More Utena wip. 

The jacket in the pic has been fixed slightly. (Added darts to make it fit me properly) the only problem is are the sleeves, which are giving me lots of problems. As I can’t raise my arms past a certain point. I don’t have to raise them over my head, but 90 degrees without my arms hurting would be nice. 

My shoes are at least done, and I got my socks. I got the socks and laces in the same color, but dyes vary of course, so the socks look more pink than red. I hope the leggings I get to turn into shorts are a close enough color. 

And then the epaulettes are almost done, I have to get the rope to have it hang down over my shoulders but I should be able to find it at like Lowes or Home Depot. 

I hope to have this done soon.


So I had a sudden realization in the car on the way to grocery shopping. With the exception of the jacket, a sword, and a better scarf (and accurate pants), I have everything to cosplay Val from JKMM.

Guess what’s been added to my cosplay list. oops. I can’t afford this shit.

Thank you Merlin for sacrificing your hair and pants to my cause to become a Japanese World War Plane. It’s okay I’m replacing Merlin’s pants, they are the wrong color, and they didn’t fit right. (Now they don’t fit even more BECAUSE THEY FUCKING SHRANK. /cries) And the wig is just hairsprayed.

So clockworkzog and cheshiredengland can we do Kate, Val and Zero this year? pretty please? ; u;

I might put this back on tomorrow for daylight shots, so you can see what I’m wearing.

EDIT: idk why there’s an image?? I tried adding an image but I removed it. > A> and there’s nothing here in my post. so.

External image


Have some Wicked Lady cosplay progress. I’m almost to the point where I can’t work on her anymore until I go out and buy stuff. (I need red dye to see if I can tint the black fabric more red.) the top part around my boobs is way too big. so I have to take that in until it looks good. Better it too big than too small, amirite.

I’m ridiculously excited for Wicked Lady. ; u; I just have to add straps and then this dress is ready to be tossed into some dye. Then I can sew in the pink lining. then I have to sit and wait until I have a job and can afford to spend money on fabric and crystals and stuff to finish her up. ; u; 

My wig is in the mail, so hopefully that’ll be here on Monday or Tuesday and I can start styling that, and do a makeup test


Just wanted to do a quick wig and make up test for Philip LaFresque from the Penumbra series.

I wanted to do bruises and dirt for him.

Excuse my girly sweater, as it’s the only thing red I have that doesn’t have words or a design across the front. > A> I need to find a red winter coat that’s not puffy as hell…

I need to trim the wig (this is my Male!Panty/Boxer wig.) so its not making my head look like a mushroom.

I will hopefully have Philip done for Nekocon. If not, then I’ll drop a cosplay from Katsu’s plan and put Philip in instead. (But I’m hoping I’ll have it done for Neko, because Neko the area is grey and concrete, so at night it could be very fun for photoshoots.

I may or may not have an Amabel… If Corwynn’s still up to cosplay her with me. ; u;

Have a picture of my Merlin wig. I cut it a tad too short for my liking. >__< it’s more noticeable on the other side. But oh well… can’t fix that. oTL

Now to go figure out how to make button holes for Gumi, since i can’t do anything else for Merlin.


I laughed.

I cried.

I wanted to punch the designer of this card.

It’s inaccurate, because I couldn’t get a clear enough look at the design on the card. But it’s close enough to work for me. (Also I fixed the top right, so it matches now.)

The “Happy Valentine” is in a different doc, just to make sure I had room for this and that. I’m done working on cosplay for the night. This took all my energy.


Ooops. I did a wig and makeup test for Anna.

I’m sorry. oTL I just love her so much already. And all the hype today because of D23. And I had this wig that was used for Rosette, and I just couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry! ; A;


What makes this hurt more, is that I’m on cosplay hiatus. Otherwise I think Anna would be getting done like right now. I’ve also decided that she’d going to be my first Disney princess cosplay.


Please excuse my messy room. Con season and all that.And with that, Merlin is done and ready to go for Katsu! :D

It’s easier to list what I didn’t make for the cosplay. Which is, I didn’t make the socks. And technically the neckerchief, which is just a piece of red fabric that I cut.

Everything else was made by myself, and the wig was cut and styled by me.

Also while I’m proud of myself to look like a little boy, I’d really love it if I could manage to make myself look more masculine.


Wow so okay I haven’t updated my cosplay wip in ages. So have some updates

I now have a silver crystal for Wicked Lady, along with some wip earrings for her. (THAT DON’T HURT MY EARS. YAY I don’t have my ears pierced. so clips on have always scared me because I’ve had some in the past and they hurt.)

I painted my shoes for Utena, now I just have to get laces.

And I got my wigs for Utena and Marika. They’ve both been straightened. They do need to be trimmed however.

Two months until Katsucon. I got a ton of shit to get done. Let’s do this.

Alice ‘Misstitched’ Work in progress. I have to make the apron, the gloves, necklace and finish my hobby horse, and then this one is finished. > u> yessss.

(and then I threw everything on.)

I can’t wait for this whole thing to be done with. ; u; It’ll be my most time consuming cosplay to date. (and never again will I work with over 20 yards of bias tape. fuck you bias tape. You are such a pain in the ass.)


This time with better and brighter lighting. woo. Makeup and wig test for Anna from Frozen.

I am going to have a ridiculously fun time cosplaying her. Probably not as much of a fun time as I am making her outfit.


Have my finished Alice cosplay. (Don’t worry, for actual pictures, I’ll be making sure everything is in perfect order. lol)

I’m so exciteddddd~

If anyone has like tips on fixing my bow so the face can be seen clearly, and the bow to stop being a dick. I’ll take it. (The bow already has interfacing in it.)


So I bought some new makeup specifically for Evil Queen Raven. And I’m procrastinating on working on other cosplays that I need to get done before November. 

But I’m hype for Evil Queen Raven for Katsu.

And yes that’s my fake apple. I can’t complain about it considering it was a dollar. I plan on molding on the skull face with some air dry clay later.


Hey look! I got my Sherlock wig in! :D
I have to see if I can part it to the other side, because naturally it goes the wrong way. (FYI the pictures are flipped. So that’s why it currently looks correct. It’s not in real life) Although that may not be able to be fixed, as the curls all flip that way.

I actually really like this wig. (I really like all my Arda Wigs.) I had to do a bit of finger teasing to get it to look right, but over all I like it. o uo (curls don’t like to be smushed)

This sort of looks like flapper hair to me. I like it.