blueappleegg asked:

Just pretend I typed All the female Dangan Ronpa characters' names from both games.



Junko: she likes a bunch of violent manga and videogames, specially those that include war/soldier related themes

Maizono: the idols she saw smiling on tv were actually perfume (AND YOU CAN’T CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE).

Fukawa: she’s actually able to read and write in several languages.

Kirigiri: Kirigiri is really interested in japanese traditional art but she also spends some of her time trying to follow stuff like fashion and mainstream music releases.

Celes: doesn’t know how to play hanafuda.

Sakura: she’s actually a huge tea fan and secretly wants to learn how to make blends.

Aoi: despite being part of several sport teams, she’s not the greatest team player.