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I was wondering if you could talk any more about voice training! The link you posted that was more intense is super helpful, but how did you go about implementing it? And how much did you go about changing your speech patterns? I'm new here, so I'm just trying to gather as much info as I can!

Yeah of course!
So the first step is to figure out where these muscles are that you need to use to manipulate your voice. These muscles attach from near your Adam’s apple to underneath your ear (see pictures in article) Now to target them, try swallowing and feel how your adams apple goes up and then back down (feel it with your hands and then again without). Then swallow again, but this time try to slow the decent of your Adam’s apple. If you can do that, then the muscles you are using are the same muscles you need to target to change the resonance of your voice. You can feel those muscles tighten up. Another way to target these muscles is by gurgling water.
Now once you target these muscles, the next step is to try speaking while you are tightening those muscles. Imagine pulling your Adam’s apple upwards (for pitch) and backwards (for resonance). This feels really weird at first, but the more you practice, the more those muscles will get used to it and eventually change your normal speaking voice.
Hope that helps! :)

Here’s the article again if you need it: