apple cinnamon cheers

The Signs As Lush Bath Bombs

Aries - Lava Lamp (Scents of mesmerizing orange delight)

Taurus - Intergalactic (Scents of Peppermint) 

Gemini - Dragon Egg (Scents of Citrus) 

Cancer - Ickle Baby Bot (Scents of Lavender) 

Leo - Phoenix Rising (Scents of Spicy Apple Cinnamon)

Virgo - Cheer Me Up Buttercup (Scents of Citrus) 

Libra - Twilight (Scents of Lavender)

Scorpio - Secret Arts (Scents of Cinnamon) 

Sagittarius - Star Light Star Bright (Scents of Ginger and Lavender) 

Capricorn - Butter Bear (Scents of Vanilla)

Aquarius - Shoot For The Stars (Scents of Honey)

Pisces - Snow Fairy (Scents of Sweetness) 

The Signs as Fall/Winter Glade Scents
  • Aries: Apple Cinnamon Cheer
  • Taurus: Merry Maple Morning
  • Gemini: Fall Hayride
  • Cancer: Pure Vanilla Joy
  • Leo: Peppermint Mocha
  • Virgo: Autumn Harvest
  • Libra: Pumpkin Spice
  • Scorpio: Toasted Marshmallow
  • Sagittarius: Sparkling Spruce
  • Capricorn: Woodside Library
  • Aquarius: Blackberry Jam
  • Pisces: Frosted Berry Kiss