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Simple Dessert For Imbolc~
Pink Applesauce

• 6 to 10 small sized red apples, peel is left on, cored, and roughly diced. The peel makes the applesauce pink!
• White granulated sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. *Add each to your personal taste, how sweet you like your applesauce is up to you!*
• Handful of raisins. Soak overnight in either apple juice or white wine if you have any on hand. Water will do in a pinch just fine too!
• Place diced apples in a medium sized saucepan with burner turned to low heat. Add sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and allow to simmer until apples are quite mushy and colour from apple peel has turned mixture pink.
• Remove from heat and mash by hand, not in a food processor. Take a food strainer, place over a large enough bowl so the sauce wont spill out the sides but into the bowl. Mash the mixture using a silicon spatula, until all the applesauce is strained into the bowl and only the peels are left behind. Discard the peel.
• Chill applesauce in a covered container and add the soaked raisins the next day.

☆ Incorporates pink, a colour at Imbolc, as well as raisins, and cinnamon, also used at this Sabbatt. Apples are a fertility symbol, in keeping with Imbolc. Dairy products ares also used at this time, so you could complete this dessert by topping it with whipped cream.☆

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Percussion Puns

(some of these only make sense if you play percussion)

Practicing ruffs sure is a drag!

What do romantic percussionists give on Valentine’s day? Cymbals of their love!

If you throw a small cymbal into the water, it’ll make a splash!

I see your flying drumset is broken. Shall I give you a ride?

Bad drummers will get thrown into the flams!

Why did the drummer play in court? Because it was a fill-ibuster!

What’s a drummer’s favorite body part? The percus-shin

What do you call two eighth-notes in an apple? A core-ter note

What do you call a body of water that’s playing too fast? A rushing river

What do percussionists play on a bugle? (or: What do percussionist plumbers fix?) flam taps

Why did the drummer swear? Because they play per-cuss-ion

Why do drummers like glue? Because it sticks to you

What do you call a mean guy under a bridge with a book by George Lawrence Stone? Stick Con-troll

I’m on a roll with these percussion puns.