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stores to cry in, rated

wal-mart: pedestrian, boring, you can do better. 2/10

target: a slightly better crying experience than wal-mart. the scent is strangely comforting, the lights however are too bright and make for a slightly unpleasant cry. there is however oftentimes a starbucks and a mini pizza hut inside for you to drown your sorrows in. 6/10, points for optimal post-cry atmosphere

an apple store: absolutely not. people cry in the apple store all the time because they cant afford the latest rose gold bullshit apple’s put out. overdone and cliche. 1/10

publix: points lost for the sterile and inhospitable environment but if you cry in a publix a gator WILL smell your tears and come to eat you. being eaten by a gator is in fact slightly preferable to crying in a publix. 6/10 for the gator

whole foods: an excellent place for a cry, people will probably assume that you are a wealthy emotional person who cant decide between quinoa or couscous and are having a real problem with it. 8.5/10

nordstrom: plenty of chairs for collapsing into especially in the shoe department but you WILL be accosted by salespeople. they work on commission and are hungry for your money. 7/10 for style

ikea: OPTIMAL crying destination, can climb into a bed and have a total mental breakdown and nobody will ever be the wiser, the employees WILL NOT bother you under any circumstances, comfortable and accessible, 10/10

hot topic: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0/10

О возможностях музыки

Невероятные возможности музыки: во время любимого проигрыша, сочетания звуков и голоса, как огромным импульсом из глубины сознания прокатывается по всему телу волна и до дрожи, остается еще на пару минут румянцем на щеках и мурашками на коже. Любимые звуки и мотивы, что не покидают голову до самого вечера и заставляют пальцы настукивать ритм на любой поверхности. Можно поймать пульс каждой мелодии, если приложить пальцы к проводам, и насчитать ровно столько же, сколько будет на запястье в этот момент. Поймать волну, проникнуться и забыться на три-четыре минуты, раствориться, стать частью, пустить музыку в себя, пустить мотив и повторять слова, окончательно выучив их на третьем прослушивании. Музыка меняется, меняются наши вкусы, что-то мы забываем, что-то неожиданно узнаем, когда слышим знакомый голос из радиоприемника, останавливаемся и вспоминаем все, что было связано с этой песней. Наши плейлисты переполнены, «плюс» на кнопках громкости уже давно стерся, мы не можем представить наш мир без музыки, без ее исцеляющей, поднимающей дух способности. Музыка как наркотик, музыка как лекарство. Как же порой здорово просто лежать в темноте, закрыв глаза и вслушиваться в самые тонкие ноты из глубины наушников, мурлыкать себе под нос, задуматься о чем-то своем и медленно погрузиться в сон.

I get this totally. Sometimes I feel like a wrinkled old lady staring into the distance while her grand children stare in both wonder and pity at her:

“Yes, yes, I remember CDs and VCRs. We recorded stuff off the radio. And we had to wait every week for a new TV episode rather than downloading it all at once!”

*shocked gasp*

“And taking badly lit photos of yourself in the bathroom mirror constantly was unheard of! No one took photos of their food either.”

*The youngsters faint*

in like 2012 there was a horrible tumblr trend of like… trying to be the snarkiest and meanest person you could be? it was considered absolutely hilarious to just tear into people for no reason back then. i, like many young people on tumblr at the time, tried to fit into this weird hyper aggressive trend and it was just so… bad. i am not that kind of person and i know so many people on this website who also got sucked into that business are also not those kind of people. i am so glad, so so so glad that that isn’t a thing anymore. yes, of course there are still some bad apples, some super mean people, but for the most part i think a lot of people try to be genuinely nice now? or at least less fake and shallow. either way i’m glad being mean isn’t a trend now. this one goes out to everyone who tried to mold themselves to fit that trend only to regret it now. 

Why are you so far from me?
In my arms is where you ought to be.
How long will you make me wait?
I don’t know how much more I can take.

#CivilWarsintheKastle Week
      Day 5: To Whom It May Concern / Falling

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By Tastemade on Instagram 💝

Danny not even denying Wes’ claims that he is Phantom and just responding with dry sarcasm


“Yep. You got me. Congrats Wes.” *takes bite from apple*


“Can’t hide anything from you Wes.” *turns page in text book*


“Okay. I’m Phantom. Happy?” *continues playing Candy Crush*


*wearing DP t-shirt* “No idea.”