Homeowner and designer Bill Cook along with architect Michael Faust created Laurel Nest in North Carolina from a mix of architectural styles from across the Appalachian region, as well as from details reminiscent of antique storybook illustrations especially from Grimm’s Fairy Tale.

photo credit: ©Erica George Dines  / Atlanta Homes & Styles

Full moon illuminated large initial for letter M,
Appalachian Book of the Dead, 22 February 1997 -
La luna piove, the moon rains down its antibiotic light
Over the sad, septic world,
Hieroglyphs on the lawn, supplicant whispers for the other
I am pure, I am pure, I am pure …

The soul is in the body as light is in the air,
Plotinus thought.
                                 Well, I wouldn’t know about that, but
La luna piove, and shines out in every direction -
Under it all, disorder, above,
A handful of stars on the side, a handful on the other.
Whatever afflictions we have, we have them for good.

Such Egyptology in the wind, such raw brushstrokes,
Moon losing a bit from its left side at two o'clock.
Still, light mind-of-Godish,
                                          silent deeps where seasons don’t exist.
Surely some splendor’s set to come forth,
Some last equation solved, declued and relcarified.
South wind and a long shine, a small-time paradise.

—  Charles Wright, The Appalachian Book of the Dead, III