Nisei Showoff is 4 weeks away(Saturday August 17th) but I will not be showing my car. The boys will be in the area to judge cars then we’ll head back home.

I’ll be doing my round of shoots of all the show cars around 10-noon. Then I can probably squeeze in a few cosplay photoshoots. I’ll let you guys know when it’s closer to the date.

I should dust her off and do a shoot with her before summer is over. I have different interior door panels and a Mugen rear spoiler. I should also probably give her an oil change.. it’s been a few years…. :(…

Our Car Crew:

Me & my Integra Gs-R cruising back from FF Battle @ California Speedway in 2009. (Photo by: Ellen F.)

More pix of my adorable purple Applekat:

*Ultimate brainstorming/strategizing mode.

I’m going to jump on all my various marketing projects again soon once I map everything out for the year. I would have scheduled in the revamp of the website into my workplan. But my 12yr old desktop finally died on me taking my photoshop and website related programs with it. I will make do with unedited photos (*shudders at the color balance/contrast failures of my digicams) for all of my future projects.

Anyway I look at it, this is going to force me to get/build a new desktop.. something that can handle editing my media editing empire. Eventually I want to make a yearbook album of each year(2002 to Current) and post it somewhere for my friends… who are probably wondering where the heck are all the pictures are I take from every single event are. Ninja photographer is ninja-ing!

At least I post all the car event pictures Flickr. Perhaps I’m just saving mine for when you all get married someone asks for epic slideshow pictures. And you know.. that time you passed out on the stairs/grass/toilet/etc… I was there to capture that moment for you so you remember it later on.. Don'tcha worry!! That’s just a perk of being the Designated Driver for Life right? mwa ha ha ha