apple of my eye

toasttedbaguels  asked:

aayyy davey my dude my guy, the apple of my eye, so sweet u make me cry. sorry to bother u but would u mind explaining how to use the "it" pronouns (and/or any other pronouns u use?) i can do "they" just fine but im unsure of how to actually use the others properly and i just wanna make u happy and comfy yknow?? its totally chill if u dont wanna answer this ily have a good day 💜🐟

oksy first off ur so sweet omg?? tysm <3

and it’s not a bother at all dw! i’ll put how to use “it” and the other set i wanna use under the cut, but also just as a ref for anyone in need of practice with pronouns this site has a lot + is really good!

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Happy 30th Birthday, Bob Moley;

December 20, 1984

@WildpipM: The grounders could’ve asked for, technology, radio communication, deployable acid fog resistant tents, literacy. But all they want…Finn