Another visit to my allotment today with my mum. We harvested more broad beans and onions and picked all the peas. The beans and peas are now in the freezer. I made a shepherds pie and threw in a courgette we grew in the back yard and a handful of broad beans. Oh and I nearly forgot I picked 6 medium sized apples off my tree 😀😀😀👍👍👍


The first eight of my seedling apple trees to go in the ground in my boyfriend’s food forest. I saved the seeds while making cider just over a year ago, from apples grown at my parent’s house. The parent tree is about 20 years old, and we’ve forgotten the variety, but I don’t think it particularly matters. There are four crabapples about 200m in one direction, but an orchard with a few other varieties 100m in the other. Who knows what the apples will be like from these trees - they will take 6 or 7 years to fruit - but that doesn’t matter. The boyfriend wants his forest to be wild and “foresty” and the trees can be grafted onto with a proven cultivar or harvested for wood. Nevertheless, they are already beautiful little trees, quite distinct from each other. Two of them are at least a metre tall already, and behold the colour of the foliage on the first one!