apple eve's garden

I wonder how angry Ancient Greeks and Romans would be today having their religion being called mythology because it’s too unbelievable to a bunch of people that have complete faith in the fact that fruit doomed their entire race

Carm: Vera are we gonna do Bring on the Menor Girls of the Night

Vera: ‘Girls of the Night’ it’s happier we don’t want the patrons to have sad face

Carm: Okay….*fake smile; is actually disappointed* 

Carm: *really wants to do ‘Girls of the Night’*

*later on*

Carm to Kay: Kay, I feel like shit. My heart is aching my soul is dying I feel like I’m stuck in this cess pool forever I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE

Carm: *really wants to sing No One Knows Who I Am’*

Carm: *is secretly Lucy Harris*