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Ok, you say that, but I would rather vote for Trump than Hilary, and I'd have been voting for Bernie. Hilary is so reptilian and deceptive with the positions she hold, no one knows what she actually believes. She was still against gay marriage until 2013. At least with Trump people know their getting an idiot. I'd rather an incompetent fool run the country than an evil corporate demagog like her

Um, what is this about, what did I say? lol

But let me get this right? You’re actually voting on someone you call an idiot just to avoid having to vote for Hilary? WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT

This is my comparison:

A three year old child wants ice cream for dinner, there was an actual debate. The child might’ve actually gotten ice cream. But damn, the parent won.What a shame! But the parent did have two other suggestions for dinner.

1) a plate of chicken nuggets and apple sause or

2) a plate of Brussels sprouts and broccoli

In this situation, the child chooses the sprouts and broccoli. For the simple reason that the chicken nuggets were against gay marriage until three years ago. All the while knowing that the broccoli is racist, homophobic, islamophobic, sexist, misogynistic and ableist.

You see, the chicken nuggets migh’ve evolved. Just like a lot of other chicken nuggets of that age evolved. It was hard for chicken nuggets of that age to evolve because their world hasn’t always been as gay marriage friendly as the one we live in now.  In fact, the ice cream (that has always been pro gay marriage) might’ve been the exception to the rule.

But the broccoli did not evolve. The broccoli has always been an asshole and will always stay an asshole, especially on the dinner plate.

BUT the child still prefers the broccoli, JUST BECAUSE the child did not get what he wanted, the ice cream.