The Docks

Dean Winchester x Reader

885 words

Warnings; Cursing

Prompt; “I don’t know whether to kiss or or throw you off a bridge.” “Can I pick?”

You stormed into the nearly empty bar. It was closing time, nearing one in the morning, and the residents of the town were growing rather sleepy anyway, all but one person. It didn’t take you long to find him, sitting at the bar, eating a plate of chicken and drinking on a glass of fine whiskey. Of course this was where you found him.

The pretty bartender poured him more whiskey and gave him a wink with her overly outlined eye. Dean waved her off and stuffed another piece of chicken into his mouth. Man, could he pack his mouth full of food. You used to tease him and called him a hamster.

You slammed your hand down on the bar next to his plate, causing the man to swing around and face you with a murderous glare in his stare. When he realized it was only you, he turned back to his chicken and shoved another piece through his lips.

“Can I help you?” The bartender asked, thinking the loud thumb was for her attention. You shot her a look with narrowed eyes and a scowl. She held her hands up and turned around, continuing her cleaning for the night.

“Why are you scaring everybody, Y/N?” Dean asked casually. He took a long drink of his whiskey and set it down, smacking his lips before shoving even more chicken into his chapped lips. “I thought you were down at the dock with Sam.”

You crossed your arms over your chest and watch as the man continued to eat, not a care in the world at this time. He pulled his attention up to the TV and watched as a cop was shot earlier today, something you and Sam might have saved if Dean wouldn’t have run off.

“Why the fuck did you leave me standing there like an idiot? I made a complete fucking fool of myself today, Dean.” You fussed at the man.

Dean looked up at you as he finished chewing up his food. He swallowed and looked back down at his plate, realizing he just ate his last piece of chicken. “Well, I assumed you had it. The suspect confessed and you were able to gather the information that we needed to find out that they do their switch at the docks. Speaking of, isn’t that where you should be?”

Dean had a point. With your charm, even if it was embarrassing, you grabbed the information you needed from the shapeshifter and now Sam was out there, scoping out the place in hopes to catch the others in the act. You frowned. “I don’t know whether to kiss you or throw you off the dock.”

His apple green eyes flicked up to meet yours, losing themselves in yours as long as he possibly could. “Can I pick?” He asked softly, though seriously.

Taken aback, you watch his facial expression. He’s dead serious, his eyebrow cocked and his lips pouting ever so slightly. He was an attractive man, and you always felt attracted to him in one way or another, even went as far as flirting back when he used a pick-up line on you. But that was all you thought would happen between the two of you, nothing like this.

“What I’m saying is…” Dean stood up and tossed a couple of bills on the counter. He turned to you, towering over you like you were nothing. “I’m going to pick to kiss you. You must want to kiss me or you wouldn’t have threatened to.”

“Dean!” You felt your cheeks flush. There was only a few people left in the bar and they were all listening in. One was another couple that looked to be on a date night, watching you with smiles and waved when you glanced over. The woman nodded her head and motioned for you to make the move.

“Sweetheart, you made the comment.” He placed one hand on your hip and with his other he moved a strand of hair from your face. “Can I kiss you now?” He asked in a low whisper.

You thought the whiskey has some control over this, he doesn’t truly want to kiss you. He just wanted a kiss, a body to warm in tonight. That’s all Dean Winchester did. “Dean—“

His lips stopped you. He pressed his against yours and lightly licked your lower lip. For a second, you’re completely in shock and you couldn’t move. To have Dean kiss you, it felt like a miracle. You thought, perhaps, he wasn’t into your type. Not that anything was wrong about you, but you were part of them, one of the boys. Sam has called you his little sister before.

What the hell. You kissed him back, throwing your arms around his neck and allowing him to move you through the back, backing himself up until he reached the door. He pulled away long enough to open the door and pick you up, wrapping your legs around his waist as he walked with you.

“Can I keep you now?” He whispered.

You giggled. “When did you turn into Casper?”

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