yall should follow appledave bc right now he cant be on tumblr bc of circumstances and i want him to see a bigger follower count when he gets back

his blog is pretty similar to mine so no reason not to follow him tbh

okay so this is a long time coming! here’s all the lovely blogs that make my dash so rad !! go give em a suss if you get a second hey? ((absolute faves are bolded!)) i probably forgot someone so if i did i’m sorry !!!

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Charles’ fully-restored final form turned 1 today!

:D Exactly one year ago, I accidentally deleted my old tumblr account. I lost everything. All the posts, all the followers.

But thanks to a lot of dedication and an enormous amount of support from so many wonderful people, I am now not only fully-restored, but better than ever.

Just a few stats: Before the deletion, my blog had 9352 followers.

The new blog started with zero. Thanks to support from friends such @chickenstab, @thilk, @appledave, @bl1ndg1ng3r and @salihombox (and many others) I recovered 1600+ followers in the first 12 hours.

It took me a bit over two months to get back to where I originally was, and the blog kept growing. I have since changed from exclusively Homestuck content to a variety of fandoms and original content as well.

As of making this post, my follower count is at 20,879. This is an unfathomably large number of people, especially in only one year, and I couldn’t be more thankful to all of you.

Hopefully next year can be just as good and productive.