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Forget Me Not || Closed @pmdsableyequeen

It had been a long while since Team Gemshine had been out on a mission. The last few months had been freezing cold, with winter spread across the land… but now spring was creeping slowly back, the weather was getting warmer each day, and it was time to start doing jobs again.

Rafe was much less bothered by that fact than she’d been when Grovyle came back to join their team. They’d had a nice break, and now they needed to stretch their limbs, catch a few outlaws, find some treasure, rescue a few lost Pokemon… Same old, same old.

She rifled through the Treasure Bag, trying to make sure she had everything they needed.

Oran Berries, Reviver Seeds, Max Elixers, Apples, an Escape Orb, Heal Seeds… Everything seemed to be in order. Grovyle and Phoebe should be ready soon. Altair was staying behind, on account of he still wasn’t quite alert enough to go on a mission after his hibernation. Celebi was staying behind as usual…

Almost time to go.

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