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Taken for Granted (pt 2)

A/N: I’ll go back to texts in the next part, it just didn’t fit with this part. Want part 3?? LET ME KNOW!

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Part 1

You had always been close to the guys…well at least six of them. You had worked as an intern at BigHit when the guys were trainees and eventually debuted. However, you moved onto a bigger and better job, but still managed to stay good friends with the group. You somehow ended up at JYP in hopes of being a manager one day. But you were still one of their treasured friends, and they valued your input towards the group.

You don’t know when the feelings started. Well to be completely honest, you didn’t even realize you had these feelings for Namjoon. But what Hoseok said was true. You were always shy around him, but somehow making him happy became important to you. You noticed all the subtle things about him and studied him like a book unconsciously. Before you knew it, you knew all the things he loved and all the things he resented.

But he became increasingly cold towards you. He never really treated you like the other boys, who were always open and friendly with you. And maybe that’s why you fell for him. Because you had to figure him out and he was always on your mind. He became your favorite puzzle to solve and once it was solved, it became your hobby making sure the puzzle stayed whole and beautiful.

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Apples and Heroes

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Request: Can you please do a Star Trek story with Bones and the words “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, “your pulse is weak,” and “all the apples in the world wouldn’t stop me.” They aren’t in your prompts list I hope that’s okay? Thank you!

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What’s the difference?? -이/가, -을/를, and -은/는

This is a topic that confuses a lot of people at the start, especially if they are coming from a language that, like English, does not make use of grammatical particles.

I guess I should start by explaining what exactly a grammatical particle is. Particles are grammatical elements that lack meaning of their own but impart meaning when connected with another word. When they are associated with another word, they give some sort of additional meaning to that word. Korean makes extensive use of particles, and today we’ll look at the three most common ones.


The particle -이/가 (-이 for when the preceding word ends with a consonant and -가 for when the preceding word ends with a vowel) attaches directly to a noun and marks that noun as the grammatical subject of the sentence. If you aren’t familiar with that concept, the subject is the doer of verb, or the person or thing carrying out a certain state in the sentence. For example:

She is crying.

In this sentence, “she” is the one doing the action. “She” is the doer in this sentence, so it is the subject. Let’s look at another example:

The bag got dirty.

Being dirty isn’t exactly an action, but the thing in that state is the bag. English does not have any special element marking “she” or “bag” as the subjects of their respective sentences, but Korean does. Let’s translate the above sentences into Korean and make sure we mark the subjects.

She is sleeping. -> 그녀 울고 있어요.

Here, we attach -이/가 to the noun we want to mark as the subject. In this case, the noun is “그녀 (that lady).” Since it ends with a vowel, we choose -가 instead of -이.

The bag got dirty. -> 가방 더러워졌어요.

Since 가방 ends with a consonant, we use -이 as our subject particle.

Let’s check out some more examples of -이/가 usage:

  • 누가 왔어요? (Who came?)
    • NOTE: 누가 is the question word 누구 (who) + -이/가!
  • 휴지 없어요. (There is no toilet paper.)
  • 책상 위에 사과 있어요. (There is an apple on the table.)
  • 리모콘 안 돼요. (The remote doesn’t work.)



Next, we have the direct object particle -을/를. Like the subject particle -이/가, it attaches to nouns. Use -을 when the noun ends with a consonant and -를 when the noun ends in a vowel. The direct object is the receiver of the action that the subject does. Let’s take a look:

I ate an apple.

Here, the apple is receiving the action of being eaten.

My younger brother often reads books.

In this case, the books are receiving the action of being read.

Let’s translate them to Korean!

I ate an apple -> 제가 사과 먹었어요.

You can see I used -를 since 사과 ends with a vowel. I also marked the subject with the subject particle -가.

My younger brother often reads books. -> 우리 동생은 책 많이 읽어요. (NOTE: In Korean, 우리 [our/we] is used to mean “my” when referring to family members.)

Since 책 ends with a consonant, I used -을. 동생 is the subject of the sentence, but I marked it with the topic particle, which we will see below.

Let’s finish up with a few more examples:

  • 미나가 잠 잘 잤어요. (Mina slept well.)
    • NOTE: In Korean, one says they “sleep a sleep (잠을 자다).” Similar verbs include “to dance (춤을 추다)” and “to dream (꿈을 꾸다).”
  • 민호 씨가 빵 먹어요. (Minho eats bread/ Minho is eating bread.)
    • NOTE: Simple present tense in Korean can be translated as either simple present or present progressive tense in English.


And now we get to the hard part… -은/는! This particle sometimes pops up where you would expect to see the subject particle, and sometimes it shows up where you would expect to see the direct object particle. So, what exactly is this mysterious thing??

-은/는 is a topic particle, which means, among other things, that it is used to mark the topic, or focus, of the sentence. This usage often shows turns up when you want to introduce a new topic or change from one topic to another. Sometimes it helps to translate it as, “as for…”

Let’s look at some examples, using -은 when it attaches to a word ending with a consonant and -는 when it attaches to a word ending with a vowel.

  • 미국인이에요. ([As for me,] I’m an American.)
  • 그 배우 정말 유명해요. ([As for that actor,] That actor is really famous.)
  • 사과는 제가 가장 좋아하는 과일이에요. ([As for apples,] Apples are my favorite fruit.)

-은/는 can also be used for showing contrast betweenthings:

  • 민수 씨 사과를 싫어하지만 저는 사과를 좋아해요. (Minsu hates apples apples but I like apples.)
  • 서현 씨 키가 작은 반면에 서현 씨의 여동생 키가 커요. (Seohyeon is short; on the other hand, her younger sister is tall.)
    • NOTE how we have both the topic particle and subject particle in the same sentence!
  • 거의 아무거나 잘 먹는데 당근은 왜 안 먹어? (You eat almost anything well, but why don’t you eat carrots?)
    • We actually have two -은/는 here with different meanings. The first one is 너 + 는 (shortened to 넌) to mark that the speaker wants to focus on this particular person. The second, which we can find on 당근, emphasizes the contrast between the listener eating pretty much everything with the special exception of carrots.
    • Also notice that the topic particle on 당근 is replacing the direct object particle -을/를!

At the end of the day, the usage of -은/는 is one that is best grasped through exposure to native speech. The more Korean you hear, the more you’ll develop your intuition of when you should and shouldn’t use -은/는. However, I hoped this short section on it at least helps you to understand how it functions when you do happen across it.

Feel free to message me to ask any lingering questions you might still have. This is a fairly basic explanation of the usage of these three particles, but it should serve you well :) As always, happy studying~

sneak peak of i’m not ashamed

SCENE ONE: long haired Rachel holds an fruit longingly while Token Goth Girl in a Christian Movie twaddles her fingers. They all have apples and nothing else. Just apples at this table. And everyone looks miserable.

OwO what’s this? She looks to the side and sees Rat Boy, Dildo Ebola, eating an orange. That’s the orange table, Rachel. We’re the apple table. We don’t associate with them. Why are they eating so much fruit? Why is he looking at her like that? Why is he looking at her at all? Why does he care?


fLUSTERED dylan suddenly turns to his orange

Yes… orange, very peely and orange. he is looking for anything to distract him from his boring red-shirted friend, who is staring lustfully at an apple, a probable symbolism of the girls at the Apple Table . 

“get rid of all the fat ugly retarted gross stupid weird nerd star wars fans old people nickelback fans bronies twihards people that arent i eric har” wAIT, this red shirted, hairy-armed chap must be Eric Hairless! Wonderful. He has a glass of apple juice, and an apple. What a rebellious choice from someone outside the Apple Table. Must symbolize what will happen to the people at the Apple Table. Eric you cruel monster….. you devil…. I cant even look at him and his ham sandwich. 

Dildo and random guy who i’m assuming is some sort of Brooks Brown character look at ranting child Eric with distaste. Is he done? Will he ever be done? Seems, upon closer inspection, Dylan is the only one eating an orange. Is every table the Apple Table? Does this symbolize how Dildo Memaw had no sense of belonging in the world? What the everloving fuck is Brooks Brown Guy wearing? 1950′s Grandpa pajamas? That’s not grunge at all. We have our first glance at the pristine white hats in the background. Our eric finishes his rant and looks at Dildo for validation. W-Was it cool, Dylan-senpai? OwO?

“y-yeah.” He stutters. Oh god. I can just smell Dave Cullen. What the fuck is he wearing??? Is that some kind of bondage harness? Or it could be just a keycard or something but to what? Weird design to it also.

Eric, finding validation in the y-yeah, continues on with his rant, looking up from his beloved apple to his gay lover. “Nobody is deserving of this planet,” he says “just me and who i chose.” FUNNY because I think i remember the quote being “Give the world back to the animals, they deserve it more than we do,” but of course they had to satan it up so people hated him more.

“send them all up to space”

“dude we can’t send them to space”

TWO trenchcoated figures appear in the background! We weren’t looking at Dylan and Eric the entire time! These inaccuracies weren’t actually inaccuracies. Thank you Dave. But they are. 

“look at these F AR T K N O CK ERS!!!”

alright, i’ll admit i lost my s h i t when he said that. Whhhhat? is that a slang for gay… because like, anal? Probably not. Probably a Christian censored version of ‘fag’ or something. So… it could be? I don’t know. It’s easier not to think about it….. they never said it…………………………………… they never said it….

“what’s up? F O U R E YE S” he pushes the trenchcoated chap into a table. 

He kinda just nudges him into the table, but he flies across the table, knocking everything over, breaking his spine and rendering him immobile for the rest of his life. Not really. But i’m sure Dave asked. By the way, yes, I’m sure Dave Cullen is involved with this movie. He can call me a dirtbag, but I know.

he gets up?

and falls to the ground, his trenchcoat goth friends dragging him away as Jock Stud over there kicks him. He has been rendered immobile for some reason. Everyone watches, amused. This always happens at 12:00. Same time every morning. It’s a spectacle.

come on bro, we gotta be gay somewhere else…. these heterosexuals don’t accept us.”


thanks, jock? is that even an insult? thanks for the motivation,

The jocks laugh in triumph, they have belittled another Goth. They’re so fucking cool, and they know it. There are many ways to wear a white hat, but they’re all wearing it at a 90 degree angle, pristine white like they soak them in bleach before they go to school, and backwards. 

they have this really long pan on this black kid. Eric’s face is wrinkled in distaste. I think this is the moment trying to signify that Eric is racist because he’s looking at the black bully distastefully. Alright, Christian Movie. Thanks for that.

Rachel giving the Lanza Stare™ to the Jocks. 

Who is this and why are him and Rachel making intimate eye contact? He looks like Dennis the Menace. Like who the fuck is this supposed to be. Also what shampoo does that other jock guy use? Damn


What I’m assuming is he’s one of Rachel’s friends that is trying to relapse and recover from his Jock Asshole ways but he can’t seem to quit. Rachel reminds him and he feels shame.

Back to the Sin Table, Dylan looks expectantly at Eric as he continues peeling his fucking orange. He expects him to be like I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY IF YOU EVER TOUCH HIM AGAIN ILL FRICKIN KILL YOU ILL PULL OUT A GODDAMN SHOTGUN AND BLOW YOUR DAMN HEAD OFF DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOU LITTLE WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAAAAHP but no, sadly, because that is not Eric’s true colors. That is his mobster alter-ego, Reb.

He looks like a thirty year old christian youth leader that’s newly married with a baby on the way. But he looks angry also… i guess?? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

he violently bangs his apple on the table. Damn, does he want to bang someone from the Apple Table on the table?/?/????? Where does his violence end

ooh dam, it got a broose. Also he’s fucking shredded. Why.

-the scene fades to black-

Draco x reader. (Trying to study?!)

Hi! Could you write an imagine where the reader is trying to study and do homework in the library but then draco comes and constantly tries to annoy her because he has a crush on her? ————————————–

It was a bright Sunday morning. (Y/n) was up early and walked over to the great hall with her books in her hands. “(Y/n) wait up!” Blaise yelled. She stopped abruptly and turned around. “Goodmorning blaise, since when do you get up this early.” Blaise smirked. “Quiditch practice, every Sunday morning before breakfast.” (Y/n) looked around to see if their where more quiditch players. “Why are you heading to the great hall than?” She said. “I can’t train on an empty stomach! That is why I’m up so early. Why are you up so early?” Blaise walked over to the slytherin table with (y/n) after him. “I really need to study for the upcoming tests. I didn’t start yet..” blaise looked shocked. “Good luck with that! You only have 3 days left to study for 2 major tests!” (Y/n) sighed. “I know.” (Y/n) grabbed a green apple from the table. “Sorry blaise got to go! Talk to you soon!” She headed out of the great hall quickly.

“Watch where you-” draco’s face impression changed as soon as he saw who he just bumped into. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” She padded draco’s shoulder and walked towards the library. “What are you doing?! The great hall is that way you know.” Draco shouted behind her. “Studying!” She sang to him.

After two hours of studying in the library she was sunken deep into her thoughts. She was staring out of the window. “Studying.. aha.” She turned around And saw draco standing behind her. “Until you came.” Draco smirked. “Aha.. studying..” draco grabbed her book and layed it on to the highest shelf. “Draco stop it. I was planning on studying again.” Draco walked away. “Draco?!” He turned around and grabbed the book. Draco walked to another shelf and layed it on their. (Y/n) hung on draco’s arm trying to stop it from happening. “I NEED to study! Or else I will fail!” Draco sat down on the nearest chair. “What do you want from me?!” She said sighting. Draco didn’t answer. (Y/n) didn’t bother to talk to draco again and walked out of the library.

“(Y/n)? I thought you needed to study?” Said blaise. “Draco wouldn’t give me my book back. Really childish if you ask me, so I don’t bother talking to him again. I’m going to burrow a book from a fellow slytherin.” Blaise grabbed her by the arm carefully so she wouldn’t walk away. “Wait here.” Said blaise while running into the library.

After 2 minutes walked draco of the library with two books in his hands. Blaise walked past him giving him a quick wink. “Hard isn’t it?” She said teasingly to draco. Draco gave (y/n) the books. “Why did you grab my books? I feel like I’m a teacher in kindergarten, saying to kids they can’t touch things that aren’t theirs!” Draco smiled. “I’m sorry.. I just..” (y/n) watched draco slowly. “I don’t want to sound creepy.. but I think of you all the time. When I wake up, when I get to sleep, during lessons. I just wanted your attention for once. All of it. And.. yeah.. I like you. A lot. I just find it hard to say that..” she smiled from ear to ear. “That’s so sweet of you.. but you didn’t have to hide my books from me to make that clear. A simple letter would do it for me. I’m not that difficult you know.” She said smirking.

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GREEK MYTHOLOGY.   aphrodite.

Aphrodite can also be said to have caused the Trojan War. This came about in the following fashion. When the hero Peleus was married to the sea-nymph Thetis, all the gods were invited to the ceremony – all but one that is. The slighted goddess happened to a specialist in sowing discord, so she maliciously deposited a golden apple on the banquet table. The fruit was inscribed with the legend, “For the fairest”. Immediately all the goddesses began to argue about whose beauty entitled her to be the rightful possesor of this prize.

Can We Keep Her?

When John Constantine has to take care of Annabella she accidentally gets teleported to another dimension. Now she wants to bring back someone who she thinks will make her dad happy. (this was inspired by this post)

Word Count: 786

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A/N This is going to be a series

“Alright squirt here you go. This seems harmless enough for you.” John handed Annabella a rather large book.

“What does it do?” She asked.

“You open it and ask for any story you want and it will show it to you.”

“Ohhh.” Annabella opened the book and paused for a moment. What should she ask for? Fairytales? Adventure? Then she figured it out she didn’t have anyone to tell her stories about her dad. “I wanna see stories of my daddy.”

The pages of the book began to shift and slowly started to show her different stories. Some talked about the past. Some talked about what could have been. But there were some where some that seemed extra special, they talked about her dad in a way she never realized, they gave him happy stories with a happy life. She was a bit confused at to who the boys being mentioned were but she was glad to know that whoever they were made her dad happy. At the end of every story it was marked by panda. A panda wrote stories about her dad?

“I wish I could meet this panda.” Annabella whispered.

“Wait no!” Before Annabella could register what was happening a cloud of smoke shot up from the book and suddenly she was in a different room.

The book in her hands had disappeared and she looked around curiously. She jumped when she heard someone eep and turned around to face a young woman.


“Um hi? Wait how did you get in here? Who are you?” The young woman questioned as she stared at the little girl sitting on her bed wearing a mask.

“Well I can’t tell you my name my daddy won’t let me. And I’m not really sure how I got here. I asked to meet a panda and then there was a poof of smoke and here I am!”

“Okay sweetie listen I know you are pretty young but I’m going to need you to tell me a bit more and I really need to know your name.”

Annabella huffed but nodded in understanding and began to explain her story a bit better. When she finished explaining the girl blinked at her several times.

“Okay my family is playing a prank on me right?”

“Um no? It’s the truth I swear.”

“You’re telling me that you’re the daughter of Bruce Wayne and that you ended up here because of magic?”


“Sweetie that’s not possible. Bruce Wayne is a comic book character. He doesn’t exist.”

“Yes he does he’s my dad.”

“Okay I’m going to call my family and get you to your real home.”

“But I’m telling the truth.” Annabella huffed, but she realized the girl wasn’t going to believe her. She just hoped her dad would find her soon. In the meantime. “Do you have any peanut butter?”

“Um I think so.”

“May I have some?”

“Sure.” The woman picked the girl up and took her to the kitchen as she tried to get a hold of her family.

“Oh kitties!” The girl squealed as she went to pet the cats laying on the floor.

“Here you go little one.” Said the woman as she set a small bowl of peanut butter with apple slices on the table.

“Thank you. So what’s your name?” Annabella asked as she sat on a chair and began to eat.


“Sara… that’s a nice name.”

“Thank you.”

“I like your stories Sara you make my daddy happy.” Sara smiled at the girl and decided to play along with her game.

“Well I’m glad you like them though I don’t think you’re old enough to be reading them.”

“Well the book would turn them into pictures and it would mainly show me the happy ones. But why did the book say it was written by a panda?”

“My friends call me panda.”

“Oh like Uncle Flash calls me baby bat.”

“Yeah sure.” Suddenly a thump was heard from upstairs and two sets of footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs.

“Annabella!?” Said Bruce as he appeared in the kitchen doorway in his Batman suit.

“Daddy!” The girl squealed as she got off the chair and ran to hug her father.

“Don’t you ever scare me like that again. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine the nice lady took care of me.” Annabella pointed to Sara who was starting wide eyed at both of them.

“There you see mate the little squirt is perfectly safe.” Said John.

“Daddy can we keep her? She’s really nice. I think she can make an awesome mommy.” They heard a thud and the three of them turned to see Sara passed out on the ground. “Whoops.”

fic: pink wallpaper

pair: betty ღ jughead
notes: 1x06. musings in a shed, a second-story window, and the aftermath of a kiss.

The fact of the matter was, Jughead Jones had thought about kissing Betty Cooper many, many times before.

The first time the thought had manifested itself, Jughead had been only a lonely, hungry boy and Betty had offered him her slice of apple pie under the table, away from the prying eyes of the lunch monitor. But the thought, these days, was more frequent; when her lips looked more pink and sweet than strawberry milkshakes at their booth at Pop’s, late evenings in their private headquarters, surrounded by pink wallpaper and insecurities in his over-sized blazer and old suspenders (It was the best I could do, he’d murmured instead), watching her shed tears for her dear sister and remembering times when he had wanted so badly to do the same for his own.

But something in the air had changed. Since Polly. Since being forcibly distanced from one another by her family. Something (something, something) had changed so that suddenly it had become unbearable to live another moment without having kissed Betty Cooper.

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Hero’s in a half shell

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You were hanging out in the kitchen with the boys. Leo drinking tea, Donnie reading the paper while Raph worked out in the corner. Mikey was on the DS you had scrounged up from your closet. You had one leg hanging over the arm of the cherry wood chairs you bought Master Splinter for his birthday. Your eye’s casually grazing over an old favorite novel.

Raphael moved to the table grabbing a red apple off the table. One of the few fruits the man would consume without complaint.

When Raphael turned your toe caught a scute peeling it off the grumpy turtle. Eye’s bursting out as you jumped out of your chair.  

“Oh my god, Oh my god I broke Raphael. It just came off I’m so sorry. Should we glue it back? I don’t know I didn’t have turtles as pet’s we were a cat and dog family. What do I do? DONNNIE?!?!!” Your mouth was running at a mile a minute as panic struck you. All the guys laughing. Mikey went from banging his fist on the table to rolling on the floor. Where he was momentarily stuck.. Donnie was clutching his sides with Leo leaning on his shell for support. Raph was simply hiding his face while he cracked up.

“What!?! Why are you laughing?” Your hands upturned in supplication while your face was a mask of confusion.

“It’s his shield coming off.” Donnie said adjusting his glasses as his laughter died down.

“I broke his shield?” Your lack of knowledge about turtle anatomy very clear.

“It mean’s he’s growing, Y/N.” Leo said with a pat on your shoulder.

“So I didn’t break Raphael?” Concern written on your face as you stared up at the big green man.

“It would take a lot more than that to break me.” Raphael said cockily, crossing his arms as he leaned up against the pillar.

“Soo what’s that called?” You asked pointing to his chest that was covered by a hard brown boney substance.

“That is called plastron, the shells scientific name is a carapace. There’s rib and backbone in our upper shells. In the lower shell we have clavicle and rib bone.” Donatello said in teacher mode. He wondered why you call him professor.

In true Y/N fashion you grabbed a chair hauling it over to Raphael. Raph merely raised his arch in question.

Next thing Raphael knew you were standing on top of the chair attempting to look down his shell.

“Hey, whoa that is not public property.” Raph said picking you up and setting you down.

“I want to see.” Your eye’s wide with honesty, a mingling of curiosity. In all the time you had been friends you’d treated them like any other person. Now you just wanted to know what made them special.

Raphael knew you. In all that time you had never once betrayed him. You were honestly the most reliable person that he knew; sans Leo. Now you were asking him to be vulnerable.

Your eye’s locked onto his bright green one’s, he was done in. Raph took a deep breath going down to his knees. His eye’s begging you not hurt him.

When you walked up to him he closed his eye’s. His other sense’s heightening. He could smell the lavender, rose, and spice perfume you made yourself. Next he felt gentle touches along his shell. Your small hands exploring his most intimate space. Finger’s dipping into the space between his shell and back. The skin there so sensitive he had to hold his breath to keep from making a sound. He heard your feet move to his right side. Nimble fingers gently guiding his arm onto his thigh’s. Then lightly probing his side to explore the hinge that allowed them to go into there shells. All of which was made of the same material that started this adventure.

Last he heard a sigh. His ears couldn’t discern what it meant. He waited anticipating a negative reaction:  a scream, slap, or even just storming away. Rejection in some form. What he least expected happened next.

You knew what this took for Raphael. The utmost appreciation and care was in order. When the boys saw this they had dispersed leaving the two of you before it started. Mumbling his name on your lips you leaned forward placing a gentle kiss on his cheek.

Your biceps wrapping around his shoulder’s. Moving between nuzzling his cheek and placing light kisses along his jaw. Raphael breathed deep choking back a sob.

“I love you Raphael. Nothing is going to change that dear.” Letting out a chuckle you leaned forward and around to straddle Raph.

“Raph open those gorgeous eye’s for me?” When he did it was the happiest you had ever seen them. His arms reaching around your waist while his face settled in the crook of your neck.

“My love, Raphael…” Your hands holding his back and head while you gently rocked him.

“Why do you even-” You stopped him with a “No” hands moving to grip him as tightly as possible.

“Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move, Doubt truth to be a liar, But never doubt I love. You saved me when I was at my weakest. I will always love you. Always.” The intensity of your words gripped Raphael in way’s he knew not how. His muscles flexed as he stood carrying you with eye’s closed to his bedroom. Laying you on his bed, he wiped his eye’s with a smile.

“I-I love you too.” He said standing above you not really certain of what came next.

“Come here my love.” Your small hand in his as you guided him to lay next you. Both of you on your stomach in the large King sized bed. Your thumb tracing circles while you talked for hours.

Late into the first light of morning and on into forever.

“That my dears is how your father and I got together.” Y/N said to her children, three boys and one girl all sitting in there pajama’s on the first morning of fall. The fire roaring in the cabin as they stared wide eyed with hot chocolate in hand. Raph smirking in the corner with no less love in his eye’s than that very memory.

Recommended ListeningNorth Way – Otto A. Totland

@sporksoma: “Fenris and f!Hawke, pre-A Bitter Pill but after both of them have realized how into each other they are: Hawke cooks Fenris’s favorite dish (maybe apple pie or something?) and it’s that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” thing…. Fenris definitely approves and starts crushing on Hawke even harder because *she cooked that just for him*” 

He brings the wine. The cellar is slowly emptying, bottles shared between them. It’s Hawke who first suggested it after taking one look at the state of his kitchen. It hadn’t changed much from when he first took over the mansion. He’d rather get food at the Hanged Man with the others, or go to some other tavern by himself. At first it was a trick – perhaps Leandra needed his help with something, or could they discuss the plans for tomorrow at the estate? Now it is routine to go to Hawke’s and eat dinner with her.

Leandra smiles when she opens the door for him. “She’s in the kitchen dear,” she tells him, “careful or she’s likely to set you on fire too.” Fenris’s eyebrows raise slightly. He finds her where she is promised, hands on her hips. She’s wearing a loosely fitting white tunic, and darker leggings. There are flour finger marks swiped across her legs. She’s staring at the stove, her back to him, unaware that he is even there. She bends down, hands on the stove.

“You piece of twisted shite. I hate you. You fuck. You fucking arse,” she’s snarling.

“I am sure your new neighbors are pleased with your extensive vocabulary,” Fenris says as he sets the bottle of wine down on the table. Hawke leaps to her feet with a startled yelp, turning around, a hand pressed against her chest. There’s a flour swipe upon her cheek. Her hair is loosely bound of the way of her face, but that one damnable piece keeps stubbornly falling.

“Maker’s breath, you scared me half to death,” she says. He chuckles under his breath as the line of her shoulders relax, and she laughs along with him. “I suppose I can forgive you since it was only half.” She brushes that lock of hair behind her ears, just missing the flour on her cheek. He clenches his hands into fists, resists the urge to brush it off for her.

“Doesn’t Bodahn usually cook?” Fenris asks as he takes his seat, the plate already set in front of him. He cracks open the bottle, pours a bit for each of them in the glasses Hawke’s put on the table.

“Yes well,” Hawke crosses her arms and leans against the counter, “I wanted to make you something myself.” An odd feeling twists in his chest at her words. He knows how much Hawke hates cooking – she’s spoken of it often enough. She scratches the bridge of her nose, uses towels to pull something out of the oven. She fills their plates with meat and potatoes, green beans. She sits across from him at the table, sipping at her wine, asking him about his day.

It’s all profoundly boring and wonderful, Hawke with her elbows on the table, listening intently to everything he says. They talk about nothing and yet he’s hung on her every word, on the way she laughs, and how she touches the corners of her mouth before she speaks. When they finish, she stands again and sighs. “I tried, I really did. It still folded in the middle. I don’t know why!” She places an apple pie on the table. “I know it’s your favorite,” she says.

It was a statement in the middle of a fight from months ago. What’s your favorite food? She had asked as she set a bandit alight. “I’m sorry if it’s horrible,” she says. It’s not. It might be the best thing he’s ever had. He reaches across the table, brushes the flour from her cheek. Hawke turns bright red, presses a hand to where his fingers once were.

“Flour,” he says.

“Was that there all night? Maker’s breath, you should have said something sooner,” she says. He laughs as she groans, buries her face in her hands.

Little Bro.

“You’re coming to my football game tonight, right?” Fourteen year old Liam Mitchell asked as he slung his sports duffel over his shoulder and grabbed a water bottle and apple off the kitchen table.

“Uh, yeah, I think I can make it. Your older sister is supposed to come home tonight though, so I might be late,” Beca said, looking up from her laptop set at the kitchen table and waiting for her youngest’s reaction.

“Oh, uh, that’s okay. I know you and mom have missed her since she’s been away, so, um, no problem at all,” Liam said, walking out of the house and getting into the car, waiting for his older brother to drive.

“What was that about?” Chloe walked into the kitchen to kiss her wife good morning and grab the cup of coffee and french toast waiting for her.

“I think Liam’s upset we’ll be late to his game,” Beca said, shutting her laptop.

Before Chloe could get another word out, their seventeen year old high school junior son came running down the stairs, laughing as the dog followed clumsily.

“Eddie! Slow down!” Beca scolded, watching the boy slide around on his socks.

“Sorry, sorry. Bella woke up when I grabbed her chewy from her and started chasing me,” Eddie said, scratching behind their Australian Cattle dog’s ear, a gift from Amy because ‘Australian dogs are better than American dogs’.

Chloe rolled her eyes and smiled when her oldest son kissed her cheek, ruffling his brown hair.

“Go. You’re making your brother wait,” Chloe warned, pointing to the front door.

“By moms!”

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yolkygoblin  asked:

Hey bro... If you have time will you write a bit of Solangelo fluff? ((if you dont want to/ aren't comfortable, dont feel pressured!!)


I PRESENT TO YOU: Sneaky Kisses 

or Alternatively Titled: Whisper trying to write Solangelo and definitely not nailing it 

(Have fun!)

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Be quiet (Mino x reader x Bobby)

WARNING! Contains smut scenes: Teasing, daddy kink, spanking, bj, crowded place.
It’s not requested.
It was your first day going to the YG building. Your boyfriend, Mino, was working with his best friend Bobby on the japanese version of their debut album. You liked them both, but Mino was with you for the last eleven months. You got into the studio, where you saw them recording, but Mino’s “body” song. His voice sounded so good on this special mic. You have always loved the way he made his voice deep only for you to make you want him so badly. In one part of the song he have deepen his voice and you trembled. Then you realised that he was looking at you with his freezing eyes. He was getting scarier by his look. You knew what he want. Bobby, who was sitting next to you on the coach, placed his palm on your knee, seeing you pressing your thighs together. He grabbed you by the hand and get out from the room with you.
-What’s the matter, Y/N? Is everything okay? - Bobby said.
-N-nothing really. I’ll wait somewhere on this floor. Is there any room? I have to wait Mino.
Bobby pointed on one door.
-There is our closet, Y/N. You could wait there. I gotta go now. - He said and get back into the studio. You got in the room and closed the door, sitting on the couch there. It smelled like Mino’s strong perfume. You started thinking about his deep voice. How he was looking at you. You knew he was horny. You felt your womanhood started getting wet. After licking your lips, you placed your hand under your skirt and started touching yourself, moaning Mino’s name quietly. Your fingers were thrusting fast. It was quite dark in the room. Suddenly, the door opened and the two boys got in the room, as you pull out fast your fingers. Mino smiled perversely and slammed the door behind them, locking it.
-Little, pervert girl. You couldn’t wait for daddy, huh? - This way of talking made you want him already. He came closer and grabbed your wrist, bringing your fingers to his mouth, licking one of them and moaned loud on purpose.
- You taste very good, babe. Yo, Jiwon, taste her. - You nodded in a way to tell him no, but he came and licked your finger. - Mh, too good. - you blushed and bite your lip.
- Open your mouth. - Mino said. You did it and took your own fingers in your mouth. You didn’t like the taste of yourself and tried to spit them out, but he grabbed you by the hair. - Suck on them, bitch. - What was going on? You were scared and sucked on them, squirming. He pulled them out.
-Who am I? - He asked.
-Daddy.. -you mumbled.
-Good girl. Now undress and suck off Jiwon and only look at his eyes. Fast. - You nodded and stood up, removing your skirt and T-shirt, then went to Bobby and removed his t-shirt and pants. He went to the couch and layed down, waiting for you. You bend over his length and looked at his face, while your tongue licked it from the boxers. He groaned and helped you removing his boxers. You licked it again, it was so hard like stone. Kissing it, licking it, you finaly got his head in your mouth, sucking on it. Bobby bit on his lip and his palm reached the back of your head, pressing you to take more of its length, that made you choke. Mino was undressing himself and when he finished, he started playing with his hard member, watching you sucking off Bobby. He made a sign to Bobby to stand up and for you to stop.
- Sit on your knees for us, babe. - Mino said and they both went in front of you competely naked. You did what he said and looked at their faces.
- Do you want to suck off us? - He asked.
-Yes, please. - you said and grabbed both of them in your hands, starting to stroke them. They moaned and you got Mino’s large member in your mouth, making him groan loud. You sucked both of them and let them play in your mouth. Mino pushed you gently away.
-Now, open your fucking legs for him and keep sucking on me. - He said as you layed on your back on the couch, as Bobby layed between your legs, starting to play with your womanhood. You moaned loudly while your mouth was still opened, Mino pushed his large dick in your mouth.
-Be quiet, fucking bitch. You don’t want others to hear you. - he continued talking you like that, but he was carefully with you. Touching you gently and caressing your forehead. Bobby stood up and without warning pushing into you with his full length, that made you scream around Mino’s cock. He pulled away from you and lifted you, to lay on your tummy. Mino came to the behind and looked at your booty.
-It’s beautiful, but it’s missing something… Maybe red handprints. - He said and smacked hard your ass, that made you cry out.
-Shut up, whore. - Said Bobby and smacked your other cheek. You were about to cry. Mino cupped his hand around your mouth and smacked you one last time but harder. Bobby got up and took one apple from the coffee table and made you bite it. In this time he layed under you, putting his cock into your womanhood and then Mino was from the behind of you, pushing his member into your anal hole. Their thrustings were so hard and you wanted to scream for them, but the apple stopped you. You started spitting because of the big apple. Mino and Bobby have cum in you together and then they made high five while you were still between them. They both pulled out of you and Bobby took off the apple from your mouth.
-Did you enjoy, Y/N? - you looked at Mino and then nodded, trying to catch your breath.
-Yes, Daddy.
You three got dressed up and you tried to brush your hair with fingers, to make it better and then you got out of the room, to go and record the japanese version of Bobby’s “HOLUP”.