apple 4s

what's on my iphone tag

1. what iphone do you have? 

2. how many gigabytes does it have?

3. what color is it?

4. what is your wallpaper?

5. how many apps do you have?

6. have are your most used apps on your phone?

7. what apps are in folders?

8. who was the last person you texted?

9. what was your relationship with that person?

10. is your phone on a contract?

11. how many contacts do you have in your phone?

12. go to your photos and go to photo 7, what is?

13. do you have music on your phone? what’s your most played song?

14. how many texts do you usually send out in a day?

15. do you like your phone?

16. if you didn’t have the chance to have an iphone, what would be your second choice for a phone?

17. what apps do you not use?

18. have you upgraded your phone?

19. how many selfies are in your phone? (estimate)

20. do you ever let anyone go through your phone?

this tag was created by me. please credit this blog if used.