Adding hoof, hay, colt, or even pony in human names and places is overdoing it and unnecessary.

I know there are places in the show that do this, but at least they’re wittier about it. Take Appaloosa for example. It’s the name of a real horse breed if you look it up, and it’s the name of a town that farms its own apples, being related to the Apple family as well.

I can acknowledge that ponifying names is a level of being a fan, but doing it too much seems silly and unnecessary. I’d prefer it if it were simpler stuff like replacing ‘man’ with ‘pony’ in names and places, but I see little of that. I also don’t see the big deal in every human name needing a pony term to fit in with the fan universe. Doctor Whoof is a big offender. -1/17/12

Background WIP.

I think I’m getting better at doing buildings and junk. Maybe not but here is part of my progress so far to show I haven’t abandoned the project at all.

My apple looks more like a tomato o3o 

anonymous asked:

Why do you have such a fascination with farms? Did grow up on a farm or did you recently visit AAAAAPALOOSA?

I was actually in Appleloosa recently for their sheriff’s birthday party! I don’t know who the party organizer was; he didn’t hang around long.

He must have been shy.

But, yes, I have seen the quaint countryside with my own eyes. It’s very interesting! Did you know that they actually take baths? I didn’t!