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That Time When Apple Dropped A Clothing Line

Holy swag, Batman. The year was 1986 and apple was apparently feeling lavish as they went ahead and dropped this fire flames collection of men’s, women’s AND kid’s wear branded with their branding.  Aside from the popped collar yacht boys shot, I’d rock just about anything in this glorious photo set.  This is the kind of find that nets you praise from not only your Van Huesen errthang yuppie friends you befriended in college, to the tatted bartender at the trendy cocktail joint you took Bae to just to show her how cultured and unaffected by $15 moscow mules you are.

All joking aside, one could pull some pieces from this collection and insert it into a pretty solid look for today.  Think about it, that crispy white crewneck with the computer outline paired with some denim and NBs? Dope.  That navy hat with the multi colored apple over a denim shirt and white tee? Dope, again. Lets ignore the fact that this is just as ridiculous now as it was then, and lets scour ebay only to pay way too much for that teal crewneck with the oversized “Apple” text just so we can rock it in unison with our new Apple watch. 

- Steven | 03.27.15

if you're thinking about buying an apple watch


buy a pebble time (steel) instead

it has 10 days battery life and doesn’t try to replace your smartphone but complements it instead

its screen is akin to “e-paper” technology and is always on (and therefore completely readable under sunlight), unlike other smartwatches which use the same screens (and internal components) as smartphones. you don’t have to shake your wrist to see the time (unless you’re in pitch black darkness, in which case it will turn on the backlight for a couple seconds)

it’s compatible with both iOS and Android

you can download watch faces and apps super easily

it has actual buttons instead of a tiny ass touch screen or weird knob

it’s also open source to the point that you can literally scan a QR code and get custom firmware downlodaded onto your watch in under ten seconds

i’ve had the first edition pebble for a year and a half and it’s something i would recommend way more than any “fancier” smartwatch.

because tbh, fuck having to recharge that thing on your wrist every night


some Derek Nurse Things, for your viewing pleasure, from someone who strongly identifies with and has a lot of things in common with him:
  • is probably actually a creative writing major, not an english major
    • like yes it all technically falls under english but still,,,
    • don’t ever ask him if he wants to be an english teacher
    • he will hate you
  • has met quite a few poets. his poetry books are (almost) all signed
  • speaks urdu and navajo (or diné bizaad) on top of english
  • learning asl and korean in his spare time. it helps his poetry
  • LOVES crop tops. he’s gotten chowder to wear some a few times. caitlin farmer is his new best friend and thanks him immensely.
  • gets a mani pedi probably once a week? no maybe once a month
  • actually doesn’t know how to make scrambled eggs
    • like… he didn’t realize you have to put the butter in FIRST what a disaster eric richard “bitty” bittle cried actual tears
  • can dance surprisingly well. (his moms made him learn)
  • speaking of his moms, of which he has two,,,
  • Amal Nurse is pakistani and speaks urdu and english. she’s a lawyer. she has her own firm, the second largest in manhattan
    • she calls Nursey ‘chusni’, which is urdu for ‘pacifier’, because his nerd ass used a pacifier until he was like, four years old
    • he calls her “ammi”
  • Yanaha Nurse is black and navajo also i love her
    • she’s a model
    • is the one who insisted Nursey learned to dance after she saw his clumsy ass fall down the stairs from tripping over nothing for the third time in a week
    • he calls her “ma”

okay this got long i’m putting it under a cut

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