apple eve's garden


Wearing nothing but snakeskin
boots, I blazed a footpath, the first
radical road out of that old kingdom
toward a new unknown.
When I came to those great flaming gates
of burning gold,
I stood alone in terror at the threshold
between Paradise and Earth.
There I heard a mysterious echo:
my own voice
singing to me from across the forbidden
side. I shook awake—
at once alive in a blaze of green fire.

Let it be known: I did not fall from grace.

I leapt
to freedom.

Ansel  Elkins - Autobiography of Eve

Photographer: Marta Bevacqua

chia seed breakfast

All you need is:

- 2 tsp of chia seeds
- 125ml of coconut milk
- fruits of your choice
- granola

Mix chia seeds and coconutmilk.
Stir well and leave it in the fridge over night,
so that the seeds can soak.

The next morning you can serve them with any kind of fruit you like.

I love to sprinkle some granola on top of it.

Easy and delicious.<3

I wonder how angry Ancient Greeks and Romans would be today having their religion being called mythology because it’s too unbelievable to a bunch of people that have complete faith in the fact that fruit doomed their entire race

Well, knowledge is a fine thing, and mother Eve thought so; but she smarted so severely for hers, that most of her daughters have been afraid of it since.

Abigail Adams - in a letter to her sister Elizabeth Smith Shaw, 20 March 1791

Image: Apple’s Diary by anotherameley on deviantart -  (the photo has been credited to the photographer via search - unable to find on their site)