apple is going on about nothing

marie antoinette (2006) ►starter prompts
  • “I shall never forget that you were responsible for my happiness.”
  • “I hope you like apple strudel.”
  • “Are we there yet?”
  • “Nothing happened.”
  • “Hopefully everything will go swimmingly.”
  • “It’s not my fault!”
  • “I heard he likes men.”
  • “Cheers!”
  • “Shall I get you a blanket?”
  • “That was unnecessary.”
  • “Very impressive.”
  • “I could ravage you.”
  • “Have you noticed anything strange about me lately?”
  • “I have enough diamonds.”  
  • “Come, my little truffle-cake.”
  • “This is ridiculous.”
  • “That one’s for me.”
  • “Good morning!”
  • “Happy birthday, darling.”
  • “You are adorable.”
  • “Are those your feet? They’re like icicles!”
  • “Let’s feed the lamb.”
  • “No, no, it’s not true!”
  • “Have you come to take me home?”
  • “I have to question your choice of friends.”
  • “The pleasure is all mine.”
  • “You’re winning, I hope”
  • “Don’t you wanna watch the sunrise?”
  • “He’s got quite the reputation, you know.”
  • “Let them eat cake.”
  • “I wish I could go with you.”
  • “Shall we retire to make love all night?”
  • “Four times last night wasn’t enough.”
  • “You look lovely.”
  • “It’s not too much, is it?”
  • “Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”
  • “We’ll need an audience.”
  • “I’m saying goodbye.”

So it just dawned on me why Jay steals, and why Jafar makes him steal. Jafar was trying to turn Jay into another Aladdin. Because only Aladdin could get into the cave of wonders to get the lamp. If Jay could become just like Aladdin, he’d be able to find something just as amazing as the lamp, and he wouldn’t be denied entrance to somewhere for not being a diamond in the rough.

Idk why it took me this long to realize why he’d just be a thief. Though I’m still bitter he shows no sign of being able to use magic, considering Jafar was sorcerer.


All Up the Seething Coast

I eat a couple Milky Ways for breakfast
I take my coffee light and sweet
Show up for dinner when you tell me to
And I heap the sugar high and white on everything I eat

Carry an apple in my pocket
I write reminders on my skin
Clip meaningless pictures from old magazines
I tape them to the walls, it’s a bad place I’m in

And nothing you can say or do will stop me
And a thousand dead friends can’t stop me

I go back to places I remember
See what’s been going on without me
Stare down the strangers at the bus stop
Pretend they’ve been gossiping about me

White sugar by the spoonful
And cantaloupes and grapes and watermelons
I force it down like it was medicine
Anybody asks, you tell ‘em what you wanna tell 'em
But the best you’ve got is powerless against me
And all your little schemes break when they come crashing up against me, ah-ha

from We Shall All Be Healed (2004)

womaninterrupted  asked:

Top five apples and a fact about your life please

from this (thank you!)

I like sweetTART firm apples but top five can change from year to year. Last year on applecation River Bell was my FAVORITE but they don’t seem to have a long shelf life and this year they might not be as good. when I’m in the grocery store I usually get Honey Crisp (if nothing else looks good), Jazz, Pizazz, or something I’ve never tried before.

fact about my life…I continue to be bad at those. hmmm. can I just message you my SSN?

I didn’t go on my high school France trip because I was worried about money and nervous that my best friend backed out and that was completely fucking bogus because my dad definitely could have paid and I knew lots of the people that went on the trip (and I had some money saved). So if I get a time machine I will definitely be paying a visit to my father and saying, “tell your daughter that she’s going to France and also that you are legally obligated to pay for her college and that you have money. because otherwise she’s not even going to apply anywhere that she actually wants to go.” whooboy. so the fact about my life might be that money and family are forevery fucking me up BUT also thankfully I quickly learned that I can totally do stuff on my own.

things team iron man learned about steve in cw:
~the real steve is smol and angry
~he has a dark side and bucky is the trigger for it
~he’s bisexual af
~there is literally nothing he wouldn’t do to protect bucky
~he’s secretive
~he’s not apple pie and a flawless law abiding citizen. he breaks them when they go against his values and freedom, when following them means buckys death
~he’s now steve first, cap america second
~he’s crazy in love with bucky, emphasis on the crazy
~the feeling is mutual
~he fooled the whole world because steve rogers died in ‘43. he tried to tell tony this in aou. they’d only met cap america until bucky came back. steve had fooled them into thinking he was a quiet heterosexual with a penchant for danger and nothing else

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coke or pepsi? i’m a coca cola addict ok nothing compares
disney or dreamworks? tbh idc both studios have produced amazing movies
coffee or tea? neither
books or movies? tbh i rarely have the patience for a book these days, so i’m prob gonna go with movies
windows or mac? i think phi said it beautifully: “windows (fuck apple)”
dc or marvel? i’m def a marvel gal
xbox or playstation? i don’t play on consoles so idc
night owl or early riser? night owl
cards or chess? meh, i guess cards if i have to choose
chocolate or vanilla? vanilla 4lyfe
vans or converse? converse
star wars or star trek? star trek
one episode per week or marathoning? depends, it switches a lot actually.. i usually go for marathoning during school breaks, since i can barely keep up with single episodes, let alone marathons, when i have school too
gandalf or obi-wan? gandalf my boi
heroes or villains? depends.. if the villain is really well written and a rounded character i can go for the villain.. but idk i suppose in my olden days now i usually side with the heroes now
john williams or hans zimmer? zimmer
disneyland/disney world or six flags? i’ve never been to either, what with me living in tiny ass denmark, but isn’t six flags the one with all the roller coasters?? if so, then i choose that one
forest or sea? vitamin sea my guy
flying or reading minds? if i had to choose, flying probably. but the best superpower of all would obviously be shapeshifting duh
harry potter or lord of the rings? this is actually really fucking tough… but i suppose harry potter will always hold a special place in my heart <3
cake or pie? cake
you are banished to a desert island, which benedict cumberbatch character would you choose to take with you? none please, i’d rather live with eternal loneliness
train or cruise ship? train
brian cox or neil degrasse-tyson? neil degrasse-tyson is the shit m8
wizard of oz or alice in wonderland? alice in wonderland i suppose?
fanfiction or fanart? fanfiction <3
the hunger games - books or movies? def the books
be able to see the future or travel into the past? i study latin and ancient greek, take a guess my man
han solo or luke skywalker? neither, i choose leia
spring or autumn? spring bc autumn is too damn cold and windy in denmark, like fuck off with that shit
campfire or fireplace? i actually think i like campfires more, simply bc i have a lot of rly nice memories attached to them
french fries or onion rings? french fries without a doubt
truth or dare? truth
winter or summer? i actually don’t know bc winter is too damn cold, but summer is too damn warm, but winter comes with seasonal (extra) depression but summer comes with so much boredom tbh idk… winter i suppose bc then i can wear all my sweaters <3
vampires or werewolves? werewolves
eyes or lips? lips
burgers or sandwiches? neither (gasp, i know)
friends-to-lovers or enemies-to-lovers trope? both. both is good
pizza or pasta? fuck me, you can’t make me choose between those!!
ancient rome or ancient greece? i’m always a slut for ancient greece
foxes or wolves? eh idk foxes are cuter i guess, but wolves are really damn cool too
mermaids or dragons? DRAGONS FOR FUCKING LIFE
kate bush or madonna? don’t care
the office or parks and recreation? never watched either
sci-fi or period drama? tbh i’m such a slut for period dramas, if i see a period drama i have to watch it
fairytales or mysteries? fairytales
explore the oceans or space? gaaahh idk!!!! both are really cool and mysterious!!! but space i guess!!
iphone or android? android
thieves or assassins? assassins
cooking or baking? i always fuck up when i try to bake, but i can kinda cook almost decently?? but idk i really fucking love baked goods…. help
greek mythology or norse mythology? again, i study latin and ancient greek, so obvs greek mythology.. altho i feel like a bit of a traitor since i’m danish and should support my home myths ya know??
MINE: console gaming or pc gaming? pc master race ftw

holy fucking shit ok, that def took some time

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“What in the hell are you up to?” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you stepped out into the garage, your car key in one hand and an apple in the other. 

“Good morning to you too.” Harry chirped, padding over and giving you a kiss on the cheek. “What do you think I’m up to?” 

“I thought I told you to take the day off today, Harry. Go back in the house! S’freezin’ out here.” 

“I jus’ wanna be a good boyfriend and drive you to your classes.” Harry giggled childishly, leaning against the trunk as he gave you a wide smile. 

“What’s this all about?” You raised an eyebrow, shaking your head as you unlocked the car and tossed your bag in. 

“Nothing! Like I said, I wanna be a good boyfriend and drive you to the campus!” 



Harry.” You could say that one of your many talents was being able to pick up when someone was telling a lie – and Harry was most definitely telling a lie. 

“Ugh.. fine. Y/F/N told me that.. there’s this new guy on campus or somethin’.. and apparently he’s real attractive.. ‘n I know I haven’t been around a lot – but I am now! Anyways, she also said he’s in a lot of your classes and he’s taken a liking to you, and I just don’t want to have my girlfriend taken away from me, y’know? I’m at home, and you’re at school.” He mumbled solemnly, scratching the back of his head. You couldn’t help but smile softly, giggling at how silly Harry was. 

“Trust me – you don’t have to worry about anything.” You reassured, Harry perking up when you leaned forward to give him a sweet kiss. “Plus, you wanna know something about him?” 


“He has a crush on you.”


gif isn’t mine!

I’ve fully decided to ignore the canon crush for Courtly and decided to go with Humphrey. Why?

Because Humpty Dumpty was the one who talked with Alice about semantics and pragmatics. Courtly is all about twisting words and double meanings. Humphrey is the best fit. 

Plus can you imagine Courtly swooning at Humphrey’s rapping??? I mean forreal it’d be super cute. I feel like Humphrey got the short end of the stick, because Alistair has a bit of focus on him, and Sparrow we’ve seen some character. But Humphrey is almost always in the background, and is very minor. 

End point being: Courtly/Humphrey 5evr


“Hazel–dear old Hazel–it’s simply that I know there’s something unnatural and evil twisted all round this place. I don’t know what it is, so no wonder I can’t talk about it. I keep getting near it, though. You know how you poke your nose against wire netting and push it up against an apple tree, but you still can’t bite the bark because of the wire. I’m close to this–whatever it is–but I can’t grip it. If I sit here alone, I may grip it yet.”

“Fiver, why not do as I say? Have a meal on those roots and then go underground and sleep. You’ll feel all the better for it.“

“I tell you I’ll have nothing to do with the place,” said Fiver. “As for going underground, I’d rather go back over the heather. The roof of that hall is made of bones.”

No, no–tree roots. But, after all, you were underground last night.”

“I wasn’t,” said Fiver.

“What? Where were you then?”


“All night?”

“Yes. A yew tree gives good shelter, you know.”

-Watership Down Ch 14 Like Trees in November
Stages of Friendship, Love, and Kisses Chapter 12, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Every story begins with a stage. Every stage begins with a moment. For two young boys, the start to their story began with a snake and a kiss. A kiss that would act as a ripple in the water, sinking deeper and deeper as the years go by and the boys go through moments and stages that strength and test their friendship *Features Veela Draco, mate-Harry*

“Hey, Harry?”

“Yeah?” He took another bite of his apple, one that was bigger than the last one.

Draco, watching this, felt his cheeks warming up. He cleared his throat, trying to appear as casual as he could be. “Have you ever thought about experimenting?”

If Draco wasn’t focused on going an answer, he could have taken a picture of how flushed Harry looked, those captivating greens widening at the question. He stopped at mid-bite, his eyes darting over to Draco. “You mean kissing?”

Heart pounding, Draco nodded. “With both sexes.”

Warmth that had absolutely nothing to do with the sun flooded the boy’s face, coloring his cheeks a bright shade of red. The color seemed to intensify when he looked up at Draco and quickly looked down at his apple, determined to keep his gaze there. Draco was pleased to see he wasn’t the only flustered one. He was pleased more at the fact he was the cause behind Harry’s flustering. “Well..sometimes.”

A wave of pleasure washed over Draco. Casual, he reminded himself. Remain casual. “We could do it. Right now.”

“You mean with each other?”

“No, with Uncle Sev,” Draco ducked away from the apple-core Harry tossed at his head. “Yes, with each other, you silly git. We’re all alone. It’s not like anyone will see us.”

The more Draco thought of the idea, the more he liked it. Since puberty struck him, thoughts of Harry with his pale skin and soft lips had been swimming across his mind. Maybe if he finally gave into curiosity, the strange thoughts would end and things would go back to normal.

Or as normal as things could be for two best friends just entering adolescence.

“Won’t it be weird though?”

Harry’s words stopped him cold like bucket of ice-water poured over his head.

Of all the questions Harry had to ask, that was one question Draco wasn’t prepared for. Or one he expected to sting as much. “Why would it be weird?”

“Well…aren’t we too close for that?” At the confusion written across Draco’s usually mischievous face, Harry further explained. “Well, we’ve been best friends for a long time. Your parents treat me like a second son. And people say we act more like brothers than friends.”

Brothers? Draco was amazed with how a simple name could cause such a deflation in his body, an odd, almost-annoying deflation.

It wasn’t the first time the word have been thrown at them. Madame Malkin used the word both times they visited her shop for new robes, asking Harry to keep his “brother” under control. McGonagall had thrown word around, too, along with Granger and even their friends. Yes, they were close. Possibly even closer than normal best friends were. It was simply the way they were. Wherever one went, the other usually followed. They were rarely apart, and if they were they were quick to change that. And he suppose, given their close bond and what Harry said, with all intents and purposes they were like brothers.

Still, Draco hated the word. At least when it came to them. It sounded off. Not just off but wrong. Like a pair of shoes that were your exact size, in the right style, but still you felt uncomfortable when you slipped them on and had to walk.

“It’s not like we’re blood-related. It would only be weird if we were.” Not that they were actual brothers if you asked him. “Besides,” he added. “Like you said, we’re best friends. Who better to practice something new with than someone you already know and trust?”

“True,” Harry agreed, though a bit warily. “And we have kissed before.”

Twice actually, an unwanted voice chimed in. Perhaps the peck should be counted as a half, but it had happened so fast Draco felt that it shouldn’t. “Which is why it would be perfect. Even if you do have a girly-mouth, Potter.”

“Shove it, Malfoy. At least I don’t carry around a pocket-mirror to check my reflection thirty times a day.”

“Git.” Draco socked him in the arm. Harry laughed, returning the favor to him.

Harry decided to satisfy curiosity. With a slight nod, he sat up. Draco followed his example, facing him. He stood still and waited patiently for Draco to make the next move.

Draco swallowed a nervous lump that lodged itself in his dry throat.

Come on, Malfoy, he told himself. Don’t be such a puss. This was his best friend, someone he trusted above all others. Someone, his subconscious reminded him, had kissed already. Twice. So why was this time so difficult? Why was he hesitating? Why, for the love of Merlin, couldn’t he move already and put an end to his annoying hormones instead of thinking?

Goddamn puberty! They made things difficult. They made no sense. They-

Draco’s stream of thoughts came to a halt as Harry leaned forward and pressed his lips against his.

Great. Merlin.

Draco closed his wide eyes, lulled by the familiar sensation that flooded through their joint lips, spreading throughout their bodies, wrapping around them protectively like a warm cocoon. Just as he suspected, Harry’s lips were still soft. Incredibly soft. Warm, too, like a nice cup of hot chocolate during a cold day. And they tasted like apples. For a few moments, the two friends stayed like this, upper bare bodies pressed close together, lips entwined, sharing breath with one another as they took their time with the kiss. Almost as if they needed to familiarize themselves with the taste that felt entirely and painstakingly new, despite the fact this wasn’t the first time they were in this position.


Harry was the first one to break the contact, easing back slightly to catch his breath. A sound emerged from Draco from the loss, almost like a whimper. Dazed, he leaned forward to the other boy as if there was an electric current between them, drawing him to Harry.

When their lips reconnected, both sighed as if they could breathe easier now. Whenever Harry pushed forward, Draco welcomed it, feeling like he was falling and flying at once. Whenever Harry pulled back, Draco followed him, not wanting the moment to end just yet. Harry kept leaning back and Draco followed him. It wasn’t long before Harry was laid flat on the towel with Draco on top, their bodies pressed, curves and angles fitting easily into each other like pieces to a puzzle.

If either one felt discomfort, they didn’t show it, falling deep under the spell of their joint lips. Harry laid his hand against Draco’s cheek. Draco’s fingers found a new home in Harry’s hair, brushing against the wild, still-damp curls that were smooth to the touch.


anonyonyonymou: Until such a time as funds can be raised, may I suggest going down to the local walmart and getting a cheap mp3 player for less (probably considerably less) than $50?

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m one of those people who is GET THE ONE YOU WANT, OR NOTHING AT ALL about that kinda thing <3 I have CDs in my car, and a few radio stations I can listen to in the mean time. It’s a LOT of saving and I might be able to find a used one via GameStop since they sell…. used…ipods?? So I’ll keep an eye out, I loved mine and it was worth what we paid. Like I got it in…. 2006 ot 2007??

So I mean, 10/11 years? Not bad for something I ABUSED and used almost daily for all that time!!

One of the cutest scenes from the common route. This happens in the first part of the game, where Violette spends some time with each knight.

Violette goes for a walk with Leon and he finds a couple of apples for them to eat. He soon realizes Violette has never eaten an apple with her bare hands before and says he will go and borrow a knife and fork. 

Violette stops him because she wants to try eating the apple the way he did.

He comments that her bites are very small so she tries again and Violette is happy when she finds herself getting better at it.

As he watches her eat Leon is overwhelmed by how cute she is…

And completely crushes the apple he was holding lol. Violette wonders why he did that but of course he wouldn’t say and just tells her it’s nothing XD

He went home in a super good mood and started gushing about it to Ageha and gives thanks to apples.

“Violette is so cute it hurts” says the totally besotted guy. From her reaction it’s apparent Ageha thinks he’s a baka lol. 

Who the fuck cares where you went to school or where you work? The question is: Is everyday experience good, healthy, beautiful? Because I have to tell you, while it might be cool to work for a company like Google, Apple, or The New Yorker, if your job is stupid, stressful and your boss is an asshole, there is nothing good or prestigious about that. While it might seem right to go to a school like Berkeley, if classes are overcrowded and students are nervous, anxious, religious zealots from Orange County, are you sure you want to go there? What’s good about that? To believe in prestige is to privilege abstract, collective impression over palpable, daily experience. To which I say: fuck prestige. Do what serves your everyday vitality.
—  Daniel Coffeen

Goddammit. So I’m doing a comp sci assignment, right? And I get it doing everything it’s supposed to and I’m like hell yeah and I test it with the tool my professor provided us with it and it says it’s incorrect for all the tests. And so I test it manually and it’s doing everything it’s supposed to so I’m like WHAT. THE. HELL. And I’m about to give up and just ask the TA about it tomorrow but then I check the output it gave against the output it’s supposed to give again and it looks like the two are exactly the same but then I notice: my output has one extra space between words. So I go delete that space in my code and I run the tests again and it works perfectly and says it’s all correct.
That’s what computer science is, kids. Computer are like genies. They do EXACTLY what you tell them. They assume nothing. If you tell the computer to look for “Apple” it will not accept “apple” or “ Apple”.

I hate how Trahearne steals all the credits in this game??? You’re the commander and all the npcs ever talk about is trahearne like nothing you do matter

I can’t believe Galina is going to call her cub Trahearne

all about trahearne

this game doesn’t make you feel remotely special

not to mention Trahearne himself is absolutely content to take credits for your victories

look at him, that smug asshole, stealing all the credits yet again