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Golden Hearts - Dean Winchester x Reader (Single Father AU)

Title: Golden Hearts

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,168

Warnings: None

Summary: Dean Winchester. Single Father of two amazing twins. Love of your life. Your boss and… teacher?

I’m telling you Sam-” Dean breathed out a chuckle “She’s amazing!” he couldn’t fight the grin at the thought of your image.

And the girls- gosh they love her so much! And she- she is so good with them. You should just see her. Mary had made a total mess of the living room when she was helping Sammy brush her teeth but- but instead of being angry she just cleaned it up!”

Sam chuckled shrugging softly “Sounds great then.”

Oh she is, Sam! And- and it’s not that but she- she is literally so great with everything. All of the things she loves she just-she is so gentle and caring and-”

Everything to make her a good catch huh?” Sam smirked, raising an eyebrow at his brother “Why do sound pretty smitten huh?”

I’m- I’m- No, Sam I am just stating facts. You should- you should see them all three. Man, I’m telling you she’d be a wonderful mother one day. And- and it’s not just the kids- If you saw her how interested she is in class and eager to learn, especially when it comes to all the biochemical stuff. You know how I even hated those.”

Wait- what?!”

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come home

pairing: ed/winry
themes: fluff-city, my friends
rating: k
summary: “She’s blinking so quickly she’s afraid she’ll miss him amongst the moments of black vision but from the front of the first car, a golden head bobs out onto the platform.”
a/n: wow i managed two fics consecutively. don’t expect anything tomorrow but maybe i’ll begin updating routinely again ;)


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