NYBG’s latest acquisition comes courtesy of a very special guest. The one and only Neil deGrasse Tyson paid us a special visit to gift the Garden with a graft of Sir Isaac Newton’s famous apple tree! The sapling, grown from a cutting of the same tree that inspired Newton to develop his universal law of gravitation, will live in our Nolen Greenhouses until it is strong enough to be planted on grounds where everybody can admire it.

Neil deGrasse Tyson was once a young aspiring scientist here in the Bronx, and now a tree famous for having inspired a great scientific mind can inspire future generations here in his hometown. We cannot thank him enough for bringing a piece of scientific history to add to our collection.

See the video of Tyson’s visit on NYBG’s Plant Talk blog. ~LM


The dolls and I visited my aunt and uncle at Sunnyside Orchard (coming soon to airbnb) recently. Here are some photos of their visit.

Meanwhile, the March charity doll for International Women’s Day on ebay is going well with still a day and a half to go.

50% of the final selling price will go to the International Women’s Development Agency. This is an Australian non profit that works with partner organisations in the Asia Pacific region to improve the lives of women. Please see their good works at and consider donating directly.

The remaining amount will go towards start up costs for Tree Change Dolls which is beginning to transform from a part time hobby into a part time small business.

View the eBay listing here



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