We HAVE to point out everything that’s wrong about it. They WANT us to call them out, make the media aware of its issues, plot holes, because that’s EXACTLY what every other queerbaiting show does but is getting away with.
The Final Problem is bad FOR a REASON.
Sherlock has such a wide audience, if WE as a fandom speak up, it’ll reach everyone.
This way we’re actually calling out every other queerbaiting show that is chickening out facing these topics. Sherlock is giving us the oppurtunity and example to address the issues in television and movies today.
And BBC Sherlock isn’t backing away.
They have a fourth episode prepared.
They know what they’re doing.
Johnlock is happening guys. Have faith in the creators.
It’s our job atm to revolt and get the medias attention
Because TFP is the best example of everything a show shouldn’t do to its audience

The podium is ours
The attention is on us
If we can pull this off, we are making television history

anonymous asked:

There is a picture of a copy of Apple Tree Yard two posts under yours in the apple tree yard tag. It's real.

I suppose you’re talking about this post, Anon? 

Problem is, it’s so damn easy to make fake books. Seriously, not to sound paranoid, but anyone can change a book cover. Especially, say, a TV show’s prop department? 

And it looks like there’s some paper or plastic sheet with the cover picture on it that was folded around the book itself. They don’t even need a false book to do that, any book would do. And I’m pretty sure anyone can print a picture on a paper or plastic sheet.

I haven’t found anyone that’s actually read the book so far. I haven’t even found illegal downloads of the book (only fakes or scans, and an abstract – and isn’t that weird for a bestseller?). 

 My internet skills are somewhat limited, I trust Mofftiss based on everything they’ve done up to S4 airing, and I may be in denial and can’t even begin to imagine being wrong on this one, but the fact that they’d create an entire fake book series, a fake TV show and a fake author persona, just based on the internet, is so mind-blowingly improbable that I need solid, concrete evidence. One way or another.

Which is why I need people who have actually read the book or know someone who have a physical copy of it to respond.

I’m keeping the tinfoil hat until Sunday, 9pm, or until someone who’s read and owns the book comes forth. Whichever comes first.

Okay so, for the record- I know Apple Tree Yard is a real book that can be purchased, I’ve seen it on Amazon and I do think its very possible it is a real show because of some good points made about publicists being able to watch the show on their site and the few reviews that have gone out about it. However.

The picture looks photoshopped to me. The guy looks like he is two feet in front of her, not standing directly in her face. His eye line isn’t on her but behind her and there is some weird focus shit going on. The description is…familiar to say the least.

Even if it is a real show, who is to say that is actually is premiering when they said it will? The show has no fan base because its new so its not exactly going to disappoint a large group of people by not premiering that night.

There are a lot of other posts going around about this, both in favor of this theory and against. I haven’t decided either way, but I’ve got my eyes on it for sure.

Ok, so…The Final Problem ended with this freeze frame:

I don’t know why, but this bothers me a bit. After reading here and there, I got a  thought: What if there is really a fourth episode and it would start with this freeze frame but then it start to gets backwards like someone pushed the rewind button on a video recorder. You would see everything speed up backwards till it stop on a point and you would hear something like “Surprise!” (maybe in Moriarty’s voice, because it would fit perfectly?) or see something you wouldn’t expect to see and THEN the actual / a different story will be shown.

Yeah I know, that sounds maybe crazy (me and my thoughts, ugh), but there are so many questions with no answers and even if I found season 4 after all ok, I don’t come away with the thought that it there is a fourth episode, especially if there are so many hints now. And I can’t take “Apple Tree Yard” serious, I mean: Everytime, when I see the launch trailer for it, I get Sherlock flashbacks? And also the other things people pointed out which are weird about this show? That’s not normal I guess?

…Who knows. It would be “groundbreaking” and “making history” if there is really a big surprise, something nobody would expect imo. Guess we will wait and see.