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Summary: Your cousin needs help with her adorable 2-year-old.

Words: 1533

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Kids and loads and loads of fuffly

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“Are you sure that you three are going to be okay?” You look into your cousins’ eyes and nod. You understand that she is worried about leaving her daughter with you and Steve for the whole afternoon, it’s the first time since her divorce that she is going out and she is looking for excuses not to “Of course, how many times have I watched Kate? Go have fun on your date.”

“It is not a date and are you sure that Steve is not gonna mind? He works so much and this is his free time…” You don’t let her finish “Of course it is a date, he asked you for coffee and cake, and in my book that is a date. About Steve, don’t worry he loves kids.”

You are not sure if this is true, you and Steve never talked about having kids or even kids in general in your eight-month relationship. But how bad can it be? In the worst case, he spends all day locked in the room while you play with a toddler.

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Solace // Derek Hale

Summary: You start ignoring the pack when you’re best friend Ellen relapses after ten years of being cancer free. You care for her and she keeps telling you to live your life after she’s gone. You’ll miss her dearly but with the support of Derek and the pack you know you’ll be fine.

Characters: Derek x Reader, Ellen (OC), Lydia, and the pack.

Words: 1195

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters.

Warnings: Mention of death, pregnancy, depression, angst, and cancer.

Author: Caitsy

Requested: Yes, anon

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A/N I tried my hardest to make it known that Ellen has cancer while not getting into the symptoms because I’m don’t know much about cancer.

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Ellen had been there for you since you were very small, mainly because her parents babysat you. She was a year older than you and you loved her so very much that you viewed her as both your best friend and sister. Recently you had noticed a drop in her life, it wasn’t surprising but it wasn’t welcomed either.

When you were still in high school Ellen was diagnosed with cancer at the age of thirteen and not only did it destroy her but you felt lost. Ellen didn’t come to school much and then her parents and her decided to do homeschooling. Ellen didn’t want people to see her bald head.

“Hey Ellen, what’s wrong?” You asked her while she was in her apartment.

“I have some news.” Ellen weakly smiled. It was almost like you knew what the words would be before they tumbled out of her mouth.

“What’s wrong?” You asked sitting down beside her.

“The cancer came back.” She admitted, “I was in remission for ten years and it’s come back.”

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Baekhyun + 30 💕

“Are you sure that you’re not doing this to get my attention?”




“What do you want Baekhyun?” You looked up from your computer, only to see Baekhyun lying down on the couch, looking back at you.


“Seriously Baek? I’ve been trying to finish this essay for days and you just-”

“Okay okay, i got it. Sorry to bother you. I’m just gonna go to the bedroom.”

Ah, this boy. He was always like this but that was the reason why you loved him with all of your heart. He liked dogs, ice cream, sleeping and annoying the shit out of you.

You were in deep thoughts when you heard Baekhyun come into the living room again. You didn’t look to him and continued doing your work.

Baekhyun walked in front of you and started stretching suddenly, shirtless. He started breathing heavily, on purpose of course and after doing four or five stretching moves, he drank some water, trying to show his adam’s apple.

“What are you doing?” you asked, trying not to laugh.

“What does it look like? I’m working out”

“Are you sure that you’re not doing this to get my attention?” you asked, raising your eyebrows.

“Pfffft what are you talking about? Oh do you hear that? I think my mom is calling, BE RIGHT BACK MY LOVE!” and with that he stormed out of the room.

You chuckled at his weird behaviour and looked at his phone which was on the couch where he was laying down just a few minutes ago.

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Simple Dessert For Imbolc~
Pink Applesauce

• 6 to 10 small sized red apples, peel is left on, cored, and roughly diced. The peel makes the applesauce pink!
• White granulated sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. *Add each to your personal taste, how sweet you like your applesauce is up to you!*
• Handful of raisins. Soak overnight in either apple juice or white wine if you have any on hand. Water will do in a pinch just fine too!
• Place diced apples in a medium sized saucepan with burner turned to low heat. Add sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and allow to simmer until apples are quite mushy and colour from apple peel has turned mixture pink.
• Remove from heat and mash by hand, not in a food processor. Take a food strainer, place over a large enough bowl so the sauce wont spill out the sides but into the bowl. Mash the mixture using a silicon spatula, until all the applesauce is strained into the bowl and only the peels are left behind. Discard the peel.
• Chill applesauce in a covered container and add the soaked raisins the next day.

☆ Incorporates pink, a colour at Imbolc, as well as raisins, and cinnamon, also used at this Sabbatt. Apples are a fertility symbol, in keeping with Imbolc. Dairy products ares also used at this time, so you could complete this dessert by topping it with whipped cream.☆

Ultimate sickfic care guide

Ever notice how everyone has a different approach to treating stomach bugs?

What do you drink?
Apple juice
Ginger ail

What do you eat?
-lightly topped/spread
-normal topping/spread
Everything except dairy

What do you do?
Lay down
-in bed
-on the couch
-on the rug
-on the bathroom floor
Watch tv
Take a shower or tub
Take meds
Play games
Get light work done
-in the dark
-with the lights on
Get fresh air
Use lots of blankets
Use no blankets or light sheets
Don’t cuddle
Change clothes
Never change clothes

How to lower a fever?
Shower or tub
-tepid or chilly (COLD IS DANGEROUS)
Cool cloth
And some do… Nothing? (Dangerous!)

Where to throw up:
Trash can
Bucket (yes. Sometimes literally mean a bucket)
Large bowls (metal or plastic)
Kidney dish (hospitals)
Trash bags (often in cars)
Airplane bags

How to treat a cough:
Rub on back
Hits on back
Sit up
Lay down (no.)
Lean forward
Vic’s on the chest
Vic’s under the nose
Vic’s on the feet then put on socks overtop and sleep (I HATED this as a child and it doesn’t work)
Cough/cold meds
Hot shower (steam)
Cough drops

Sore throat:
“Rest your voice”
Just shutting up because ow
Hot drinks
Cold drinks
Ice/Icy drinks/ice cream
Non-solid food (pudding, soup, etc.)
Cough drops Mucus:
Blowing nose
Clearing throat
“Hacking a loogie”
Spitting it out
Swallowing it
Taking meds
Picking nose (usually kids)
Those things that look like balls with tubes attached that suck out baby snot (usually used for babies and occasionally toddlers)
Percussion Puns

(some of these only make sense if you play percussion)

Practicing ruffs sure is a drag!

What do romantic percussionists give on Valentine’s day? Cymbals of their love!

If you throw a small cymbal into the water, it’ll make a splash!

I see your flying drumset is broken. Shall I give you a ride?

Bad drummers will get thrown into the flams!

Why did the drummer play in court? Because it was a fill-ibuster!

What’s a drummer’s favorite body part? The percus-shin

What do you call two eighth-notes in an apple? A core-ter note

What do you call a body of water that’s playing too fast? A rushing river

What do percussionists play on a bugle? (or: What do percussionist plumbers fix?) flam taps

Why did the drummer swear? Because they play per-cuss-ion

Why do drummers like glue? Because it sticks to you

What do you call a mean guy under a bridge with a book by George Lawrence Stone? Stick Con-troll

I’m on a roll with these percussion puns.

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1.whats your favorite thing to do to escape from the world?

2.whats your favorite song?

3.what is something you LOVE to do? you have anyone in your life that you would drop everything for?

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6.been overweight?

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9. top 12 favorite youtubers? {if you even watch youtubers}

10.have you ever felt trapped?

11.whats your biggest insecurity?

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13.what is something that can ALWAYS make you smile? you have or want any tattoos or piercings?

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35.are looks important to you?

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39. apple or samsung

40. the year is 3024 what do you see when you look out your bedroom window?

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52.if you could tell someone you love deeply one thing & only ONE only what is it?

53.get your phone. go to your pictures. what is the last picture you downloaded? or water? you like nature? favor or strawberry?

57.whats your favorite tv show? you play any instruments?

59.if you had power over a whole country what would you change? would you change it for better or worse?

60.would you like a robot living in your house or a baby dinosaur that never grew bigger then a large dog?

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niallhoran: Watching one of the best finishes of a major tournament with @julianbulian that I’ve seen in a long time !

niallhoran: C'mon Rory!

niallhoran: Yessssssss! Get in! This is a special special special guy! I’m so glad I was of the age to understand how good he actually is

CLOSEDAdoptable Give-Away! Part 1 - Apple Lily

Seems like a lot of you would be up for some free Adoptables, so I’m gonna test the waters with Apple Lily. All you gotta do to have a chance to win her is reblog this post(following this blog is not necessary, but appreciated), and if enough people are interested in this series, it’ll be weekly thing. (let me know if you have any specific wishes as for themes and such).


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The other day this girl came in & ordered a Chai w/ steamed apple juice. Okay, cool, but do you want apple juice instead of water? instead of milk? all apple juice? I didn't take the order, so I called out the drink to try to ask the customer. I called out the drink 4x: no response. I went ahead and replaced the hot water w/ steamed apple juice and as soon as I call it out this chick (who had been sitting about 6ft from the counter) trots up & picks it up. Bitch I KNOW u heard me the 1st 4 times

Chai with steamed apple juice is legit good. Get on that.