An app uses my T changes comparison photos to advertise it’s gender changing abilities! 

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This shit is crazy. If you had bought shares of apple on the day of Steve Jobs’ death and held it til now, you would have double your asset. In one year, the price of Apple’s stock has doubled. Apple still have the ipad mini and “Apple iTV”, so that means there is still potential for the stock to go up. Holiday season is just around the corner. Thanksgiving and Christmas will surely give Apple the boost to reach at least hit $750. BUY AAPL =]

PS: Proud owner of 1 share of AAPL =]

im guest staring on the gashacast this week and we recorded it earlier today and even though i said out loud i was excited not to have to do the hosting job for the podcast i STILL spent the first like 10 minutes hosting the fucking podcast because i just forgot what was going on until i caught myself executing a topic change before remembering that’s not my fucking job on the gashacast

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Yeah, cats can want to eat stuff they shouldn’t eat ever. Like my cat for example seems to have a thing for sniffing and/or licking glue (like the glue on envelopes etc) ._. Cats can be but aren’t always all that smart

yeah cats can be pretty dumb sometimes

tho there is a fairly severe version of this called Pica that some cats have, where they just…. insistently eat non-edible things, and it can kill them, and there’s no known way to cure it either


Kalot fruit and almond butter 🍇🌰

This taste like a nice fusion of berries and almonds with a cinnamon aftertaste. The blueberrries scattered around add a burst of flavor.

The texture is smooth and dense. It blends well with oatmeal and rice (yes, almond butter and rice taste good).

Overall I really enjoy this unique blend of almonds and berries!