apple update

[MM]v1.3.8 Android Update

Please update your app.

For Mystic Messenger v1.3.8 the following has been fixed/updated.
- Made the guest reward saving more stable.
- Added a quality select for the video.
- Changed some error messages to be more friendly.
- Updated contact us information/link.
- Fixed email responses.
- Fixed some save load issues.
- Updated the title image for Autumn.

*We are waiting for the iOS update to be approved by Apple. This new update includes the above changes. With 20 hourglasses which we announced for the v1.3.7 update.
10 more hourglasses will be added as an apology for the delay, so iOS users will receive 30 hourglasses in total when they update to version 1.3.8.

Thank you!


…Thanks for the talk Cupid. I appreciate it lots