Original Sin by Sokram (original picture). In Desordes Creativas 2012

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Does anybody know of any super stimmy apps I could get? I’m getting a new iPad next month with tons more space than my current one has and I’d like to have apps I can rely on in uncomfortable/stressful situations to stim with. Thanks! Edit: I like puzzles, games with simple instructions and lots of colour, shapes that move rhythmically and shiny things like gems


So I’m trying to decide whether to get a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro.

The thing about the Pro is that whilst it is more expensive, it’s got dat [[RETINA DISPLAY]] which is important to me as an artist. Like super important. That shit fine as hell. Oh my gord.

Mainly though, I wanted to ask if the WEIGHT of anyone’s laptop has made a difference in navigating a college campus, or if it’s really not a huge deal. Also durability… I’m just a very short, clumsy, out of shape person… so. Help?

Please just respond or message me, I appreciate it!



Once you win, once you lose…

Yea you can be killed… Hey its just a game get over it! Or is it now? 



Yup, occasionally we lose someone in battle, but don’t you worry your characters comes back renewed. 

Conquest is a multiplayer, real time, online strategy game. Pick your allies, deploy your spies, and wage war with or against your friends.

Conquest is set in medieval times and you can choose the path you wish to take, we assure you what ever path you set for yourself it will be an adventure :)

It’s a free, fun and you can play with friends or with bunch of random people in real time.  Join today!

Download the game: ( Free downloads and we promise no in-app purchase)
App Store


Windows (download will start automatically, Windows 64-bit, 45 MB Zip)

Mac IOS (download will start automatically, Mac 64-bit, 45 MB Zip)