Appledoodle post number 1/??

So sorry ‘bout her long(er) hair and wrong height. I tried to giver her shorter hair, but she just ended up looking bald. Well, she ended up okay(ish) when i gave her shorter hair in the first side-view pic… And the calculations i asked from a friend were wrong, and i accidentally made her around 6"4 or something. (I was only able to check the converter while i was typing this hella long post down)

Also, i think it would be cute if she put her bangs up in a tiny (tiny) ponytail sometimes.

I never finished some doodles, mainly bc we either had something to do, or i had to put my arm over the page to cover the drawing when the teacher passes by. (Not like i don’t listen. I do, but sometimes, the teacher starts talking about things not connected to our topic. So doodle time :D)

The other girl with the fruit’s me… Well, kinda. Idk, i like to imagine me (or my persona???) meeting the fruit, but that’d never happen…. So persona it is then…????

About that stick my persona’s holding, that’s an arnis. Its basically a stick used to fight and protect someone from an attacker. There are actually two of the arnis sticks (supposedly), but i think i made my persona’s leg the other arnis stick (lol). I added that because we learned to use the arnis a few years ago (back in grade 9, i think…), and i never really was able to let go of them (i litirally sleep with my arnis sticks). It’s kinda part of me nao 0u0

I absolutely love this precious fruit! She’s an OC for a fanfic bergliot-manner is writing of the anime/manga Haikyuu! If you know the anime/manga and are alright with OCs in fanfics, try reading it. The name of the fanfic is ‘Of Swans and Apple Trees’ and I think it’s an awesome fic.

Anyways, please excuse the hella long post, and have a great day/night!!