There are SO many different versions of those MLP - Equestrian Girls - it’s crazy!! Here are a few versions of Applejack. From left to right, the first version is fromEquestria Girls, the second is from Rainbow Rocks, and the third is a version one of my very good friends did for her cosplay at Megacon :)

I finished my Applejack cosplay! And by finished, I mean this is good enough for now and if I find something to improve upon it, like an orange flannel shirt, I’ll get it.

All I did was make the shorts into jorts and distress them (although you can’t really tell from the picture, but I’ll post better ones closer to Canterlot Gardens), then I sewed the cutie mark on. It was pretty easy to do, especially for my first cosplay ever.

This is from 1:40ish in the morning, so I know I look horrible.


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Summary of class today:

Me: *walk in half dead, see her, sit down next to her* You look like a perfect Applejack!

Her: Thanks! I’m so flattered!
Guy: …What? 

Her: You just ran into a pair of bronies.

Me: Is that a closet cosplay?
Her: Oh, no, it was just an accident.

Me: *spends the rest of the class doing a sketch of Applejack and then passes it to her*

Her:  I am going to treasure this always and put it up on my wall.

The moral of the story is that if you see someone who looks cool, tell them. Maybe they really are as cool as they look. 


It has been a while but Sailor Ponies finally get continuum and here is version of Applejack as Sailor Jupiter ~ Thank you for everybody who gave me suggestions while trying to match her with suitable Sailor Moon character ! I think the colours of Sailor Jupiter were really meant for her ~ I enjoyed working with her and got it finished quite fast compared to previous two, though I’m still not sure if her hair turned out the best possible way ~Anyway, I still hope you enjoy this one as well, three of the mane six left to do ~ ♥


Just something I did last night spontaneously. I was basically doing a random gesture when I had the idea of making the Mane 6 basically cosplay as some Overwatch characters, then… uh. This happened. o3o I absolutely LOVE this game; it’s ridiculously fun (especially when playing with buds) and I love the lore and the animated cinematic shorts they have and the CHARACTERS! THE CHARACTERS ODgjdsijdiuhdbfhdsbnus!

Personally my favorite (and the character I play the most) is Zarya. She’s bae all day, dude, I simply can’t. ;_;

Uh, anyway. Can you guys guess who’s playing which Overwatch character? 8D

As for the drawings themselves, as slightly-more refined gestures, I focused more on the movement and overall liveliness of the drawing and not so much the anatomy. Rarity’s probably the cleanest of the gestures here, but I’m not surprised about that. XD These are pretty quick and easy to knock out; about 10-15 minutes each. I might do some more with different MLP characters…. what do you guys think? O:

Anyhow, I hope you guys like them! ^.^