Whur Muh Boats At? (Remix)
  • Whur Muh Boats At? (Remix)
  • Adam WarRock & Applefrog
  • - @eugewarrock & @applefrog

Weekend Remix: All About The Boats And Dragons

Song: Whur Muh Boats At? (Remix)
By: Adam WarRock & Applefrog
Based On: Whur Muh Boats At?
Original Composer: Applefrog

Are those dragons I see on the horizon? Then that could only mean that HBO’s Game Of Thrones has returned. The show kicked off its third season last Sunday, earning millions of views.

And to celebrate its return, artist Adam WarRock decided to jump on board Applefrog’s hilarious yet catchy Whur Muh Boats At? Released last year, Applefrog pointed out the song was his “thoughts on season two” of the show.

While the beat and the video are wonderful enough alone to get stuck in your head, the addition of WarRock takes this song to another level. Rappers often jump on original songs. That’s nothing new. But it takes true talent to make such a seamless fit, which WarRock has absolutely no problem doing. Lyrically, it’s almost as if WarRock was made for this song.

Be sure to bump this one loud in the stereo right before the next episode. 

If you’d like to hear more from Applefrog, click here. For more Adam, check out his site here.

Until next weekend… GO Party!