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The Last Guardian [FFXV X OC]

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Chapter One

11 years old ~
The warmth of the spring breeze blew throughout the royal garden, beautifully designed in all its glory. Fountains here and there, allowing birds to stop and drink when they wished, large trees blossoming around the garden and one grew larger than those around it. A large apple tree resided in the middle of the garden bringing shade over a marble bench where King Regis would go to enjoy away from his royal duties, and where Levi would disappear to. Climbing to one of the largest branches almost to the top, she would lay to keep out of the hot sun and nap her thoughts away.

Levi didn’t really change that much when puberty struck from when she was a kid, she loved to read from an early age allowing her to escape her thoughts for as long as she needed without actually going anywhere. Peacefully, she laid against the branch with a large book in her hands, her long ebony waves swaying in the wind and deep green eyes sweeping across the pages. She glanced up, her eyes catching sight of a falling blossom. She reached for it allowing the soft object to touch the palm of her hand, her fingers grazing the petals.

“Levi? Are you out here?” The deep voice brought her out of her thoughts, making her look towards the sound. King Regis stood at the entrance closing the door gently, making his way into the garden. The girl smiled gently, staying in her place not moving an inch. “Now where oh where could Levi have gone?” said the king as he caught sight of her backpack resting against the tree. Levi suppressed a giggle from escaping her mouth by pressing a hand against her smiling mouth, she sat up slowly and gently careful not to make a sound. The king sat on the marble bench, looking around playfully knowing good and well where the Guardian was hidden. The ebony haired girl carefully lowered herself down to the ground, not a sound made before she ran hard towards him, taking hold of him. Regis’s eyes widen as the child hugged his shoulders, picking up his body from the bench without even a grunt of displeasure.

“Regis!” She giggled happily, as she placed him down making him turn quickly towards her in surprise.

“Levi! Where did you learn that?” He asked curiously, his eyes still wide in shock. The strength of the guardian was showing which meant only one thing, the rest was yet to come. She smiled innocently, walking over to his side.

“I don’t know, Your Majesty.” She said softly, seeming quite afraid to share the news with the king. Regis knew of kids bullying the child but she seemed not affected by it until now.

“Levi, we must talk.” He said softly pushing the piece of ebony hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear. “Your teacher sent me note. Do you know what about?” Levi looked down shyly, and nodded.

“…because I hurt someone…” she whispered, not wanting the king to treat her differently. Earlier that day, Levi had been confronted by a group of the kids that attended her school. Punching, hitting, and scratching at the girl for being intelligent and mostly because she was different. Once she got far enough away to stand, allowing her to get to her feet when a boy tried to land another blow, her hand reached out to block only to make the boy go flying across the playground. A strong protective field had surround the young ebony haired girl, tears streaming down her face and her eyes glowing a bright violet color.

“Yes, that is right.” Regis looked at the child, her intelligence was flying past those of her grade, her strength becoming wildly stronger, her powers showing and he worried for her.

“I didn’t mean to hurt him, King Regis, I promise!” She sniffled, redness surrounding her small nose. “I was waiting for Noctis so we could play and.. and..” Regis brought the small child closer, holding her to his chest wiping away the tears.

“I know, darling. I know.” He soothed her, “Levi, you’re not like most children. Your family were extraordinary people with amazing powers. It is okay to be different, especially for you.” She looked up him, questioningly. “You’re so intelligent, kind hearted, generous, and most of all.. brave.” He smiled gently down at her, her eyes gleaming in wonder. “I know you never meant to hurt him, but you must be careful. Understand?”

“Yes, your majesty.” She sniffled slightly, rubbing her eyes softly.

“When you get older, you will understand. Remember, one day you will protect Noctis like your father done for me.” This caused a smile to spread across her face, making him laugh.  

The memory soared through her mind as her hair glided with the small breeze entering her room, thoughts circled her mind clouding it. Dresses hung from a silver rack as women surrounded her, pulling and tugging at the article of clothing covering her skin, a beautiful piece of work. Tomorrow night was the celebration of the treaty between Niflhiem and Insomnia, her skin crawled at the sound; Her inner lip swollen from biting it to keep from bursting her opinion out disrespectfully. She would love nothing more than to give the Nif’s a piece of her mind and soul, but she would not unless told to by King Regis.

“What do you think, Levi?” Her maid, Arabella, asks smiling. Levi searched the mirror for a response as a long stunning blue dress draped itself over Levi’s shoulders, the backing opening into a v before coming together at the bottom of her spine the neckline came to her collar bones. She was not one for dresses, and this dress was certainly not the one for her to be seen in. Arabella got her answer through the silence of the ebony haired girl. “Ah, we have one more if you want to try it on. His Majesty himself sent it with these, and also requested that you are outside by 1.” Levi nodded in response, stepping down from small fitting stage. Arabella frowned deeply when she was accompanied by the silence, Levi was always talkative and very lively but she has always known when Levi became very quiet something was wrong.

“Levi, if you wish to speak about what is going on within your mind, I am always here to listen.” She stated softly as the green eyed beauty stepped out of the blue dress placing it back on the hanger. Levi sighed before turning around towards her, nodding.

“I know, I’m just worried.” She mutters, pushing a wave of hair behind her ear. Her built frame stood tall as Arabella handed her a long beautiful black dress, beautiful black designs down the sleeves with a slit up the right leg barely brushing the top of her thigh. It was perfect, it almost seemed meant for her to wear when the door opened gently causing her attention to shift towards the sound only to find his Majesty himself. “Your Highness..” She said shocked, he smiled gently at her nodding in approval.

“You look beautiful, Levi. I hope that you will be willing to accompany me to the celebration tomorrow night.” He smiled, watching her lip turn up into a gentle smile before walking towards him.

“Your majesty, how could I say no?” Levi grinned, walking over to King Regis gently hugging him. Regis hugged her gently in return as she pulled away, his eyes looking all over her face in what seemed like a worried expression. Noctis was gone, and it appears Levi’s spirit had gone with him.

Regis knew of how fond they were of each other and of how deeply they cared for one another but duty stands in the way. Levi was now the Guardian of Lucis and Insomnia, for someone who had just turned the right age of 21 she had many duties that would leave most 21 year old young adults in fits of anxiety and worry. Levi was no normal 21 year old.

“How are you holding up?” The king asks gently as Arabella bows along with the rest of the maids gracefully before leaving them to speak, Levi turns towards the mirror not wanting to look Regis in the eye knowing good and well he knew the truth that she hid behind a façade of false emotions.

“Great, Your Majesty. Just hoping they make it to Altissia, safely.” She said smiling gently at the king, her eyes brightening at the reflection in front of her. She had worn dress before but none like this. Simple but beautiful. “Your highness..”

“Please Levi, you’ve known me most of your life. I want you to call me Regis.” He stated staring at the ebony haired girl, taking a seat in the chair not far from her. “I know what you wish to ask but, my dear you must trust me.” Levi turned quickly towards the king, her eyebrows furrowed as her green eyes stared into his grey ones. The king knew Levi backwards and forwards, just like Noctis. He knew she was perplexed as to why he had asked her to stay with him rather than go with Noctis, but with what he had said she knew even though she wanted answers, she would have to wait and trust King Regis because he was no simple-minded man.

“I trust you, Regis.” She sighed, smiling gently at him. A feeling of grief ran through her body as she knew that something was not right and that soon she would be called to duty.

“I’ve come to ask you about the Glaive. How was the battle from your view?” He asked becoming more serious. Levi had the ability which belonged to her mother before her, an ability in which she could go anywhere at any time she wanted without going there in person known as Phantom. The only exception to this ability, she could only use it for an hour give or take. This would leave her defenseless and in a catatonic state where she couldn’t move.

Green eyes narrowed,  her hands turned into fists as the memory flashed through her mind. She looked into Regis’s eyes causing his to widen, Levi was livid.

“Your Glaives are amazing, Regis. Truly.” Her eyes softened slightly as she came to his side, taking a seat. “The mages worked together beautifully, attacking the empire with magic causing their daemons to be sucked into it but with them went some of the glaives as well.” This caused Regis to sigh, leaning back as he began to understand why the young girl had become so angry. “but, with the sun going down the empire pulled a trick card. A large daemon that I should’ve been attacking. I should’ve been deployed, this was something I could’ve handled..”

“I know that, Levi. You can’t always run to the glaives when you think they need help. They can take care of themselves.” He said gently, placing his hand onto her small shoulder.

“I know, but Regis. This daemon was different.” This caught the King’s attention, nodding for the girl to continue. “It released an attack, almost like missals, this caused the bridge of land they were on to collapse as rocks fell from above. I remember standing next to a glaive, his name was Libertus, he was running back to cover when a piece of rock landed on his leg. He couldn’t move but thankfully another glaive stuck his neck out only to get burned in return for saving his fellow glaive.” Then it clicked, Regis nodded to the girl in understanding.

“If you feel that he shouldn’t be treated this way, you do what you feel is right.” He smiled at the ebony haired beauty whose eyes widened at the King’s statement. “Your father would’ve agreed with you.” A smile tugged at her plump lips before the king stood along with her. “Do as you see fit, Leviathan. I trust you.” He said smiling at the girl before turning towards the door. “I will have Cor bring the car around for you.”

“No need, your majesty.” Levi stated softly as she walked towards the rack of dresses. “I need a bit of fresh air, anyways. Shall I be back for dinner?” She asks softly as Regis stares at her, memories of her mother and father flashed through his mind.

“No, just enjoy the rest of the day off.” His majesty said before nodding to her and leaving her to get dressed. Levi turned to the mirror, a sigh leaving her lips as she stared at the reflection in front of her before smiling at herself a small flicker of violet flashed through her eyes.

Nyx had come to headquarters to get information on his reassignment after saving Libertus’s ass on the battle field only to enter to find all the glaive’s standing in the hall of Captain Drautos’s office.

“What the hell is going –“

“Shhhhh!” Crowe shushed him as she approached the raven-haired man along with a crutched Libertus. “The Guardian is here, and she is not happy!” Crowe whispered as shouts could be heard from inside the office. This caused Nyx to gulp, this was the end of his career as a glaive.

“YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME TITUS!” Her voice boomed, making the glaives look amongst each other. “YOU BENCHED YOUR BEST GLAIVE ALL BECAUSE HE DISOBEYED AN ORDER!” Everyone looked to Nyx knowing good and well who the girl was speaking of.

“Leviathan please, you understand that no glaive should ever disobey an order especially on the battle field.” Drautos’s voice came as the shadow of the girl’s figure moved as if she was so livid she was pacing.

“FOR FUCKSAKE! I WOULD’VE DISOBEYED THAT ORDER IF A MEMBER OF GLAIVE WAS IN NEED! MY FATHER TAUGHT YOU TO TREAT EVERYONE IN THIS AS FAMILY! AS EQUALS!” Crowe had a smile across her face, Levi was out for blood and justice. Nothing was stopping her.
“Eddard taught me a lot of things including following orders correctly, otherwise it-“

“MY FATHER TAUGHT YOU TO BE A LEADER!” Everything went quiet. “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BENCH NYX ULRIC AND PUT HIM ONTO ANOTHER DUTY BECAUSE HE DISOBEYED YOUR ORDER.” Nyx couldn’t believe his ears, the guardian was protecting him, fighting for him. What the hell caused this? “YOU KNOW JUST AS WELL AS I DO THAT I WAS RIGHT THERE ON THAT FIELD BECAUSE THE KING TOLD YOU! I PHANTOMED TO BE THERE, TO PROTECT THE GLAIVES, TO PROTECT INSOMNIA IF NEEDED!” The sound of a chair being pushed out of the way and her hands slamming down onto his desk echoed through the room and the hallway, Levi’s eyes no longer were the beautiful green but were the infamous bright violet shade. “And before you say, you can do it yourself. Apparently, you are not capable of taking care of your men because here I am, stepping in because of an injustice to someone who deserves much better treatment than what you give him. Libertus could’ve died on your watch because of this order, what would’ve happened if that had been me or you? No don’t answer that because I know the answer.” Shuffling of feet, her shadow stood with her back to him. “I know that many of glaives have died under your watch but out of unknowing, you knew he was injured yet you’ve decided to take out your miss fortune upon a man who deserves your position.” Nyx’s eyes widened as Crowe and Libertus looked to him, grinning. “If it had been someone who works close to the king, orders would’ve been sent out to find and protect them. I suggest, Drautos, that you start to respect your men more and treat them as equals rather than what you do now because you never know when one could turn against you and kill you.” With that the door opened causing the glaives to run out of the hall and into an opened space pretending to not have heard the conversation.

Levi sighed, making her way down the hall tugging on her black leather jacket as the bright sun beamed into the windows reflecting off of her ebony hair which she pulled out of her jacket. Levi was not stating that it was not wrong of him to disobey orders, but under those circumstances there needed to be some equality as if it were her or Drautos. The sound of her boots echoed in the ears of the glaives causing their heads to look up at her, a small smile forming upon her soft pink lips.

“I’m sorry about you lot having to listen to me yell.” She smiled more, her hand running through her wicked locks. “But, I’ve personally come here to speak to all of you.” She walked over to them as one blonde haired male rush to her side, taking her hand.

“You’re the Guardian! Leviathan Altor herself!” He gushed, shaking her hand harshly shaking her whole arm and shoulder. Levi laughed softly nodding to the glaive, she knew he was new by how excited he seemed to be. “My name is Clynt Farlan, you are my idol! You’re the reason I became a glaive!” This caused Levi’s eyebrows to shoot up as the rest of the glaives laughed at the young boy’s excitement.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Clynt! Please-“ she paused. “All of you, call me Levi. That’s what all my friends call me.” She smiled gently as the boy’s eyes glistened with joy before being pulled away by another glaive who came to shake her hand, this continued until the man on crutched approached her small figure. “And you must be Libertus.” She grinned as their eyes connected, his eyes widened at the sight of her. He was always told that the guardian was hideous beast that stayed within the castle walls only to be called to duty by the king himself, but boy were they wrong. “I must say, standing by you in battle was a sight to see! You worked your ass off.” She grinned showing her pearly white teeth to the man, making a blush shoot across his face. Crowe laughed, nudging the man as she patted his back coming to his side.

“Sorry about that, he gets a little shy when being complimented which isn’t very often.”

“Hey!” He said causing both women to laugh, Levi smiled at the girl shaking her hand tightly.

“I’m Crowe-“

“I know who you are.” Levi smiled, Crowe stood in awe. “You were the mage that brought along that storm, that was impressive!” Levi gushed causing the woman to stand in shock. “I hope to fight alongside you, should the need arise.” She said softly before turning to the man sitting down with his back turned to her.

“You must be Nyx-“

“I don’t need you defending me.” He said harshly, this caused Crowe to reach over and kick him. “Hey!”

“What the hell, Nyx!” Crowe shouted, anger running through her but before she could say more Levi stepped in.

“Fine, I won’t again. Just know that the next time you disobey orders, the king himself might have to deal with you instead of captain sour puss in there.” Levi smirked. “I don’t stick my neck out often for people, I hope you understand.” The small framed girl turned to the rest of the glaives smiling widely. “I thank each and every one of you for your work on the battlefield. You brave souls stick your neck out every time for this city, for these people, for the king. I cannot have more respect for anyone as I have for you. If you ever need me, please feel free to find me.” With that, she patted Libertus on the back giving him a smile and a nod to Crowe before leaving them behind to mutter about the Guardian who saved the ungrateful hero.

When I hear your name and think of everything that you are
I associate it with the color blue.
You aren’t the kind of girl one sees every day,
And they say there aren’t many things in nature that are blue.
But the ones that are
Bring about a pristine and dazzling beauty
Much like yourself.
You are a rare person to come across but the people who you
Grace your presence with are
Better off for it.
But someone like you could never
Be contained into single genre or category.

Your laugh resonates with bright
Yellow bursts of sunshine,
Echoing through the air and
Filling even the darkest of times with
Golden speckled bliss.
One can tell when you are truly happy because your eyes light up
And twinkle softly like blue-green
Christmas lights on a cold, quiet
Winter evening.
The soothing sound of your voice envelopes the universe
In comfort,
Pulsing through the air in gently flowing shades of purples.
I see you in the way that rain drips off leaves after a summer thunderstorm,
A green oasis of better things
Promised to come,
With the serene sounds of nature coming to life.

Because you radiate life to those around you,
Puffs and tendrils of sky colored strength and courage
That absorb into everyone you meet.
You are as fierce as a wildfire, but not nearly as destructive.
Instead you are made up of the reds that reside in apple cinnamon candles and fresh roses.
Your name is a blue colored name.
But you are so much more than just a single identity.
Everything you are swirls together
Into vibrant colors of beauty and liveliness that have never previously existed.
You are a work of art:
You are a masterpiece.


Jaelyn.Aragon “The Colors of You” No.2  

Note: This is my second “The Colors of You” poem. I wrote this for a friend’s birthday and she loved it! You can check out the first installation here


Stray dog stays by fallen friend winning hearts on social media

Pictures of a stray dog staying by the side of another that had been run over by a car in Hong Kong have gone viral on social media in China.

Following the tragic accident on Wednesday afternoon, the dog called Hak was seen sitting by its friend’s body for nearly ten hours, according to Apple Daily.

A nearby resident Lei witnessed the scene throughout the day. She said she initially planned to wait for the government to take care of the dogs, but after waiting for hours, she eventually called a local company that offers undertaking service for animals, and paid for the service herself.

When the company arrived to pick up the body, Hak finally stood up and left, said Lei.


Swan Queen Week - Day 5 - Fascinating

After Regina had surprised herself by inviting the birthmother of her son in for cider – or something stronger, as fate would have it – it had been only the first surprise of the night. Emma Swan was… unexpected at best. Uncultured, crass, but raw in a fascinating way, like a shiny new toy of the sort that so rarely wandered through her time-bound town. It was almost… disappointing to send her out the door.

Still, Regina was less than pleased to find her lurking about the next day. If you could call being locked in a jail cell “lurking,” that is. Her later success finding Henry was both useful and irritating, because it seemed to give her a sense of being much more necessary than she was. Regina didn’t need a disturbance in her life, and Henry certainly didn’t need another mother.

Still, when she saw Emma take a meandering path around the side of her house and – with a distinctly guilty scan around the area – pluck an apple off of her tree, Regina had about ten seconds to realize that, as annoying as Ms. Swan’s presence was, she didn’t want her to die, and unlike the rest of Storybrooke’s residents, that apple could kill her.

I never should have taken up gardening, Regina thought as she watched Emma take a bite and crumple to the ground.

It was almost funny that Regina’s use for her infamous charmed apples was now only to deter deer. While the magic of the curse lingered on in the heart of each and every apple on that tree, anyone who had been in this town more than a few days became immune, as every part of their lives was scripted by the same magic that made her apples dangerous. The curse lived inside of each and every person who set foot here, and the curse wouldn’t kill its own. What little magic remained in this world was, unfortunately, a bit like a virus. Without any change in strain and type, people developed a natural immunity. It had been idiotic of her not to realize how pointless it was to try and bring the apples with her to this world as a weapon, but they had proved rather useful in killing garden pests, so she had kept the cursed tree as deer repellent and… as a memento.

Until now, when the one person still vulnerable to that particular sort of danger had the sheer idiocy to go for a snack on her lawn.

It was far too close. Trying to cure magical poison in a human hospital had been a study in more patience than Regina realized she was capable of, but the treatment sequence for an unknown toxin had kept her alive for just long enough to let the curse lay its claim on her as well. Now she was back in Regina’s home, the very place she had tried so desperately to chase her away from, sleeping off the lingering effects of Regina’s ill will.

“She’s going to be okay, right mom?” Henry asked from his place at her side. “And you’ll let her stay until she gets better, right?”

“Of course.”

It was the only answer she could give. Seeing Regina rush to get his birthmother to the hospital and stay with her throughout her treatment, Henry had begun to warm to her again, as it wasn’t exactly an “Evil Queen” sort of reaction, and she had a feeling kicking Emma Swan out on the curb as soon as she could walk wouldn’t help Regina keep his loyalty. Besides… maybe her first impression had been right. Emma Swan was something new, something strangely fascinating underneath that deplorable red leather jacket, and if it was too late to chase her from town… maybe it would serve her better to claim her as an ally.

As the eyes of the woman in the bed cracked open, Regina was ready with a glass of water and a word of warning about toxic pesticides, and as Emma Swan offered her a warm smile and her most sincere gratitude for taking care of her, well… Regina thought she might find more than a reluctant ally in this woman after all.