Fall-Themed OTP Questions

1. Is your OTP into pumpkin spice lattes?

2. Would they prefer to go outside and walk in the brisk air, or would they rather stay inside and keep warm?

3. Which one says it’s too warm to wear a sweater in early September and which one wears the sweater and gets overheated anyway?

4. Which one would be excited for school and which one would dread going back?

5. Which one would knit a sweater for the other?

6. Would they wear a couple’s costume for Halloween? If so, whose idea would the costumes be?

7. Which one takes dozens of pictures of anything remotely fall-related and which one says “Would you please get off Tumblr?”

8. Would your OTP go apple-picking?

9. Which one of them makes better Jack-o-Lanterns?

10. If your OTP were to make a Thanksgiving dinner, what would they cook?

11. Would your OTP miss summer or be looking forward to winter?

12. What fall sports would your OTP do?

13. If your OTP were in marching band, what would they play and how well?

14. Which one offers their jacket to the other when they complain they feel cold?

15. Would your OTP be excited for any early snowfall?

i just really love pumpkin carving and apple picking, getting lost in corn mazes and running wild through leaves. jumping in leaf piles, spending hours in the cool crisp air. warming up with a hot drink and wrapping yourself up in a blanket to watch movies. building blanket forts and cuddling up in giant cozy sweaters. making cute little fall crafts and decorations. shopping for cute sweaters and boots and scarves and hats and filling my room with scented candles. the smell of cinnamon filling the house and freshly baked pies and everything is red, yellow and orange. i just really love fall.