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Convicts in the USA on death row - the murderers, the rapists, the drug launderers - all of them have committed horrible crimes and are still allowed to have at least 8 hours of sleep per night. And us? The good people just trying to study and teach in schools? We’re only getting 4-5. How is this fair? It’s a little backwards topsy turvy, don’t you think?

Sleep is more important than work. Take care of yourself first, then do your schoolwork. Work can be postponed, your sleep and health can’t. Just talk to me next time because I rather you not stay up so late.

—  Paraphrased from my bio teacher. What he said after he learnt that I only slept 2 hours cause I was up doing his work. Bless him, he’s a fucking saint.

can someone please fucking tell me how it is possible for a human to look at another human or even worse, a child, and think that it is okay to hurt and abuse them? i just don’t fucking understand. do their brains not comprehend that what they are doing is wrong on every fundamental level? how can they see someone crying out in pain and think ‘this is okay’? where is the fucking compassion. god, how are some people so fucked up?

okay so im pretty nervous about posting this but whatever. my first digital portrait. haven’t used my tablet much since i bought it but for some reason i was in the mood today and i was watching shameless and i thought why not draw something shameless. 

voila, mickey milkovich. argh i love him and ian together so  much.  

im not very happy with it but whateverrrrr i tried :x 

any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated :D