetheart and gets crushes on basically everypony, but not everypony is quite as charming as the cute little stallion who welcomed him to Appleloosa.

Finished song design trade with @moonwish !!

The song was “Killing For Love” by José González

So let me present you… Widowmaker! Widow is a stocky-built yet slender stallion from Appleloosa. His appearance may appear calm and harmless, the truth is that he has quite a vengeful personality. He tends to be really jealous which often leads him to killing his rivals. Only in the name of love~

Hope you like him ;u;

My Little Pony. It acknowledges Native American history more than most U.S. history textbooks. Despite the fact that apple pies were used as ammunition. And despite the fact that everyone’s a pony/buffalo. 

Also, the buffalo are freakin’ adorable. 

Background WIP.

I think I’m getting better at doing buildings and junk. Maybe not but here is part of my progress so far to show I haven’t abandoned the project at all.

My apple looks more like a tomato o3o