applejack costume


“Antro mane 6 halloween Costumes”
Меня проперло рисовать глав 6-ку в костюмчиках. 
Те афигенные(?) “ротики” я покажу только после дерп феста (как обычно есть избранные, так как когда я рисую я обязана делиться). А так вот вам антрота в моем любимом стиле “Это типа чиби, но на самом деле них…нифига, да и пиксельки”

“Things That Go Meep In The Night”


Too spooky for me. Ok, but really. This episode had a much better final act than the rest of it let on. I think some of the stuff I said in the Discord episode can apply here, but Fluttershy was played up to such a degree that it was kind of insufferable. I get that she was scared and overly cautious of everything, but to completely miss the spirit of the holiday was a buzzkill. I was kind of in Rainbow’s camp for much of this episode. That said, I was amused by the others not really trying to play along. They were just confused and underwhelmed, which I felt was a more believable response.

But then we get to the corn maze act, and wow did things get better. The execution was impressive, the shots and mood was on point. There were a few great references, and an overall sense of expertise. The overall ending was ok, a bit of a grinding halt from the rest of that greatness, but it made sense. If it the corn maze hadn’t been there, I would have liked little and less about this episode. But it was, and it really turned the slog of the first two acts into a buildup for a solid payoff.

Alright, a few closing notes: 1) Fuck Angel. Irredeemable little shit. 2) Fluttershy’s scary tea party was about social anxiety and being a disappointment to people that you care. While it failed on a spooky level, and was played as a weak attempt at being scary, that got real. 3) Rainbow with a helmet full of candy was adorable. 4) What was Pinkie’s costume? I feel like it was a reference, but I can’t place it.

Happy Halloween everyone.

MLP:FiM is © Hasbro


Rarity: Rainbow Dash; you look stunning!

RD: I-it’s not like this was my first choice! My skeleton costume was… missing?

Twilight: It was missing?

RD: Uh- yeah.

Applecat: Well where’d ya last see it?

Flutterbat: She looks pretty shifty to me.

Pinkie Pierate: Arr, be clear as day she be blowin’ through ‘er teeth. Words so full o’ hot air ‘er sails be worn n’ tattered tryin’ ta’ hide it — but ol’ Captain Pie can see through ‘er.

Everypony: Hu?

Pinkie Pierate: Shes happy to be a princess tonight!

Happy Nightmare Night everypony!

Наконец-тоо… Имхо, но костюмы ЭйДжей и Рэри слишком… Простые? (хотя обувь Рейр - сборище деталек >~<) И да, я знаю про руку ЭйДжей ._.


Finaly I finish that fuckin` pictr. Bbt, I think, that Rarity&AppleJacks`s costumes are too simple =т And yeah, I know `bout AJay`s arm..