apple the corgi


Apple and Kira love their qt with @kumacorgi and her parents 😍 plus Crystal and Ryan always takes the best photos of them!! So glad we’ve met and it’s always easier to leave them for a weekend or even a week knowing they’ll be in good hands. Even though one of them end up peeing or pooping somewhere at their house 😑 fully house trained, just being assholes! 😂


OBSESSED with those ears 😍😍😍 and perfect lighting outside today. Recently she’s been ringing the bell just to lay outside because it’s so nice out 😒😒 I try to be consistent with teaching her that that’s not how it works but….she’s just so cute. And it really does feel good out there lol so I just try to leave the patio door open for her after she pottys



I can’t believe he is one today. He has grown so much (not literally because despite his pictures, he’s still a little baby and weighs 20 lbs).

Apple has really found his way into our hearts. It was hard at first to be patient with him, given the circumstances. At first, Apple was sick and the solar opposite of Pi and we were still grieving of the recent loss of Pi Pi, that we often found ourselves mad at him for being…well, a puppy. About a week after he came home to us, I talked to my boyfriend and told him we can’t expect him to be Pi. We talked and that definitely helped us take a step back and appreciate and love Apple for the little sassy boy he is.

He has helped us with our grieving so much. He always made us laugh. He is so perfect in his own way.

I’m pretty sure he just had the best meal of his life!! A lean ground turkey patty! I just rolled it up and tossed it on our foreman grill, it drained out all the excess fat and Apple devoured!

I can’t wait to celebrate with some corgi friends tomorrow!! Love this butthead so much!