#komaegiweek ; day 7 ; komaeda’s birthday !!!

HEY HO!!! ok so i got rlly lazy and this just ended up as a sketch comic o whoops,,,

BUT HBD TO MY TRASH KING I HOPE HE ENJOYS IT W HIS ANGEL AND THEIR NEW SON !! here’s the origin story for (x) and (x)

I need a filler episode of Samurai Jack that’s basically the scene in Forrest Gump where he’s running across the country. Like it wouldn’t be a very serious episode; just a few months after he gets sent to the future Jack gains a media following like “who is this man??¿ what is his stor y” and he’s just confused by all of it.

But all the way you see him unintentionally spark the beginning of real world trends/pop culture references(I know those can quickly become dated but hey it’d be funny). Everyone thinks he’s some hobo on a soul searching journey because they never believe his story and he eventually, exasperatedly gives up on explaining things to people