Convicts in the USA on death row - the murderers, the rapists, the drug launderers - all of them have committed horrible crimes and are still allowed to have at least 8 hours of sleep per night. And us? The good people just trying to study and teach in schools? We’re only getting 4-5. How is this fair? It’s a little backwards topsy turvy, don’t you think?

Sleep is more important than work. Take care of yourself first, then do your schoolwork. Work can be postponed, your sleep and health can’t. Just talk to me next time because I rather you not stay up so late.

—  Mr. Parry. Paraphrased from my bio teacher. What he said after he learnt that I only slept 2 hours cause I was up doing his work. Bless him, he’s a fucking saint.
Lexa rambles/clexa & bellarke theories for the finale

So when lexa died, I was really fucking upset because she was my favourite character, despite me being a hardcore bellarke shipper (well she and Bellamy kind of battle it out to be my fav). But anyway, it got me thinking why jroth would have her die so carelessly - I mean a stray bullet?!! Really?

And yeah I know a lot of people has been saying he’s a shit writer blah blah blah but the thing is I don’t think so. In fact, I think the 100 is written extremely well which made me think that the carelessness of her death was intentional and in some ways symbolic.

So for the symbolical aspect first: the gun. The gun has always been a weapon of the sky people. Grounders on the other hand, fear guns. So for lexa to die from a bullet seems very deliberate to me. Perhaps it was a metaphor to show that lexa’s decisions regarding skaikru was what brought her downfall? And as good as her intentions were, it just wasn’t the right time for there to be peace between the sky people and Grounders.

Now to the important bit. I don’t believe for a second that jroth hates lexa/clexa and was out to fuck the lgbt+ community over. I’m not saying that he didn’t hurt people with how he told the story - I’m saying he was careless enough not to think through the repercussions of it.

In fact, I do think he loved Lexa’s character very much. After all, he was the one who created her the way she was and made us fall in love with her, and with that in mind, I don’t think he would end her storyline (and clexas storyline) the way he did unless he had something more planned for her.

In season 2, when her and Clarke were being attacked by a gorilla, Lexa said, “don’t worry, death is not the end.” (Which btw pretty much cemented to me that she was gonna die) Now that line has always intrigued me. It seemed like a promise almost, that the writers were planning something bigger, a way to live beyond death which at the time was impossible, based on the information we had. But in season 3, we were introduced to the whole COL thing and Jaha used the same line, “death is not the end.”

So what if the ALIE 2.0 chip functions in a similar way to the whole COL thing, except that only those with nightblood may enter. As such, when Lexa said that she is able to communicate with the past commanders, she literally means it. Perhaps she is able to go in and out of this theoretical ‘city of commanders’, the same way jaha is able to go back and forth between the real world and the COL.

So, for the finale, we know from the promo that Clarke is having some sort of transfusion which is probably the nightblood allowing her to take the ALIE 2.0 chip. By doing so, she enters the city of past commanders, and she and Lexa are finally able to have a proper goodbye and finally give clexa shippers the proper closure they deserved.

Not only that, but as we know, this show likes its parallels. So last season, Lexa betrayed Clarke and was a huge catalyst for deepening the divide between skaikru and grounders and spurring the events of season 3. So what if at the end of this season, Lexa has the chance to help Clarke defeat the enemy again, and this time, she takes it and it is with Lexa’s hep that Clarke is able to defeat OG ALIE, thereby bringing Lexa’s arc full circle and giving her character a proper ending with a proper goodbye. Furthermore, and I know I’m kinda reaching with this, is that her actions are somehow the catalyst to peace between grounders and skaikru, and she is able to finish what she started earlier in the season. 

The next bit of my theory is bellarke centred, so if you’re a clexa shipper that hates bellarke you can stop reading now if you’re even still reading lol. So bellarke’s relationship has slowly been built up over the seasons, and while the writers have told different narratives (clexa, flarke, Gina, etc) bellarke has always been a constant underneath it all. Even if you think their relationship is completely platonic, it is still one of the most important ones in the show and it keeps on being revisited and maturing over time.

So by the end of the finale, I do believe Clexa will have its closure, and with that I believe that the narrative will switch over to Bellarke. That is not to diminish Clexas importance or the love they shared, but their story has been told. And while she’ll always love Lexa, I do think that Clarke will move on and love again, or in this case, build on a love that’s always been there with Bellamy - a love that has always bordered on the line between friendship and romance. As such, I don’t think they’ll kiss or anything like that this season, but the writers will somehow give us hope for Bellarke next season.

Annnnnnd I’m out. Thanks for reading this if you’re still here and feel free to message me if you agree/disagree with what I said. Would love to discuss this with y'all. ❤️❤️ 

can someone please fucking tell me how it is possible for a human to look at another human or even worse, a child, and think that it is okay to hurt and abuse them? i just don’t fucking understand. do their brains not comprehend that what they are doing is wrong on every fundamental level? how can they see someone crying out in pain and think ‘this is okay’? where is the fucking compassion. god, how are some people so fucked up?

okay so im pretty nervous about posting this but whatever. my first digital portrait. haven’t used my tablet much since i bought it but for some reason i was in the mood today and i was watching shameless and i thought why not draw something shameless. 

voila, mickey milkovich. argh i love him and ian together so  much.  

im not very happy with it but whateverrrrr i tried :x 

any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated :D