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HoF ~ The infamous Rowaelin Bite

Ah. The enormous elephant in the fandom. Seeing as this monstrous grey-skinned mammal hide is in my face on tumblr all the time, I thought I might toss in my two cents. 

The battle seems to rage between those who feel a) Rowan was abusing Aelin by biting her against her will, forcing her to shift, and thereby Maas is endorsing abuse, and b) those who frown upon Rowan’s actions, but feel the scene lends a hand to propelling the plot and story line forward.

But there is another party privy to this war. Me. I offer you a third slice of the crumbly apple pie.

If I’m completely honest and open with you, I LOVE this scene. It made the top 5 in my list of favorite scenes from HoF. No, I’m not into any weird kinks or dominate men…quite the opposite is true. But we’re dealing with Fae in this scene. Not humans. 

Fae are a different kind of creature, humanoid in appearance, but animalistic in their behavior. While they enjoy banter and battles of words, their true wars of dominance are fought with fangs and claws, magic and power. Fae are true forces of nature. We can’t hold them to our human morals and standards.

I believe Aelin needed to be bitten. She needed to be reminded of who/what she once was. Aelin is Fae. She is power and strength, courage and dominance. She is the creature that prowls in the night, soars into the storm, strides onto the battlefield and then stands victorious surrounded by the many enemies she cut down like so much carrion. She fights. She rages. She burns. She bites.

I saw nothing abusive in Rowan biting Aelin. Nothing at all. I actually found my cheeks growing warm, my heart beating faster in my chest, my knuckles turning white as I gripped the book closer, reading faster, getting excited. Because they’re Fae. Because they’re freaking cool. And because I knew, in that moment, Rowan had just awakened in Aelin the powerful Queen she was always meant to be. And she is going to slay.

So go ahead. Bite me. But this scene was needed. And it was amazing.


Home made wild Blackberry and Apple crumble, pie and jam.  I’ve had a productive bank holiday.  Thank you to the lovely local blackberry bushes for being so obliging again this year with a bumper crop!  No thanks to Flynn for trying to eat his way through my bag to munch them.