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“Feel Better” Charmed Soup ✨🍲✨

My husband has been suffering from a bad cold the past couple days, so I decided to whip up a little kitchen magic to help him out. After just one bowl, he was already commenting on how much better he felt!
(All my measurements are approximate; it’s really just whatever tastes good to you.)


  • 2 cups bone broth (homemade is best, but store-bought is fine too)
  • 4 cups chicken stock
  • 1 cup wild rice
  • 1 medium onion
  • 9 cloves of garlic (protection, vitality) ((I chose 9 because it’s a good number, but use however much you want))
  • Black pepper (protection)
  • Sea salt (protection, purifying)
  • 4-5 fresh sage leaves (healing, purifying)
  • 2 bay leaves (protection)
  • 1 tsp fresh grated ginger (protection, healing, vitality)
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder (healing)
  • 1-2 tsp chili flakes (protection, healing, vitality)
  • A healthy squeeze of lemon juice (healing, vitality, happiness)
  • A splash of apple cider vinegar (because that shit is magic all on its own. But don’t overdo it; a little goes a long way!)

In a medium stockpot, drizzle a tablespoon or so of olive oil, heat on medium. Chop up the onion and dump it in, add sage leaves, salt, and pepper, and cook until slightly browned, stirring frequently. 

Add bone broth and chicken stock, then stir clockwise while focusing some healing energy into the pot. Mince up your garlic and add it to the broth.

Once the broth is simmering, add your rice, then the rest of your spices, lemon juice, and cider vinegar. I also poked healing sigils into the bay leaves with a sewing needle, like so.

Cover and continue to simmer until rice is thoroughly cooked. Before serving, do another clockwise stir and a final dose of healing energy, and there you go! 



The Drunkle Stan

Woah guys, August 1st is creeping up on us fast and celebrations need to ensue. Since I could find none online I’ve whipped up some tasty Gravity Falls mixed drinks myself just for the occasion and forced encouraged my friends to test them out a while back. 

First we start off with our favorite tourist trapping grunkle! The Drunkle Stan is the first in (so far) 6 Gravity Falls drinks I have come up with. It contains:
*Bicardi Gold Rum (You’ve been buying gold right?)
*Hard Apple Cider
*and a splash of apple juice

Since I did not officially measure how much of each goes into the Drunkle Stan, I drew a crude representation of the portions for yall Enjoy!

Tune in tomorrow night for the Fuzzy Mabel ;D August 1st will be a time to party down!

Other Drinks:
The Fuzzy Mabel
The Dipper Tipper
The Soos Driver
The Wendy CorduJoy
The Gideon Oblivion

meiyanaalexia  asked:

Zeus, aphrodite, ares, artemis, hera, persephone, hades, hermes, odysseus, echo, narcissus, icarus, Orpheus, eurydice for the greek myth ask, please? (Sorry if it's too much)

zeus: if you could have one power, what would it be?

to create illusions! not only would i be able to “create” physical objects and change my appearance at will but i also would be able to create illusions of things that arent physical like feelings/thoughts. which would be pretty cool. manipulative, but cool. 

aphrodite: do you believe in true love?

yeah. at the end of the day love is commitment, right? so its when you know the person for so long there isnt really anyone else you could trust as much as them. its when you stop getting butterflies and you dont talk as much but still know theyll be there. or when you can pour out your heart and fucking soul and you can say the shallowest, stupidest things and theyll always listen. when you can tell them everyday that you dont think you deserve the love they give and they will always say that you deserve it and that they love you. when you can go from talking about how meaningless life seems to the actual meaning of the word thrussy (true story) lmao. at least, thats what ive experienced and chose to define as true love. 

ares: are you a confrontational person?

no lmao i like to think i am but you could deadass fuck me over and ill be like oh okay thanks

artemis: do you prefer night or day?

early mornings when no ones awake and the world seems kind of muffled. and the sun is spilling into the house from the windows and you can see the dustmotes drifting w no care in the world?? fuck yeah, im always down. 

hera: who makes up your tumblr family?

@fascinatedfox @hello-pastel-dreams @b-b0 (kenzie, mimi and bo are my ogs and i would die for all of them)  @flowermaki (i would sell my soul for makki okay, hes the dorkiest and memeiest man and i just,,,i wouldnt trade you for all the memes in the world) @shitabukenjirou (EM I FORGOT TO ADD YOU I KNEW I WAS MISSING SOMEONE FUCK IM SUCH AN ASS) @meiyanaalexia (how can i not include you amel youre so wonderful and i adore talking to you) @thats–so–gay (apparently were married and i love her) @bisexual-nessie @noideawhatimdoingtbh (ive never talked to either of you ah but both of you are wonderful mutuals and ily guys)

persephone: what’s your favorite season?


hades: do you believe in an afterlife?


hermes: where do you want to travel that you’ve never been before?

japan actually or alaska to see the northern lights 

odysseus: what’s your favorite place to travel?

i loved turkey! would definitely go back. 

echo: what’s something you can’t stop talking about?

how much i love kirishima eijirou 

narcissus: what’s your best trait?

mm i like to think that im quite soft and caring.

icarus: what’s your fatal flaw?

selflessness? my mother is a very selfless woman and while i dont want to call it a flaw, i think that sometimes it unfair to put others above yourself especially when they dont deserve it. but i mean i get it bc i do it too and its not something i can find myself explaining. its just feels right, you know? 

orpheus: what’s your favorite song or type of music?

i could talk about my favorite music for days aah. But recently ive been listening to a lot of blackbear, bastille, the score, and various electropop artists 

eurydice: what’s something you regret?

not loving myself when i needed it the most. and thinking that when i look a certain way ill love myself. bc i know if she saw how i am right now she would be ecastic and think?? wow im probably so content w myself!! i probably love myself so much!! when in fact i dont think ive ever been sadder.

thank you for asking amel! i got a little sappy and unnecessarily deep but i enjoyed it!

ask me something mythical!

lmcfly  asked:

Hey! do you think Sarella will get the good old "I am no man!!" moment in Sam's storyline? Or will she just help him as Alleras, her identity merely an easter egg of sorts for the viewers? Related to that, do you think Sarella's defiance of gender norms will serve as a parallel to Sam's own issues with masculinity?

Sam will probably learn the truth, if for no other reason than Lazy Leo Tyrell clearly knows who “Alleras” really is. One day Sam’s timidly all “Leo got drunk and said your father was a prince” and Sarella sighs “my father was Oberyn Martell” and Sam sputters “I heard he only had daughters” and she’s calmly all “you heard it true” and then he tugs at his collar for like an hour while she arches her eyebrow, shrugs, and resumes shooting apples.

And yeah, I think the idea is that Sarella’s comfortable with herself even in disguise in a way that Sam isn’t, ever. For example: 

Alleras drew his bowstring back to his ear, turning gracefully to follow the target in flight. He loosed his shaft just as the apple began to fall.

“You always miss your last shot,” said Roone.

The apple splashed down into the river, untouched.

“See?” said Roone.

“The day you make them all is the day you stop improving.”

That last line is a far more healthy and humane attitude than Randyll Tarly ever displayed when it came to Sam’s masculinity-performance. The other character who might play a similar role in Sam’s story is Willas Tyrell (who would also presumably be much more favorably inclined to Sarella than his kinsman Leo, given his friendship with her father). 

anonymous asked:

Hello! I read In Spite of Everything, the Stars on AO3, and since I'm fairly new I didn't know how to private message or anything like that from AO3 but I really really wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the artwork you have made for that story. It was really absolutely beautiful especially the triskellion and I feel better now that you have a career in concept art. I'm a designer and artist myself, so I am really not shitting around when I say your work was truly amazing.

Thank you so much, bb! I’m so glad you enjoyed art as well, I really couldn’t help but put my all into that collab to try and match Polo’s level of writing.

And yes, I feel very lucky to have a steady freelance job working in games! My husband and I work on pieces together, and we do concept art from time to time, but mostly we do appicons (as in the icons you see in the Apple Store) and splash art for mobile games.

Like. We did the splash art featured in these two vids: Child of the Fall and Malefic Gunner. It’s probably a different style from what I usually post on this blog, but I only have very little time to do fanart in comparison. (I’ve also included a few of the promotional / character arts that we’ve done over the last two years under the cut below.)

Anyway, yes! Thank you again, and wholeheartedly wishing you all the best with your work! *HUGS* <33333

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Savory spicy rabbit loin.
December 12, 2016

Rabbit loins browned in bacon fat, The pan was de-glazed with a pale ale, then the rabbit was pressure cooked with carrot, onion, potato, pepper, tomato, and a heaping load of shiitake mushroom. It was served with brown rice, splash of apple cider vinegar, kicked up a notch with a garlic chili paste. Sided with a seaweed and fresh herbs.

With as much experimentation as we do with cooking it is not uncommon to miss the intended flavor set. But, we nailed this one. The flavors were so balanced and the spice from the chili paste worked so well with the tender rabbit loin and fresh herbs.

I hope our latest post find you guys staying warm and excited about what it is you’re doing.




Oh Potatoes and Molasses
They’re so much sweeter than algebra class
If your stomach is grumblin’ and your mouth starts mumblin’
There is only one thing to keep your brain from crumblin’

I know it sounds gross. I got ‘you’re making what? Ew.’ more than once when I said that I was making mashed potatoes and molasses, but did that stop me? Nope! It also made victory all the sweeter when it turned out absolutely delicious. One could almost say that it was as sweet as…potatoes and molasses.

-MJ & K

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Apple Publishes Its First Artificial Intelligence Paper
Apple starts opening up on its AI research with its very first paper.
By Aaron Tilley

Earlier this month, Apple made a splash when it told the artificial intelligence research community that the secretive company would start publishing AI papers of its own. Not even a month later, it’s already starting to make good on that promise.

Apple has published its very first AI paper on December 22. (The paper was submitted for publication on November 15.) The paper describes a technique for how to improve the training of an algorithm’s ability to recognize images using computer-generated images rather than real-world images.

In machine learning research, using synthetic images (like those from a video game) to train neural networks can be more efficient than using real-world images. That’s because synthetic image data is already labeled and annotated, while real-world image data requires somebody to exhaustively label everything the computer is seeing – that’s a tree, a dog, a bike. But the synthetic image approach can be problematic as what the algorithm learns doesn’t always carry over neatly to real world scenes. The synthetic image data “is often not realistic enough, leading the network to learn details only present in synthetic images and fail to generalize well on real images,” the paper from Apple says.

To improve training with synthetic image data, the paper suggests what the Apple researchers call Simulated+Unsupervised learning, where the realism of a simulated image is boosted. The Apple researchers use a modified version of a new machine learning technique called Generative Adversarial Networks, which pits two neural networks against each other and has been used to generate photorealistic images.

Almond Butter Apple Toast with Sea Salt & Honey.

This is the beginning of an apple extravaganza, in honor of its finally being gray and just the slightest bit chilly two mornings in a row here in LA. Which I love. I crave the reprieve from sun in a way that is very uncharacteristic of a girl raised on Maui and living in southern California.

And the apples. The apples are perfect right now. And yes, you can go apple picking in southern California! (More on that tomorrow.)

This toast is the perfect breakfast, afternoon snack, or anytime nibble. Complete plant protein from the raw, sprouted almond butter (details on where that’s from below), extra zing from freshly picked apples, the warm splash of cinnamon, and the depth of honey and sea salt.

Read more about all the locally made goodness in this picture, and get the recipe here.


+brown rice
+sautéed chicken and peppers

the most perf delicious peanut sauce I ever did have!!!
+ 1c peanut butter
+ 1.5c coconut milk (in the can)
+ splash of apple cider vinegar
+ 2-3 splashes soy sauce
+ two cloves of garlic, minced
+ handful of cilantro

Throw it all in a food processor and mix it up, baby! I never really measure anything, unless I’m baking, so just taste it and add stuff til you like it! You could also add sriracha or something to make it spicy! (PS this makes a TON of sauce, I have leftovers for salads and wraps and whatever else I wanna put it on!)