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This is a reblog in response to a post reblogged by adobekoby, which appeared to have been deleted while I type my own reblog, based on a post by love-appledeer.

Maybe adobekoby didn’t want any other reblogs to follow, because the post is getting much attention than it deserves. But I wanted to redirect this to the original post instead. (Too bad his/her thoughts wouldn’t be shown here, but I just copied my own response, so you’ll understand where I’m coming from.)

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I applaud you, OP (thanks for a clear argument) and I second your opinion because shounen manga romance has just become a “culture,” given that official couples of popular works (that had just ended recently) were given poor mutual development stemming from one party’s feelings.

Now I would be more concrete here, and I don’t care however the source of the post thinks about my preference. The post was tagged under “#bleach,” “#ichihime,” “#ichiruki,” among other manga series, just to be clear. I ship Ichiruki, so I pretty much am subjective in this opinion. But going back to adobekoby’s point, one shounen manga that did bad on writing a decent romance was Tite Kubo’s Bleach. Ichigo, the protagonist, ended up with Orihime, a girl who has a huge crush on him, whose main goal in the story was to “protect” the person she loves the most. I myself, doesn’t question Orihime’s feelings. What irks me about her resolution with Ichigo is that Ichigo was NEVER given any thoughts nor words spoken about his own PERSONAL feelings towards her.

In the entirety of the manga it was through Orihime’s side that we were given how her feelings would’ve answered. It was from her goal, her motivation, her mind, her mouth, her action, her perspective… every bit from her character. And when this came, “Finally, I can fight alongside and protect Kurosaki-kun!” Whose thoughts were those words came from? Orihime. Ichigo never ever said anything that resonates what she wanted to do WITH him. (And no, his “Don’t let me down, Inoue,” didn’t count. Why? It was Ichigo and his friends who went together for their last fight, until he was left with Orihime who had to support him all throughout. No mutual development was given prior that.) In the end, Orihime gets the guy, when it was supposed to be “guy gets the girl.” Because, you know, it’s a fucking shounen manga, and it means it’s a manga for boys.

Which also means shounen manga must show boys how love, respect, or honor is earned.

And this thing about “animanga girl in love with a male character, cares about him, protects him,” it was the kind of writing that is relaxed. Dull. Questioned with “mutuality,” “development,” even with the quality of being “dynamic and has chemistry.”

OP was right; shounen manga romance as of lately is the inability of a mangaka’s perception of love. Their personal fantasy.

And this is for you, love-appledeer, who’s too chicken to just tag the post #ichiruki to prove his/her point:

Remember how in Orihime’s vision, she sees Ichigo in a suit, like a sparkling shining escort?

That’s the metaphor of her love for him. Nothing but fantasy.

Funny that Ichigo never pictured himself in such way. He was too busy being noble at heart than pleasing girls in mundane ways.

@love-appledeer, a very short thing about the role-swap au!

“He is a criminal – execution is exactly what he deserves. Illegal actions have consequences. If he was smarter, he wouldn’t have committed such foolish act.”

Orihime let out a shuddering sigh as Captain Soifon walked past her after a cold remark about Ichigo Shiba. Clenching her fists, she screwed her eyes shut, pursing her lips.

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See I said Kazika because Kazuka leaves it feeling a little unbalanced to me (does that make sense?). But I also feel like if we add “Ichi” to any part of it, it’s just… no good. (Ichikaz, Ichizui. While they roll nice it’s a little… um…)

So in my mind Kazui sorta needs to come first. (Kazuichi gives me the same feel as those other two)



I’m going to crack this damn code

Haven’t been posting. However I decided to make a Orihime anime wallpaper trying to depict her throughout the series.

.Early age, Soul Society, Arrancar timeline, Fullbring timeline, and both Ichigo/Orihime being the sword/shield against Yhwach.

Also I wanted to show Orihime in her school uniform, because I just think she is so cute in that. ^_^

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