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Vintage Mac Museum

Adam Rosen & Matthew Bergeron are Macintosh geeks extraordinaire, and are no strangers to hauling Macs to VCF East.  I’ll let their exhibit description speak for them:

“With a product lifespan more than three decades long, many variants and oddities exist in the Apple Macintosh universe. For VCF East XII the Vintage Mac Museum will again show off a number of rare and unusual items from the collection, including: the clear sided “HyperDrive” Mac 512k; a Macintosh Portable, Outbound and DynaMac laptop clones, and their successors the PowerBook 1xx series; a (black) Macintosh TV running old Apple advertisements and videos; a working Apple Lisa with LisaOffice software; the always fun Color Classic (with After Dark “fish” screensaver), and a Macintosh Picasso Dealer sign.”