apple bin

if you say this isn’t one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen you’re lying

Can you imagine Jonathan’s point of view at the start (assuming he returns Sherwin’s feelings).
His crush comes up to him. Steals his apple (as he doesn’t notice that Sherwin’s heart replaced it.) and then circles around him. Finally does awkward hug of sorts. Runs and hides in the bin. Jonathan’s face when someone shows up and Sherwin hides in the bin. He waves at them like; did that happen? Did sherwin not have breakfast? Is he eating my apple in the bin?

Face From The Past *Part 4*

Theo Raeken X Reader

Word Count: 1557

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You woke up the next morning and you wanted to go to school you would miss something if you weren’t there but when you walked into the kitchen you realised that you were in for a fight “Where are you going?” Rebekah asked as you reach for the cereal in the cupboard.

“Getting ready to go to school.” You mumbled.
“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” Hayley said as she continued to feed Hope.
“Well, that doesn’t matter.” You answered. “Where are Klaus and Elijah?”
“They figured that they would help since it’s the only way that they are going to find Mikael,” Rebekah explained.
“So we were out looking for the boy that went missing,” Elijah answered.
“A boy went missing?” You asked.
“The one that was arrested,” Klaus added and your eyes widened.
“Donovan?” You asked and Klaus nodded. “Great, look I have to go to school.”
“You haven’t eaten yet!” Rebekah called and you waved your hands but Klaus caught you around the waist.
“Eat something.” He ordered and you rolled your eyes grabbing an apple from the kitchen and biting into it.
“They’re eating something, bye!” You said grabbing your bag and leaving.

You walked into the school and put your apple core in the bin and then went to your locker and put all of your books away. You were unfortunately good enough that you were able to be in AP classes and that was why you were sitting in AP Biology next to Scott. “(Y/N)!” The teacher called from the front of the class.
“Huh?” You asked.
“Did you do last night’s reading?” She asked and you looked at her before shaking your head.
“Any reason why?” She asked.
“Not a particular reason.” You smirked. “There was a number of reasons one of them being the friend that was in the hospital.”
“I know that moving back here is hard.” She started.
“Yeah, I know adjusting is the way of the world I get it.” You cut her off rolling your eyes. The teacher then when on to talk about drop forms, she never handed you one but you weren’t going to drop anyway.

“Did you get in to see Lydia?” Scott asked.
“No. I tried using my free period but she’s still in the ICU and no one outside family is allowed in.” Stiles explained.
“You should have said I could have asked Klaus for help.” You said.
“How?” Malia asked.
“Compulsion.” You answered. They all looked at you. “It’s a vampire thing.”
“We got one thing though,” Malia said putting the bestiary on the table.
“Anything in here about half-werewolves, half-Kanimas?” Kira asked.
“The Chimaera,” Scott mumbled.
“Um, what?” Stiles asked.
“Chimaera. It’s a creature made of incongruous parts.” Scott answered.
“And if Liam said he found two burial sites, it means Tracy’s not the only one.”
“Who’s the second Chimaera?” Kira asked.
“Donovan.” You whispered to yourself.
“What?” Scott asked.
“Nothing, just something I have to check later.” You answered.
“Why would they bury them?” Stiles asked.
“Deaton thinks it’s part of their process,” Scott answered.
“The people in masks,” Malia said. Then there was a phone call, it was Scott’s mum and she said that something happened and that he would probably want to see.
“Guys I’ll meet you there but I have to go get Klaus first.” You said.
“Why?” Stiles asked.
“Well, it could be Mikael and the only way we’ll know is if we show them and Klaus could help if you need it.” You explained.

When you got home you put your bag down and walked into the living room to see Klaus was looking after Hope. “Klaus something happened!” You called as you walked into the kitchen.
“What are you talking about? Are you okay?” He asked.
“Yeah I’m fine something happened at the Hospital and it might be Mikael so you have to go see.” You answered. “Where’s everyone else?”
“Rebekah and Hayley went out shopping or something and Elijah went to make sure that they didn’t get into trouble,” Klaus explained.
“Who’s going to look after Hope?” You asked.
“We’ll have to take her with us.” Klaus sighed picking her up.
“What? Really?” You asked.
“So what happened?” Klaus asked getting Hope ready.
“I don’t know yet Scott and Kira when to find out.” You answered.
“Well then let’s go,” Klaus said walking towards the door.

“Mum, what’s happening to him?” Scott asked as they walked through the halls of the hospital.
“It’s the pain,” Melissa answered. “Nothing’s working.” Just then the screaming stopped and they all frowned fearing the worst they run into the room and when they did they saw Klaus standing over him. “What did you do?”
“Compulsion love,” Klaus smirked and you rolled your eyes.
“He’s basically made sure that he doesn’t feel the pain anymore.” You explained.
“How did you get in here?” Melissa asked and Klaus smirked.
“Compulsion again.” You answered. “Klaus can get whatever he wants through compulsion.”
“Let me see it. Let me see his arm.” Scott ordered.
“- Holy - What is that?” Kira asked.
“That looks like a scorpion sting,” Klaus mumbled.
“How did you know that?” Melissa asked.
“I’ve been alive for 1000 years, I’ve seen it all,” Klaus answered.
“Scorpion?” Scott asked.
“I know. But that’s not the weirdest part. Because a sting this bad means that he should have been dead 10 hours ago, and the scorpion that stung him would have been 10 feet tall.” Melissa explained.
“Please tell me that doesn’t mean there’s a giant scorpion running around Beacon Hills,” Kira begged and Klaus raised an eyebrow.
“Is that a possibility?” Klaus asked.
“Everything is a possibility here.” You smiled. “This place is crazy.”
“Lucas It was Lucas.” The boy on the bed mumbled.
“Hey, Corey. What Lucas did to you, he’s gonna do it to someone else, and it’s gonna be much worse. We need to know what happened.” Scott said as you played with Hope.
“I don’t really know. He’s never been like that before.” Corey answered.
“Like what?” Scott asked.
“Aggressive. We were taking it slow, but it wasn’t me. He was the shy one. Then we’re hanging out today and it’s like he was a different person. Like,” Corey explained.
“Different how?” Scott asked.
“Like, super confident. We were just kissing and then I felt this sharp sting on my arm and And then I looked up at him and I swear his eyes turned black.” Corey continued, you could see that Klaus was becoming unnerved by the new information if there was someone running around stinging people his family was in danger.
“You mean totally black?” Kira asked.
“The whole eye. But it was only for a second. And then he said sorry, that he’ll see me at the club tonight and then he just left. And then a few minutes later, I’m in the worst pain of my life.” Corey finished.
“Hold on, you said club.” Scott remembered “What club?”
“Every Friday night. Sinema.” Corey answered.

Klaus asked Melissa to look after Hope for a few seconds before taking you to the club “you have to go back.” You said.
“What?” He asked.
“To Hope.” You said. “You can’t leave her, Scott will be here in a few minutes you have to go back.” Klaus had a looked torn as he looked back and then at you. “You trained me, remember.”
“Be careful.” He warned before disappearing. You walked into the club ignoring the alarm that you set off and started looking around but you heard the growling before you saw anything following the noise, you found there was another werewolf, you pushed the guys away from him and crouched. “Are you okay?” You asked.
“I will be.” He answered, you helped him up and pulled him away from the fight that Liam had now joined when you turned you saw Liam on the floor and knocked the guy away again, he growled at you and grabbed you around the neck, that was when Kira and Scott appeared.
“You’re a little late,” Liam said and Scott knocked the boy away and another fight broke out you but as the fight ended Kira almost killed him and Scott stopped her but before you guys could move him an arrow went straight through him and you looked up to find that there were three masked figures like Malia had said.
“Oh, what the hell is that?” You asked.
“Why did you do that!?” Scott asked looking up at them.
“His condition was terminal.” One of them said.
“What does that mean!?” Scott asked.
“Failure.” They said before they disappeared.

When you got home you didn’t actually stop for very long before you were out of the door again, you grabbed a coat and left again only stopping momentarily to make the decision not to tell the others where you went it seemed that they were having a rare moment where they could act normally and be a normal family. You phoned Stiles “Hey where are you?” You asked.
“I’m at the school why?” He asked and you growled.
“Um, I think someone coming for you, you have to stay inside.” You ordered as you started running.
“I’m already outside.” He said.
“Hang tight I’m on my way.” You said hanging up.

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Requests and general question!

Handsome Stranger

Word Count: 3.4k

Warnings: A little embarrassment, making a fool of yourself. Honestly, you might die from the fluff.

Summary: @cumberbucky’s request: My birthday is coming up in exactly three weeks and if you can this could be my birthday gift. I want Bucky to fall in love with a teacher. Just a regular girl who doesn’t live at the Avenger’s tower. Like me.

A/N: Everyone go wish Sin a happy birthday!! She is the most wonderful person, and I love her very much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY SWEET LITTLE MUFFIN!! ENJOY YOUR FIRST DAY OF 23! *wink* I hope you like this, sweetheart! I enjoyed writing this so much!!

And also, thanks to @lovelylittleraindrop for letting me use her real life experiences for this fic!

Originally posted by sebastianstahn

Your name: submit What is this?

Oh, God, if it wasn’t absolutely necessary, you wouldn’t even be here right now, you think as you roll into the grocery store in a hoodie, leggings, and your hair in a messy bun on top of your head – and not the cute kind of messy bun. Yep. That’s your life today. Your fridge and pantry were practically bare. So, you thought that now’s a good time as any to go grocery shopping.

You grab a basket and get started. Humming your favorite song under your breath, you head to the fresh produce, choosing your fruit. Suddenly, your phone fwips and you fish it out of the front pocket of your hoodie. It’s a message from one of your amazing internet friends and you chuckle at the gif she’s sent you. You start typing out a message as you blindly reach for a plum, and feel a hand close on top of yours.

Startled, you jump back and look towards the owner of the hand, apologies spilling from your mouth. In your effort to put space between yourself and him, you practically fall into a cart behind you; but a pair of hands wrap around your arms and prevent you falling to the ground.

“You alright, there, doll?”

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A Dance

Description: Bucky shows you how he used to pick up girls back in the day, not before teasing you and making you blush.


“What are you doing?”

Bucky sauntered into the avenger’s kitchen to see you standing over the stove, pan handle in one hand, wooden spoon in the other.

“Making dinner.” You replied, not looking up.

Bucky walked over to you, grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl on the way. He leant his back against the counter next to you, taking a bite of the fruit noisily. He watched you in silence for a moment, your cheeks were tainted red from the heat and some of your hair stuck to your forehead, but you still looked as gorgeous as ever to him. He looked down into the pan and saw you were breaking up pieces of meat with your spoon, he raised an eyebrow.

“Whar are you makingh?” He asked again, through a mouthful of apple.

“Lasagna.” You replied, in a terrible italian accent at which Bucky suppressed a grin.

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Wings - an ACOMAF fanfic

This is my first acomaf fanfic and first piece of fanfiction in general that I have posted in a while. Been working on this for a bit and am hoping people will like it. It’s not perfect but when I thought of the idea I really wanted to write it.

All characters belong to Sarah J Maas.

Setting: the cabin in the mountains

Ship: Feyrhys/Feysand

Words: 1008

Feyre ambled through the cabin door, out of the biting air, Rhys ahead, already settled down comfortably in his armchair, looking like a king upon his throne.

“Feyre, darling, let me get you some water, you are a mess.” he insisted, smiling slyly.

“Thanks.” she muttered, attempting to throw her mate a cold glare but failing to do so due to her drowsiness.

She slunk over to the sofa and collapsed, sprawled across the mismatched blankets and cushions. Rhys snickered as he poured her a glass of ice water and grabbed a piece of fruit for himself. He strolled over, shifting her so she was upright, her head lolled against the armrest. He ran his fingers through her teased hair and placed the water on the table beside her.

“We could have stayed out you know, with Mor and Az, I’m completely fine.” she mumbled, her eyes slowly opening.

Rhys took a bite of his apple, “I’m not so sure about that Feyre, those two will be having fun on their own anyway.” he smirked at her suggestively with taunting eyes.

This wasn’t the first time Rhys had taken care of Feyre in this state, she seemed to be what many people considered a ‘lightweight’ and that certainly didn’t bode well when drinking alongside Mor, who was as aggressive in battle as she was at playing drinking games.

Feyre sipped the water, staring curiously at Rhysand, he returned this gaze.

“Yes?” he inquired.

“I want to paint you, not paint a portrait of you, I want to paint on you.” she stared at Rhys, anticipating his response.

“I’m not sure that’s the best idea when you’re in this state.” Rhys raised his eyebrows at Feyre.

“I told you I’m fine, I can still paint” She responded, trying to sound lively and cheerful.

“I’m not sure darling, perhaps I could paint on you?” Rhys took Feyre’s hand, grinning wildly at her.

“Uhhh, I mean.” Rhys stared expectantly, waiting for a response. “Fine.” she breathed at last.

Rhys strolled out of the room confidently, to find the paint, or what was left of it after last time. He threw his apple in a bin that appeared out of nowhere as he made his way through the enchanted cabin, full of surprises that often he didn’t even expect. Smiling to himself, he knew this would be fun. That thought was exemplified when he returned to find his mate’s shoes, jewellery and tights strewn across the floor, with Feyre herself tugging angrily at the zip on her dress.

Rhys glided over and guided her hands away from the zip, to the sides of her body. He swept Feyre’s messy hair over her shoulder, his nose caressing the back of her neck.

“Allow me.” he whispered flirtatiously into Feyre’s ear, she could almost feel him grinning against her neck.

Rhys tugged at the zip furiously as she had, his frustration growing, after a few seconds he began to see no other option and simply ripped the dress off her.

Feyre turned, “Big, strong, Illyrian High Lord can’t even undo a zip?” she laughed.

Rhys put a finger to her lips and grinned, walking towards the door to their shared room, “Come” he beckoned, picking up the paints on his way out.

Feyre had never seen Rhys so keen to paint anything before and was curious as she followed him into the room.

“Sit on the bed Feyre, I’m going to make you fly.” He ordered, looking delighted.

Obeying her mate she sat, looking slightly confused. Rhys climbed onto the enormous bed and sat behind her, pulling her hair out of the way of her back.

He started by placing his hands on her warm back and tracing out an outline of what was to be his design with his fingers. Feyre sat quietly, trying to feel the pattern he was tracing softly with his calloused fingertips. The wet paint hit her skin and strokes evolved into swirls as Rhys delicately directed the paintbrush along Feyre’s back. She was entirely still, channelling the portrait on the wall of a stiff looking woman as she allowed her body to be a canvas for her mate.

A few minutes later the brushstrokes stopped.

“It’s done.” Rhys murmured as he shuffled off the bed, taking a step back to review his masterpiece. Feyre could feel his eyes upon her, assessing his creation, nervous of her reaction.

“I want to see.” Feyre responded, excitedly. She always dreamt about creating the most beautiful work of art, but to be a work of art was something else.

Rhys nodded anxiously and lifted Feyre off the bed, carefully avoiding the paint covering her upper back. He put her down in front of a mirror and turned her round so that she could see.

Feyre’s eyes widened at the sight of what she had become. Illyrian wings covered her back, no ordinary Illyrian wings, these were incredible. Feyre had always admired Rhys’ enormous midnight wings, but these were something else. Strokes of green, gold, scarlet and blue had mixed among each other to form these beautiful wings.  They were like the Rainbow of Velaris, all the colours merged together, swirled into each other and against each other. Tears began to cloud her vision.

“I wasn’t sure they’d work.. but I’d always though Illyrian wings would look nice with a few more colours, If you don’t like them…” Rhys started apologetically.

Nice? Rhys, these are magnificent. Thank you.” Feyre cut in, her face awash with gratefulness. She turned to her mate, pulling his arms around her and burying her head in his jasmine scented chest.

“I know you’re the artist, Feyre, I just wanted to make you some art that would be your own, for you, my High Lady.” Rhys drew his head back and looked into Feyre’s eyes, glistening tears slowly falling.

X-men Halloween

Peter is down for all of the fun of halloween. He’ll dress up in the most shitest costume he can find or something really nerdy he really likes, like Ghostbusters or Adam ant. The place is decorated almost as if it’s christmas, orange tinsel, little paper skeletons hanging everywhere, at least 3 craved pumpkins. It also gives peter the excuse to eat more candy than he usually would eat “but it’s halloween”. Will not stop saying spooky and shoving as many marshmallows in his face.

Alex isn’t huge huge on halloween. He likes the atmosphere and party more than he actually cares about halloween. Gives him a chance to be a bit of a dick. He’ll come in a costume he could put together really easy unless someone makes him. Probably standing on the sidelines drinking beer until someone challenges him to beer pong. He’ll be more open the more beer he drinks.

- Scott uses it to try flirt with people but just ends up getting drunk and passing out in the pool patito. Will wake up with pen all over his face, not remembering a single thing while regretting it all at once.

- Jean actually tries really hard to have a decent costume. She the one who’s busy dancing to every song having a really good time. Probably has eaten all the candy corns and candy apples before you can look left. Want to still dance even when everyone’s passed out.

- Warren comes in cover in fake blood claiming to be lucifer with 12 bottles of vodka under both his arms like ‘well it’s a party right?’ Will switch the music over to heavy metal and everyone will shout at him. Him and jubilee are the ones drawing on the people who are passed out. Get annoyed when he loses beer pong and drinks it in defeat to annoy Alex.

- JUBILEE SO EXCITED ABOUT HALLOWEEN. Will punch you if you say you don’t care (alex has been punched a lot) Has been playing this for months, has had decorations up since june, has had her costume sorted and bought way before, craved at least 20 different pumpkins, painted the people’s faces and has planned at least 6 spooky games. Tries her best at beer pong but sucks.

- Storm has been lowkey excited about this. Has a really good outfit and is planning on winning every single games against everyone but mainly Warren. Doesn’t have a hangover the next day and is proud of it.

- Kurt is reallly excited about halloween. Hes got a cute costume that the other picked out for him. He just wants to try everything and be involved in everything. Eats too much candy and spends the next day trying not to throw up.

- Hank likes to join in the fun, he’ll come up with a really smart cute pumpkin that he’ll leave in the lab. It takes him a lil bit to join in because he’s a little nervous but once Alex spirits have raised he’ll drag him into and he’ll be just fine. Put his head in the apple bobbing bin and fell into it.

- Charles wants to join in the fun because he’s a giant child but doesn’t stay for long as he knows it’s a night for the kids.

- Erik just wants to go to bed, couldn’t care less.

The Ballerina

Originally posted by pillowtalk

Request - Reader is a ballet dancer and Falcone’s adopted daughter. After seeing her playing Swan Lake, Victor feels attracted by her innocence. He asks Falcone permission for a date with her? 

Pairing - Victor Zsasz X Reader

Word Count - 1,588

Tonight was probably the biggest night of your ballet career. You were performing swan lake tonight in-front of a large audience and if the pressure wasn’t already bad enough, however, your adoptive Father Carmine Falcone was coming to watch, so if there hadn’t been any pressure before, they definitely were now. 

Throughout your performance, every opportunity you could your eyes drifted up towards your Father who had been granted a balcony seat. Your Father’s expression was difficult to read to anyone who knew him as a business partner but to you, his eyes said it all. He was proud and watching very intently which often meant he was very interested in whatever it was that had gained his attention.

You observed when you noticed Father wasn’t alone. A tall, bald man was standing beside keeping watch. Something must have been going on while you were away from home. In order to get ready for this recital, you had to leave home for a few months in order to prepare yourself leaving no room for failure.Once you finished the performance, your mind was able to focus on more important things like why your father was using body guards once again, who was that man? How exactly had he proved trustworthy to have your Father’s trust? 

After your performance, you got changed in the changing rooms before heading to meet your Father. You had missed him terribly and were thrilled that you would now have some time to spend with him.
“Father, I’m so glad you came.” You exclaimed as you ran over to him ignoring the appalled looks from the other dancers. You didn’t particularly care for the other female dancers, all they seemed to do is gossip and make up absurd conspiracy theories. Drama and violence were something you desperately tried to avoid despite who your adoptive Father was. You were completely knowledgeable on what exactly kind of business your adoptive Father conducted. You chose not to get involved in that area of his life, however, you did learn everything you could from your Father about how to conduct business in a proper fashion, product costs etc. The way your father conducted himself outside of the darker side of his life. 

“My dear, how could I refuse to watch my daughter dance so beautifully? Come on let’s return home. I’ve had your favourite meal prepared. Victor, would you mind carrying Y/N’s bags to the car?” You smiled, thankful for the name who’s name was Victor carrying your heavy bags to the car.
As Victor walked to the car, he couldn’t help but admire how beautiful you were. The way you conducted yourself, your head raised high, you oozed confidence yet you weren’t arrogant. Your entire body screamed innocence, the way you sent him subtle looks as you spoke with your Father. Victor wanted to know you, he wanted to have the chance to capture your heart. He had never been so intoxicated by someone before. No women nor men had captured his attention like this before and he intended to explore this new found attraction. Victor had one problem. You were Falcone’s daughter and Falcone was his boss. 

Days later, Victor still caught himself watching you. The way you conducted yourself around the house. You always seemed to be doing something, Falcone had briefly mentioned that you currently were working on a new business idea once your current career as a ballerina ended, that you desired to be just as successful as him one day. Victor admired how you walked into the kitchen stopping to grab an apple, you smiled at Victor before taking a bite of the apple.

“Out of curiosity, what has my Father got himself into?” You asked, jumping up onto the counter, watching Victor closely. 

“He’s been crossing paths with a Detective Jim Gordon. He’s not exactly as clean as some of the other cops. He likes to take matters into his own hands.” You vaguely remembered that name. Wasn’t he the cute one? Partnered with Harvey Bullock. Now that name wasn’t a stranger to you. Harvey had crossed paths with your Father on many occasions. 

“The cute one?” You questioned, pushing yourself further onto the counter for comfort. 

“I would not exactly describe him in that fashion. Is that the type of men you typically go for?" 

"No actually. I like men who I’m not able to read straight away. Something to discover over a period of time not someone who I can read within a few minutes of meeting them.” Victor seemed to take in every single word, every single syllable. It was refreshing to have someone actually take time to listen to you because they seemed genuinely interested; not because your father was paying them. 

“So you like bad boys?” Victor questioned, signalling that he would too like an apple, you chucked him one, before answering his question.
“I wouldn’t say, bad boys.” You shrugged. To Victor, you appeared to take your Father’s work with a pinch of salt like it was normal. You obviously didn’t understand that your Father in the past had people tortured and murdered in the past just to gather information or to send a strong message, your innocence to the entire situation was alluring to Victor. He knew he would have to go around this situation carefully, more delicate than he had ever dealt with anything before. 

“Your eyes tell me otherwise. Hey, who am I to judge. Some people prefer a partner that is completely opposite to them characteristically, from what I’ve heard.” You took the information in, chucking your apple core into the bin. 

“So what is your type?” Victor smirked, he had never had a type before. But he had someone he wanted to take on a date an actual date. Victor had heard of them yet didn’t know what actually happened during these dates. He would have to work that out. But first, he needed to gain someone’s permission (which was also another first) Victor winked at you, before getting up in order to see if Falcone was available to talk. 

“I don’t exactly have a type. But I’m sure you find out what kind of person I’m into this current moment. I’ll see you later Princess.” With that, Victor left you completely stumped. What on earth had just happened?

Victor knocked on Falcone’s office door, hoping this was his current location. He had been looking everywhere for him and this was the last place Victor had decided to look because it was the most obvious of places. Victor paused before he knocked on the door, for the first time in the history of his life, Victor Zsasz was nervous and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling. Victor felt physically sick and if he didn’t ask for Falcone’s permission now he wouldn’t. It was now or never. There wasn’t anyway Victor was not going for the second option. Gathering the courage, Victor knocked on the office door, he waited to see her a clear and distinctive come in. As soon as Victor heard the permission granted, Victor opened the door and walked in. 

“Victor, what is it? Have you got any information on Jim Gordon yet?” Falcone asked as he took off his glasses, putting them on the desk. It was as if so he could properly focus on the master hitman. 

“Not yet. I have people working on it, we should have enough intel soon. I am actually coming to ask you for permission.” Falcone moved forward on his seat leaning forward. He had definitely noticed something between his hired hitman and his daughter. He hadn’t yet completely discovered what was going on. 

“Okay, permission for what?” Falcone questioned, Victor stepped further into the room taking a seat on the opposite side of the desk wanting to look Falcone in the eyes when he asked him.

“I want to take Y/N on a date.” Victor blurted out. He mentally scolded himself, he had been running that through his head for a while and now that time had come Victor had messed it up. Why was he acting so peculiar? He had partners in the past. They were only just for a good time, this time I am actually interested in the girl. 

“Victor you have my permission to take Y/N on a date. However, I must remind you that if you even consider about hurting my daughter. I will personally have you killed brutally. So devasting so that no-one will be able to recognise you. Do I make myself clear?” Victor found himself swallowing thickly, never had he been intimidated before. However, Victor knew Falcone was not messing with Victor. He would have Victor out if he hurt his beloved daughter. 

“Yes Sir, I completely understand.” Falcone seemed content with the answer, before taking a sip of whatever was in his mug. 

“So where exactly do you intend on taking Y/N on this date?” Victor hadn’t actually thought of that because he had never taken anyone on an actual date before.

“The thing is sir, I’ve not been on a date before. I don’t know what actually happens on a proper date.” Falcone laughed before, getting up and pouring two glasses of strong Bourbon. 

“I believe we have a lot to discuss.” Victor sat forward, ready to listen and to learn all about going on a date so he could prepare for the date he would take you on. He just hoped you would say yes when he finally asked you…….

He didn't forget! (Happy Birthday)

Her boyfriend, she learned, was never good with dates. She wasn’t upset with him but she was concerned. There was no way someone that young should have such terrible memory.

Waking up just two days after Christmas, which he only remembered because of the little decorated tree that sat in their living room, she didn’t bother to remind him it was her birthday.

She yawned, stretching over the rather empty bed. Opal eyes turned to where onyx ones should have been and sighed. “Oh…” She mumbled as she pushed herself in the sitting position. Navy tresses fell carelessly over her shoulders when she slumped over.

Maybe he went on a mission? Of course he did. Uchiha Sasuke loved missions no matter how small because there was a chance he could fight. He decided that she wasn’t a fit enough sparring partner.

He didn’t want to hurt her.

She stood not caring how she looked. She’ll take the day to hide under thick blankets and sleep. It was just another day. Padding down the hallway, she paused seeing Sasuke leaning on the island eating an apple.

“Y-You’re home?” She questioned softly.

He turned to her and tilted his head. “You look - strange.”

She blinked at him before looking down at herself then smiled. So he remembered! “Y-You mean older?”

He threw the apple in the trash bin. “No. Your hair is longer.”

Her spirits deflated and took a handful of her hair. “Oh… I suppose.”

He watched her thoughtfully before shaking his head. “No. That’s not it.” He walked over to her, placing a hand under her chin. “Pretty.”

A light flush brushed her face. “Sasuke…” She whispered getting lost in his eyes. “I…”

He pulled away. “I took the day off.”

“That’s good.”

He grabbed his kunai pouch and walked into the living room. “My kunai are dull.”

Mentally she growled, ‘That’s not the only thing!’

At first, it didn’t matter that he forgot the other dates, that she could get over but they had been together for three years… This would be his third year! He couldn’t just forget her twenty-first birthday! She stomped into the living room. She would give him a piece of her mind!

“Sasuke!” She towered of his sitting form. He glanced up, eyes subconsciously flickering crimson. “I…” All her anger simmered in a flash.

“What?” Loosening his grip on the weapon. She must have startled him. That was never a good thing to do to a shinobi.

“Y-You…forgot- a-always and -argh!” She sniffled. “Am I n-”

“Sit.” He reached for her hand only for her to pull away. “Hinata, sit.” She huffed and slid down.


“You think I forgot your birthday?” He allowed his smirk to curve at her slowly parting lips.


“I didn’t.” He went back to sharpening his kunai. “Help me.” His eyes glanced at the pouch.

She smiled at him, she could never get used to him and that was a thrilling thought. At least he remembered and she didn’t mind helping, they were spending time together.

She grabbed the pouch and emptied its content and opal eyes fell on a small, black velvet box. She picked it up slowly then his hand covered hers. “Open it.”

And she did.

A ring sat in the red cushion, gleaming at her. “I had to work hard for it,” he told her. “Do you like it?”

“I…” Tears filled her eyes. “I l-love it.”

He gave a curt nod and scratched his cheek. “Marry me?”

She nodded weakly falling into his chest. His hand came up to her back. “Y-Yes.” She felt him sigh and pull her closer.

Bringing his lips to hers, he muttered. “Happy Birthday.”
AN: Yay! Happy Birthday Hinata! *throws confetti* 

The Drinny Thing (part 6)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Ginny shoved the book away from her and rubbed at her eyes.  Sometimes she thought Draco’s plans to slither his way into control of the Ministry were less work than studying for N.E.W.T.s. The spring had passed in a blur of snide remarks and unexpected friends and more time spent over books than she’d have thought possible.  The Gryffindors who’d peppered her with catty remarks about marrying for money and how anyone who’d kiss Draco Malfoy couldn’t be trusted had fallen into shamed silence as she and Luna had taken to reminiscing about their days in the D.A. in loud voices that carried across halls and common rooms.  

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anonymous asked:

Maybe you could tie in Sam's drunk texting with the Wrong Dorm somehow?

Rest of the Wrong Dorm au can be found here.

It’s late. I wish Sam would call when she would be home at this hour, or crashing elsewhere. I have plenty of reasons to worry about this girl and she certainly doesn’t make it easy for me. 

I fidget with the ‘History of Peruvian Tapestry” and dog ear the text for another time, tapping my fingernails against the tabletop and clicking on the telly to distract myself. It’s not as if she didn’t do this all the time. She’s fine, no doubt.

My phone buzzes twice on the kitchen counter across the room, but my attentions on a grueling documentary on Tutankhamen’s tomb and I’m having a really hard time ignoring the terrible mistakes.

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Charles IS Ali and Jason’s brother

In the deleted scenes from season 5 dvd there’s a scene between Alison and Mrs. Dilaurentis that I find of huge importance. They are sitting together scrambling through a family photo album and this is the interaction as it follows:

Alison: So that’s me right?

Mrs.D: You were such a cute baby. You know I made the mistake of letting your brother stay up and watch that old movie “Niagara” and he became obsessed with it. After that everything had to be vintage.

Alison: I don’t remember Jason being into old stuff.

*Mrs D doesn’t answer to this, changes subject*

We know A’s obsession with vintage movies, vintage objects, vintage parafernalia, music and decor since practically the beginning of the show. We’ve seen A watching old movies and listening to old music tons of times, his “soul-room” is styled in a completely vintage tone and is chock-full of vintage items. Mrs.D mentions a “brother” of Alison (doesn’t name him) being obsessed since childhood with everything vintage. We know A’s tendency of being obsessed with things, I think it’s key to his personality and we know he likes to surround himself with old stuff, apparently so does a brother to Alison, a brother that is NOT Jason since he never manifested any particular fondness for this type of things neither has he shown any particularly obsessive behaviour (that we know of). Returning to the conversation:

Mrs.D: God, I looked so young then…

Alison: That’s the one thing that Jason and I always agreed on, we had the hottest mom in school.

*They smile, while looking at some photos of Mrs.D and Ali when she was little holding some apples with a big basket of apples in one side. Other photos next to that show more baskets of apples and one of a bin of apples in front of a tree with a stair inclined on top of it. The place seems to be the country side, maybe a farm, what I assume to be the Campbell apple farm*

Alison: Jason was with us right?

*Mrs.D nodds vaguely*

Mrs.D: The whole family went. It was the last trip we all….

*Mrs.D cuts her speech and stops smiling. Her expresion becomes sad, somber*

Alison: Jason thinks that aren’t any photos of him because no one cared enough to take them.

Mrs.D: Why is everyone in this family so dramatic? Jason was camera-shy. He was always throwing away his photographs.

*She says this while pointing at the missing photos in the album*

Ali: I don’t think he remembers that, because Jason said…

*Ali stops speking when her mother turns pages and Ali’s jail photos appear. sudenly Ali wakes up.*

So we see an old family album with a lot of missing photos, like someone ripped them from it. Someone didn’t want to remember something or someone. We`ve heard several times through the show that Jason has always felt left out, in 5x14 there’s a scene where Jason is looking through an album when Ali walks in and he tells Ali “You know you have three full baby albums? Guess how many I’ve got.” Jason obviously feels that he has no photos because his family didn’t care much for him and that Alison was his parent’s favorite. But what if this wasn’t the reason? What if the reason Jason has so few childhood photos is because most of them were taken with Charles, his brother? I think that Ali and Jason`s parents wanted to forget so hard about Charles that they got rid of everything that reminded them of him, including his pictures. Jason doesn’t have any pictures of him at the Capmbell farm because they were all taken with his brother Charles. In that video from the vault the two boys seemed to be very close, always playing and running around together and in the case of being twins parents like taking pictures of twins jointly as if they were one inseparable entity.

In a part of the conversation Mrs.D mentions one trip to the Campbell farm as being “the last trip we all went..” she cut her phrase but it was obvious she meant to say it was the last outing of the whole family together, including Charles. So I’m assuming that either something happened that day or something happened very soon after that family outing that made the Dilaurentis family put Charles away in Radley and want to erase all remembrance of him. I have a little theory of what it might have been that I’ll post later. Hope I`ll hear your thoughts on this guys!

I’m so tired that I went to the bathroom to throw an apple core into the bin but I threw it into the toilet instead what the fuck