appleberry blast


Your name is DAVE STRIDER and you’re pretty sure MR. APPLEBERRY BLAST over here just implied that there are ROMANTIC HAPPENINGS between you. You aren’t entirely sure how to feel about that. Or you would be, if it wasn’t complete and utter NONSENSE. And anyway, that entire QUADRANT THING isn’t for you. That doesn’t mean you’re going to give him his scarf back. 

Your name is SOLLUX CAPTOR and you’re not entirely sure what just happened but you’re pretty sure this counts as an AWKWARD SILENCE.

Wait, never mind, DV just began rambling about SHARED CUSTODY over your scarf.

Uploaded a old post from this shoot to instagram, went into my drafts, found this. Enjoy.

Sollux | Dave | Photo

anonymous asked:

uuuuuh just a little thing but.. Have you read homestuck? if so do you realize that Fatal has a few similarities to Sollux? also new nickname for Fatal (or at least my nickname for him) Mr. Appleberry Blast. :3

OH WOW haha I actually haven’t read Homestuck but you’re totally right, there are quite a few similarities between Fatal and Sollux! That was totally unintentional, I promise XD Even though I barely understood a fraction of what I just read, he seems like a really cool character! And what a cute nickname! Go for it :D