apple beignet

Review: Black Angus Steakhouse, 3277 Bloor St. W., Etobicoke, ON

The Black Angus Steakhouse is one of those neighborhood steakhouses that one walks over to for a night out with family or friends. As steakhouses go, it competes with other neighborhood steakhouses - The The Steak Pit on Avenue Rd north of Lawrence serves a different neighborhood but is the same idea. Good steaks in a cozy unpretentious atmosphere. These type of places do not compete against top tier international steakhouse chains such as leader Morton’s, or Ruth Chris Steakhouse, but they are a cut above the lower end steakhouse chains such as The Keg and Jack Astors. Places like Black Angus occupy the middle ground of the market, and cater to neighborhood locales looking for a good steak from a place they know that is local to them. I love Morton’s, but it caters more to the expense account crowd and upscale hotel guests from out of town. Black Angus is more a neighborhood gathering place.

Black Angus was recently closed for renovations for a couple of months, and just reopened. I went to see the changes, having been here once a few years ago. I do not live in the neighborhood. The renovation was extensive, largely gutting the interior and replacing it with a black and white colour scheme with red accents.

A table at Black Angus.

Like most steakhouses, garlic bread was served along with a pickle tray to get the appetite moving along.

For my first course I had the escargots. Unusual for Toronto, they serve escargots the proper way - in a dish with butter and garlic and not messed up with unnecessary things. They could have done with a touch of salt I think, but I am happy to see the normal way of preparing this dish making a comeback. You don’t need pastry or weird sauces with escargots.

Next course was oysters on ice. Nice. It is hard to mess up garlic bread, traditional escargots or traditional oysters on the half shell. Their appeal is partly due to their simplicity.

22 oz bone-in Rib steak with mushrooms and grilled tomato. I ordered it rare. Both the steak and mushrooms arrived sizzling - a steakhouse tradition. The meat was cooked properly, and very tender. One can watch the steaks being grilled on the open concept charcoal grill next to the dining room - a Black Angus tradition that survived the renovation.

Here is a photo I took of the grill. You can see how it is part of the dining room and provides visual entertainment for guests.. The meat refrigerator is visible to the left of the grill, where the cuts of meat are on display - rib steaks, N.Y. Strips, Tenderloin, lamb chops, veal chops, etc.

Apple beignet with Marsala wine, cinnamon, crushed almonds and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

If you live around Bloor and Islington, this should be your neighborhood steakhouse of choice. A nice meal.