apple the corgi


A trimmed version of that time with the apple.
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OBSESSED with those ears 😍😍😍 and perfect lighting outside today. Recently she’s been ringing the bell just to lay outside because it’s so nice out 😒😒 I try to be consistent with teaching her that that’s not how it works but….she’s just so cute. And it really does feel good out there lol so I just try to leave the patio door open for her after she pottys


Apple and Kira love their qt with @kumacorgi and her parents 😍 plus Crystal and Ryan always takes the best photos of them!! So glad we’ve met and it’s always easier to leave them for a weekend or even a week knowing they’ll be in good hands. Even though one of them end up peeing or pooping somewhere at their house 😑 fully house trained, just being assholes! 😂