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Making things accessible means things like offering CC on television programs and movies.

Not being an ableist asshole means things like when your deaf contestant is telling her story, both verbally and in sign, you square her the fuck off and make it so her signing is perfectly visible, not starting super super far back and slowly approaching until you’re in a close up and you never perfectly capture her signing

fucking tighten up, agt

#ChoicesCreates Round 20 Masterlist!

Can you guys believe that there’s already been 20 rounds of #ChoicesCreates?!  I am beyond honoured to be the host for this round! Lets give a round of applause to the fabulous @hollyashton for starting off the entire thing! And lets have another round of applause for this awesome, talented fandom for submitting so many amazing entries!

This week’s prompt was the song ‘Holland’ by Novo Amor! It’s a favourite of mine and @hollyashton so I’m really glad that so many of you guys have enjoyed it!

So without further ado, here’s the masterlist!

P.s. if I’ve accidentally left out your work please message me and I’ll add it to the masterlist straight away!

The Freshman/ The Sophomore:

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1. Not good enough- James x MC @hhiggs

2. My Man- James x MC @hhiggs

3. Too Much- James x MC @keltic-moon

Endless Summer:

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4. What He Should Have Said- Jake x MC @princessmckenzie

5. When Winter Reaches Vaanu- Varyyn x Diego @alwaysanotheroc

6. The winter brings a new- Jake x MC @endless-vall

7. Way Over There- Jake x MC @diamondlessoption

8. Jake x MC fanart @jessicamckenzie

The Crown and the Flame:

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9. I’d Follow (playlist mix) - Raydan x Kenna @lucetteriellabritton

The Royal Romance:

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10. Saving myself- Drake x MC @andromeda117

11. Winter’s Roses- King Constantine x his first wife @hollyashton

12. Winter Brings a New- Drake x MC @lolablackwrites

13. Poudrerie- Hana x MC @peace-coast-island​

14. Happy Together- Prince Liam x MC @thatocladyplayschoices

15.Winter’s Lament- Drake x MC, Prince Liam x MC, Maxwell x MC, Hana x MC @punexpectedly

16. Battered, Not Broken- Prince Liam x Olivia, Prince Liam x MC @misha726author

Rules of Engagement/ Hero

17. A Man of Your Talents- Dean the bartender @ladyashtonofcordonia

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Hello! I want to ask you one about Seven working as an agent AND being bi. Imagine MC walking with RFA or V or Saeran somewhere around town, when suddenly they see - omg, Seven?? Maybe different outfit and hair, but definitely him? And he's sitting in a cafe across some man, looking at him sweetly, their fingers entwined; is he on a mission? Is it a date? What would their reaction be?? Thank you!


 (Also it’s long sorry ;A;)

It was about time everyone decided to take the day off, and spent it together! It took a lot of planning, time, and convincing on your part to get everyone out and about the town!

When you suggested some time together, just simply walking around town, seeing sights, window shopping, there were…a few mixed reactions.

Yoosung was so excited!!! Absolutely loved the idea of walking around with you! Maybe the two of you could walk next to each other, maybe walk closely… Accidently bump hands together… It could lead to hand holding!!! What if a few of his friends see the two of you walking together?? Will they think the two of you were dating??!! He’s so iN ON THIS IDEA!

Zen thought it’d be great to see everyone! Except, maybe Jumin. But you!! He’s happy to see you! Super excited to take you to some of his favourite stores, maybe buy you a flower or two, and take you to his friends kebab place! He was too busy planning things he wanted to do with you that he might have…forgotten… it wasn’t just to two of you.

Jaehee was just as excited as Yoosung! She barely gets time off so she was happy for that, but she was also happy about spending time with you. The two of you go window shopping as often as possible, it’s one of her favourite things! Every now and then, however, she’ll splurge on ANY Zen merchandise she comes across. She has no shame. She doesn’t care if Zen’s attending as well, she’ll buy it in front of him- she’s a fan expressing her appreciation for his work!!

Jumin was more intrigued than anything. Commoner shops? He’s ready. Not so excited for commoner food, though. He’s hoping that he can prove to you he’s not some… stuck up corporate heir, he can be laid back, for your sake! Just wants you to think highly of him! Tells himself that he’ll pay particular attention to you throughout the day, if there’s anything you really like, he’ll buy it for you. What is window shopping? Why do we need to buy windows?

V was just happy to see everyone else happy!! He’s brought his camera, and he’s so excited to take pictures of everyone!! Also secretly hoping to himself that he can get a lot of adorable candid’s of you. The smile you get on your face when you’re surrounded by the people you love is so bright and innocent and he loves it!!! Not to mention, he can get great shots of everyone enjoying themselves and make a photo album to gift to you!!

It took a lot of convincing to get Saeran out of the house and around town with the group of you. He only agreed to go because you gave him the puppy eyes he can’t resist. He only agreed to go if he could stay by you the whole time so you were within arm’s reach if he needed you. He wasn’t too excited to be surrounded by everyone else, but as long as he was with you, he guesses it won’t be too bad?

The group of you meet up at a coffee shop and figure out which way you all were going to go first! You look around at everyone and notice a certain red head is missing. You turn to Saeran with a look of confusion that he immediately returned. “What?” He asked, as he watched you take another look at everyone.

“Where’s Saeyoung?? Is he late?” you questioned, turning back to him. He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms in a huff.

“He kept talking about work or something. I don’t know, I wasn’t paying too much attention to him. So he’s not coming.”

“Oh…okay,” the sadness in your voice was contagious. Everyone started to feel a twinge of gloom just seeing you look down at the ground. You flipped a switch, however, and threw your head back up, wearing a huge smile, turning around with a little pep in your step. “That’s okay! He’ll just have to have fun with us next time! Let’s go, guys!” You lead the pack down the street, stopping every now and then in front of a store is something catches your eye. The whole day was full of smiles and laughter, mixed with bickering between Zen and Jumin. Everything was going so well! Everyone was happy, and having so much fun!

All of a sudden, you stop in your tracks. Yoosung, who was walking behind you, ran into you and started to apologize profusely. Your hand shot up, telling him to quiet down. You pointed towards a couple sitting at an outdoor cafe.

The two of them had their elbows on the table, leaning in towards each other. The woman wore a long, red sundress and her long black hair danced behind her as a breeze blew by. She reached out towards the man, caressing his face softly before interlacing her fingers with his own.

“Um, MC? Why are you pointing at them? What is it?” Yoosung asked, looking between you and the couple in question.

“It’s impolite to point, MC, please stop,” Jumin requested, coming up behind you and gently pushing on your forearm to drop it. Saeran squinted towards the couple before groaning and covering his face. You kept staring with a bewildered look on your face, and Jaehee stepped up beside you to see what you were talking about. After careful examination, she let out a soft “oh” before turning a light shade of pink.

“Woah, she’s kinda cute. Are you just going to point out cute girls the rest of the day, MC?” Zen asked with a slight laugh, checking the woman out from afar. Jumin crossed his arms and slightly shook his head, an irritated look sweeping across his face.

“Do you really need to stare at any woman who crosses your path?” He quizzed, as Zen immediately jumped into an argument with him. V wasn’t too sure what was going on, so he put a hand on your shoulder and gently asked what was wrong. After a short period of silence, all eyes were on you, waiting for an answer.

Your hand shot up, pointing at the woman again. “Saeyoung,” was all you said, as all eyes shot towards her.

Saeran shot a glare his way, because he recognized him immediately after you pointed the first time. He had no words because he was absolutely used to seeing his brother dressed up. But why, of all times, does he need to run into his idiot brother when he’s trying to enjoy a nice day out with you. He thought he said something about work? That wasn’t working.

Yoosung immediately turned bright red when you pointed out it was Saeyoung. He knew his friend liked to dress up but he didn’t know he’d see him out with a man. How did he not recognize him at first? He makes a pretty woman… Was it a date? Does he like this man? Why can’t he just be himself!! Love is about being yourself!!! Has to fight with his inner conscious to stop himself from running over there and telling him that!

Jaehee stayed quiet, still a little light pink. Saeyoung was an adult, and was free to do whatever he wished. It didn’t bother her any at all. She was surprised at you for recognizing him right off the bat, however. You must really recognize faces well to have caught that with just a glance.

“Where’s Saeyoung? MC, that’s a young woman, not Saeyoung,” Zen started off, until you looked back at him, eyes wide. “It’s…. a young woman… isn’t it? MC, isn’t it?” He started turning pink, suddenly realizing that it was, indeed, Saeyoung. His embarrassment grew, as did his blush the moment it clicked in his mind, and you burst into a loud giggle. Now he was bright red because of the sweet sound of your laughter, or that’s what he tried to play it off as.

“Interesting. Is this considered work for him?” Jumin pondered out loud. How could a date be a job? Would MC like a job like that- going on dates with him? No no, that’s ridiculous. He did applause Saeyoung’s talent though, at first he was convinced that he was a real woman. His resemblance to a young woman was uncanny, it was no surprised that no one recognized him at first- well, everyone except you. You must be very analytical to realize so quickly, he liked it.

Click. The sound of V’s camera shutter interrupted your laughter. All eyes shot to him as he lowered the camera. “What,” he asked, cocking his head to the side, “It was a nice view, I couldn’t pass it up”. His camera gave you an idea! You pull out your phone and take a picture of yourself, making sure you can see him in the background, and point up at him while you sent the camera a wink.

“There! Now, watch this, guys!” You bounced a little in place, as you sent the picture to him, the accompanying text telling him to have a nice time. The group of you watch as the man excuses himself, and Saeyoung checks his phone while he waits. His head shot up and looked around quickly, looking for any sign of you. You threw your hand up into the air and waved it around slightly, catching his attention. He turned bright red as you sent him a bright smile, while his brother face palmed, Yoosung slightly waved, Jaehee and Jumin both nodded in his direction, Zen almost as red as Saeyoung himself and pouting, and V’s camera clicked another time. You watched as he fumbled to use his phone, and get a call from him and put it on speaker.

“WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE??” He shouted into the phone, why did he bother calling if you could hear him yelling clearly from across the street? “THIS ISN’T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, LISTEN TO ME, MC,” he said in a slight panicked tone. You giggled and waved a little back at him.

“Uh huh, sure it isn’t. Have fun Saeyoung! Remember to tell us all about it later today!!” You spoke into the phone before hanging up. All of you could hear him yelling at you not to hang up on him, and you shouted a goodbye back at him before turning around and making your way back up the street. On the way back, everyone had a discussion on whether it was an actual date, or if it truly was just some undercover work. You spent the rest of the trip smiling at your phone from time to time as Saeyoung texted you, in all caps, trying to explain what you witnessed. The more you didn’t answer, was the more he texted you, until you heard a groan from Saeran, that’s when you knew that you wouldn’t have to suffer the texts alone.

Be Our Guest (Sequel to ‘Girl worth Fighting For’)

Title: Be Our Guest

 Prompt: From Child of Music and Dreams: Do Be Our Guest next! Please? *In response to ‘Girl worth Fighting For’.

 Summary: Gabriel is always pulling pranks to make you feel better, to make you smile.  So, it is only natural that he plans something big, hilarious, and dramatic when he realizes how nervous you are to meet his brothers and father.

 Warnings: Cranky angel.

 Tags: @grace-for-sale, @lucifer-in-leather, @percywinchester27, @chaos-and-the-calm67, @thewicked-end, @nerdwholikesword, @chelsea072498, @pizzarollpatrol, @savingapplepie-eatingthings, @cici0507, @wayward-mirage, @charliebradbury1104, @melonberri, @bellastellaluna, @pinolief2001

Let me know if you want added to the tag list! :D

Girl worth Fighting For


 “Come on, bro!” Gabriel whined.  Now that dad was back, Lucifer was being well behaved, Michael had been taken out of the cage…he really wanted to do the whole normal family dinner thing.  And what’s more, he wanted to bring his girlfriend with him.  You were the world to Gabriel, he loved you so much.  

He knew it was difficult for you, being in a relationship with him, an archangel, and hunting, and being friends with the Winchesters and Crowley.  So he wanted to give you something normal.  A normal, get to know my family dinner.  Sure, you had technically met everyone, but you didn’t know them…except maybe Lucifer, but that wasn’t in a good way.  He needed to fix that…

“I am tolerating this dinner, because father insisted I attend, but I will not degrade myself to do what you ask, brother.”  Raphael stuck his nose up in the air, but then had it knocked forward as Lucifer slapped him in the back of the head.  

“I will make sure everything is ready, Gabriel.  Go to your hunter.”  Michael spoke quickly as he stepped in between his two brothers, trying to keep a fight between Lucifer and Raphael starting.  

“Thanks.  We will see you tomorrow!”  He gave his father a quick slap on the back and then flew to your side.

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First onscreen appearances of Marshall, Lily, Robin, Barney, Ted, and the Mother. 

Just wrapped Jason Segel. There is no truer gentleman. Boy, did we hit the jackpot with him. Godspeed, Marshall. 

Thank you @alydenisof for nine amazing years. A wonderful actress and friend. Godspeed, Lily! 

A round of applause for the wildly talented @CobieSmulders – a privilege to work with you these nine years. Godspeed, Robin. 

Big ups to @ActuallyNPH. What a dream writing for this cat. We wouldn’t be here without him, and wouldn’t want to be. Godspeed, Barney. 

A big hand for @JoshRadnor, a kind, brilliant, and supremely talented fellow. Thank you, Josh. And more please. Godspeed, Ted. 

And cheers to Cristin Milioti, who showed up 8 years in and knocked us all on our ass with her talent and charm. Godspeed, Name TBD. 

1d fandom on march 25th 2015: who are u

1d fandom on march 25th 2016: YOU BUT STRONGER 

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The Applause Alumni Performance at the Applause 20th Anniversary Gala.

(Sebastian Stan presenting for the first - like - 14 seconds.)