January 24th 1984: First Mac goes on sale

On this day in 1984, the first Apple Macintosh PC went on sale. It was introduced by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and was the first commercially successful PC with a mouse and interactive, graphical interface. The first Macintosh had a 128KB memory. The computer went on sale for $2,495 and sold well, reaching 70,000 on May 3rd 1984. It was first introduced by the famous ‘1984’ advert directed by Ridley Scott, which aired on January 22nd. Apple’s influence and sales decreased in the 1990s, as the PC market became dominated by Microsoft. However, Apple saw a resurgence with the 1998 iMac and the 2001 iPod. Apple now dominate the digital music business, with their wide range of iPods and the iPhone, and the iMac model continues.